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9 Minimalist Posters That Prove There Are Two Kinds Of Engineering Students

Engineering is always viewed as one of the aspirational courses to take up for anyone who wants to make a mark of him/herself in...

10 Hilarious ‘Faking News’ Headlines As Minimalist Posters

Founded in September 2008, India's Faking News is the world's second largest and most read News Satire website in the world. In 2013, Faking...

These 20 Hilarious Conversations Using Logos Will Make You Go LOL

Creative guys at 'The Stupid Design' have used various brands logos in day- to-day conversations in a brilliant way so that the end result...
Jo Baka Jokes Memes

If You Are A Gujju, You Will Love These ‘Jo Baka’ Posters

I fell in love with Gujarat while I was studying in Ahmadabad. Gujjus are the sweetest people on the earth and this post is dedicated...
Road signs according to Punjabis

9 Hilarious Minimalist Posters Explaining What Punjabis Think of Road Signs

Jaspreet Singh, Graphic Designer from New Delhi have come up with a series of hilarious minimalist posters about Punjabi people's perception towards road signs....
Currencies of the world in pictures

56 Amazing Examples Of Beautiful Currencies Of The World

Every country has a currency of its own, except for some countries. A currency's design is kept in such a way that it shows its country's...
Startup Vitamins

20 Awesome Startup Vitamin Posters to Keep Your Startup Inspired

Motivation is the only vitamin you constantly need while running a start-up because there are a lot ups and downs in the journey and to be successful...
Game of Thrones Spoof Name

10 Brilliant Posters Twisting Names of Famous TV Shows With Food

After previous campaign of two kinds of people which went viral on global level, Zomato is back with yet another hilarious and very creative social...
Suger Free

14 Creative Print Ads That Will Mesmerize You

If you think advertisements are evil and annoying then here is something that will prove you wrong. Here, we are sharing some well thought...
things you shouldn't say to a photographer 00

10 Things You Should Never Say To A Photographer (Pics)

Here are 10 hilarious posters that won't just make you laugh but will also teach you the things you should not say to a photographer. These...

15 Minimalist Posters That Prove There Are Two Kinds of People in the World

Zomato, a restaurant discovery app has recently came up with an interesting advertisement campaign. They have created some brilliant minimalist posters which categorize people...

Artist Adds Cartoons in Real World And They Look Strikingly Awesome

Marty Cooper creates cartoons and add them in to real world situations with the help of a transparent sheet. It's his creativity and adorable...

Visualize Delhi in 10 Beautifully Designed Minimalist Posters

If you are a Delhi resident or have visited the place at-least once in your lifetime, you can related to these amazingly beautiful minimalist...

Most Common English Language Mistakes Portrayed by Hilarious Posters

English is one of the most tricky languages. If you forget to put a comma somewhere in a sentence, its meaning will follow an...
Ferrari Desi Logo

‘Desi’ Version of Some Famous Companies Logos (Pics)

Some Famous Logos have been desi-fied by India's renowned design studio, WowMaker. The team got some free time from work and they thought of creating Indian...
we met each other on web

Nabhan Abdullatif Creates Epic Puns by His Simple Design Illustrations (Pics)

Nabhan Abdullatife, a graphic designer and illustrator from Oman has created a series of hilarious design illustrations where he uses everyday objects and turn...
w5- Redesign Concept For Wikipedia

An Amazing Redesign Concept For Wikipedia by George Kvasnikov (Pics)

George Kvasnikov, Senior Interface and Graphic Designer from Germany has created an amazing re-design concept for Wikipedia. He has not just re-designed the whole site but...
life of a web designer is gifs2

The Story of A Web Designer’s Life in 15 GIFs

This post is powered by Webydo, A Leading Online Website Design Platform for Designers. In this post, I am going to share the story of a web...
oneblis About Us Page design

15 Best About Us Pages on the Internet, Creative and Well Designed

About Us page is the most important page on a website after home page because It's the page from where visitors get information about the...
The Simpsons-iyers from India

Meet Simpson-iyers, South Indian Avatars of The Simpsons (Pics)

Sasank Gopinathan, product and automotive designer from Cochin, India has created south Indian avatars of characters of the longest running American sitcom, The Simpsons. As he...

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