12 Best Weather Apps For Android

When you are planning to go out on a camping trip or just a family picnic with your loved ones but have no idea whether the weather (no pun intended) is going to be on your side, it’s that time when you actually need a solid weather report to keep you informed with the latest climate and temperature changes in your area. Without an accurate weather reports your picnic plans can soon turn into a messy situation because nature doesn’t care if you want to enjoy the sunny day with your loved ones. If you can’t stick to a TV screen and listen to the latest weather forecasts then you are as normal as any human being but you don’t have to be less informed on the current weather reports. You can actually get the latest and real-time weather reports and forecasts directly in the palm of your hand by using the best weather app for your android smartphone.

If you are still not sure which app to choose from the thousands of weather apps available on Google Play store then fret no more because we bring you the 12 Best Weather Apps for Android. Keep on reading to learn more about all these amazing weather app for android.

Best Android Weather Apps

1. Arcus Weather


iOS users have the hyper-local forecasting app, Dark Sky but we’re sure that it won’t be making its way onto the Android platform anytime soon but you don’t have to worry about it anymore because Arcus Weather will serve you almost as well. Arcus Weather app also takes its weather reports and forecasts from the same service being utilized by Dark Sky, so you get almost the same weather reports and local forecasting on your android phone with Arcus Weather as well. It brings you accurate, detailed, and to the minute weather reports directly on your android device from anywhere in the world. The app also comes with a widget that you can set-up on your android device’s homescreen for a quick glance at the local weather and you also get alerts for severe weather conditions. Even if you don’t have automatic location services, Arcus Weather will still work flawlessly with manual location input. If it’s going to rain in the next 5 minutes then Arcus Weather is going to notify you right away. The app does not have an active radar though.

There are ads in the free version of the app but these adverts don’t seem to interrupt your usage of the app, however, if you are entirely anti-advert then you can pay for the paid version of Arcus Weather inside the app that gets rid of the ads for you and brings in a couple more premium features to the app. The paid version will cost you $2.99.


2. Eye in Sky Weather


Yes, we know it should be named “Eye in THE Sky” but it’s not in our power to name the app, however, we do have power our choosing whether this app is actually good for constant weather reports or not. The whole user interface of the app is pretty simple and anyone can browse through it without much difficulty at all. The weather reports are straightforward but you don’t get detailed stats and reports as you would with the Arcus Weather app. There are no hourly forecasts so you have to stick to 48-hours or 15-day forecasts only. The app comes with 14 different weather icon sets, however, if you want to add your own icons then app lets you add as many icons as you want. If you prefer simple and straightforward user interface and to the point weather reports then Eye in Sky Weather is the perfect app for your android device. However, if you want detailed stats, precipitation data, and you have to manually refresh the weather data.

This app comes loaded with ads as well, however, if you buy the Pro key for $1.99 then the app will ditch these adverts and bring you weather reports without any obtrusive ads at all.


3. 1Weather


If you are the kind of geek who prefers to go with the most popular app for their smartphone then you will surely find 1Weather app suitable for your android smartphone. 1Weather is one of the highest rated weather apps on the Google Play store and there are good reasons for why it’s the best weather app for android. This app bring you the latest and accurate weather forecasts which are available in daily reports and also in hourly reports, if you prefer getting the latest report every hour. 1Weather provides the most extensive weather reports for a weather app. You can get hourly, daily, weekly, and even 12-week forecasts in advance, however, 12-week forecasts are not available for international locations. The radar works like a charm but most of the times it’s at least 20-30 mins behind the current time. The best thing about the 1Weather app is the fact that it’s available in more than 25 languages from around the world making it easier for people to get the reports in their native languages.

Similar to other weather apps 1Weather also boasts an ad-free Pro version that will costs you $1.99. It just gets rid of the ads while everything else remains the same.


4. WeatherBug


Another top weather app for your android smartphone. The app did offer in-app purchases in the old days but since then it has ditched the payment model and went entirely free, however, it does have ads nut not quite annoying. WeatherBug has some of the most unique features for a weather app. The Spark lightning feature tells you how far away lightning is from your location. You can even save your monthly energy bills by using the Home Energy Meter feature to check how much energy is required for your comfort. You can watch the weather in real time with the help of live images, however, the live weather cam only works for locations in the United States. WeatherBug has been featured in the top weather apps on the Google Play store. The app also brings you severe weather alerts, doppler radar, wind monitor, temperature monitor, humidity, precipitation, and satellite imaging for your preferred location.

WeatherBug comes with a lot of ads and there is no paid way of getting rid of these ads.


5. AccuWeather


AccuWeather brings you minute-by-minute weather forecasts directly to your android smartphone and even your Android Wear devices as well. The app is well designed and pretty smooth to use. However, the ads prove to be a big distractions and really don’t sit well with the app’s user interface. The widgets are available for the app in Holo UI themes in both dark and light colors to go with any theme that you might be using on your android smartphone. The app provides extensive forecasts and hourly weather updates for your preferred locations. You can either set the location yourself or have the app automatically detect your location and provide you with local weather reports. The new minute cast feature provides you with minute by minute forecasts. The minute cast feature is only available for few locations that include United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the list keeps growing with each update. Best feature in AccuWeather app is the integration with Google Now which means you can see AccuWeather cards in your Google Now app for a quick rundown of local weather.

The only downside with AccuWeather are the obtrusive ads that prove to be quite distracting at times, however, you can get rid of the ads by paying $2.99 for the Platinum version.


6. The Weather Channel


If you are not content with a weather app then you can actually get yourself the whole Weather Channel for timely weather updates and forecasts. Actually The Weather Channel is an android app available for free on the Google Play store and it offers the best radar maps and local weather news for your area. You get timely forecasts which include but not limited to hourly, daily, and weekly forecast options. The Weather Channel doesn’t require any introductions at all because it has been a long time authority in the field of weather reports and the Android version of the service is no different than its web counterpart. You also get rewarded for earning mPoints in the app, however, mPoints are only limited to a few regions. The Weather Channel not only provides you accurate weather information but in addition to that you can also watch videos of top weathermen, meteorologists, and other experts telling you more about the current climate changes. The app also features top news from around the world focusing on sudden changes in the weather.


7. Yahoo! Weather


Every app that Yahoo! has offered on the Google Play store is actually beautifully designed and a bliss to use. The Yahoo! Weather app is no different and it’s actually one of the most beautifully designed weather app out there on android. Best thing is the fact that all the pictures in the Yahoo Weather app are crowdsourced which means even you can submit your own photo for a specific city by uploading it on Flickr with the hashtag #ProjectWeather. The app brings all the features you would expect from a decent weather app entirely free of charge. It brings you the latest weather information, bad weather alerts, real time radars to track the weather and you can just swipe through different locations with ease. Swipe it up or down to get detailed weather statistics while swiping left/right will switch between your favorite locations. You can watch the sunset and sunrise times in beautiful animations available in the app. Other features include UV index, precipitation chance, heat maps, wind pressure monitor, and humidity sensor.


8. GO Weather EX


Go Weather EX is also one of the most favorite and popular weather apps available on the android platform and mainly that’s because there are lots of users of GO Launcher EX who prefer the GO apps instead of any other apps to go with their launcher. GO Weather EX is not bad at all instead it has one of the most pleasing and eye catching user interface. The app takes its weather reports and forecasting from different weather service providers on the web and the best thing is the fact that you can actually choose which weather service provider you want to receive your weather reports from making the whole process much easier for new users. You can also choose from thousands of different themes and colors to personalize your widget and app. The app informs you of severe weather conditions with quick push notifications, you also receive daily and hourly forecasts with accurate data, and maps/radars give you a real time look at the weather conditions. You can also share your current weather with the whole world directly from the app.

The Pro version of GO Weather EX costs a hefty $4.99 but gets rid of the ads while adding premium features. If you want all the paid themes for free as well then you will have to pay a wallet denting $19.99 for the Super VIP version.


9. MSN Weather


Microsoft isn’t far behind when it comes to a solid weather app. Microsoft already has a working decent weather app for their Windows Phone platform and now they have brought their MSN Weather app to the Google Play store for all the android users out there. The app brings you detailed stats and breaks down the weather report for you in hourly, daily, weekly, and even 10 day period of forecasts. You can even get extra deep stats regarding the temperature, precipitation, radar forecasts, satellite cloud images and maps to learn more about the local weather in real time. Tapping each feature will open a new window with very detailed statistics and data about the current changes in the weather. Historical view will tell you more about the weather changes in the previous months so you can compare it with the current weather reports.


10. Google News & Weather


Google would never let third party apps take the lead on their own platform and that’s the reason why they launched their own Google News & Weather app for the android platform. However, this app is not entirely a weather app because it also brings a news section in the app with the hottest headlines from around the world in your preferred categories. You can set these categories to see the worldwide news directly in the app. The app also lets you set your location so you can see timely weather updates regarding your location, however, there are no detailed weather statistics in the app which is actually a downside for the app.


11. The Weather Network


The Weather Network is one of the biggest weather reporting networks out there on the web and their Android app is designed to bring all their reports and forecasts to your android device in timely fashion. Seamless integration of the web service to bring you short term and long term weather forecasts. You get hourly, weekly, and 10-15 day forecasts with just a single tap on your android smartphone’s screen. The app also brings you the latest news and weather videos directly on your device so you can stay updated with the live updates. When a storm is heading towards you, you can get severe weather alerts to notify you before the storm reaches your location. The app is available on English and French languages. The app does feature ads, however, the ads are entirely unobtrusive.


12. Solo Weather


If you are looking for elegance and sophistication in the weather app then you are going to love Solo Weather app because it provides one of the most elegant user interfaces for a weather app. The app provides current weather updates and also gives forecasts for up to 5 days. You can search for any city in the world by entering its name or zip code. Solo Weather also brings you sunrise and sunset timings from around the world and automatically detects your current location to bring you specifically curated weather reports depending on your location. Swiping up on the mains screen will give you detailed view of the current weather and other climatic changes. You can watch the forecast and compare the weather with previous data. You can also set the refresh interval depending on your personal preferences. The app does not feature any ads at all.


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If you want to get the latest weather updates before making any plans for a camping trip or picnic then you need one of the above mentioned weather apps installed on your android smartphone. If you have any other favorite weather apps for your android then do let us know by commenting below.

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