WhatsApp Interoperability Feature Might Land Sooner Than You Think

More details reveal how WhatsApp's Interoperability with other apps will work
In Short
  • WhatsApp will soon allow interoperable third-party chats within the platform itself.
  • The main idea is for WhatsApp users to be able to chat with users from other platforms without having to install another app.
  • The latest report from Wired reveals that this will be an opt-in feature.

A couple of months ago, we got to know that WhatsApp is testing out cross-platform communication, thanks to a WABetaInfo report. However, this was just the beginning and a bunch of interesting events followed, including Apple confirming RCS messaging support for iPhones. Now, the latest Wired report lets us in on how exactly WhatsApp’s interoperability with other apps will work.

The report reminds us of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations that marked Meta as one of the six gatekeeper companies. Moreover, it gave Meta six months to comply with these regulations and establish interoperability within the platform.

whatsapp video calling will allow audio sharinng very soon

Furthermore, the report sees Wired interviewing Dick Brouwer, the engineering director at WhatsApp, who gives away some important details about the interoperability mechanism. For starters, Brouwer reveals that this will be an opt-in feature of sorts.

One of the core requirements here, and this is really important, is for users for this to be opt-in. I can choose whether or not I want to participate in being open to exchanging messages with third parties. This is important, because it could be a big source of spam and scams. – Brouwer

Once you opt in, you will see messages from such third-party applications in a separate tab within the WhatsApp app itself. Thanks to a January WABetaInfo report, we got an idea of where this tab would show up on the mobile app.

WhatsApp Third-Party Apps Tab Location on iOS App
Image Courtesy: WABetaInfo

The main challenge is to offer the same level of privacy and security to those third-party chats as well. However, the report reveals that WhatsApp will allow these third-party apps to use different encryption standards only if they meet WhatsApp’s security standards.

However, it is not going to be a bed of roses for WhatsApp to integrate interoperable chats. Interoperable chats with third-party apps also pave the way for an increased risk of spams and scams. Moreover, Bouwer does say that interoperability will gradually evolve, ever since, “harder to evolve an open network.”

From the looks of it, the interoperable chats feature on WhatsApp is probably in full swing and we can expect to see it be rolled out pretty soon. Although no concrete dates has been revealed right now.

What do you think about interoperability with WhatsApp? Is it a good idea? Let us know in the comments down below!

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