Game of Thrones Spoof Name

10 Brilliant Posters Twisting Names of Famous TV Shows With Food

After previous campaign of two kinds of people which went viral on global level, Zomato is back with yet another hilarious and very creative social media campaign. This time they have designed some really cool posters of US television shows with a ‘yummy’ twist in their name. They have named this campaign ‘The Primetime Yummies’. Let’s check out the amazing posters.


Breaking Bad Spoof Name


Game of Thrones Spoof Name


Desperate Housewives spoof name


Family Guy spoof name


House of Cards spoof name


How I met Your Mother spoof name


South Park spoof name


Pretty Little Liars spoof name


The Simpsons spoof name


The Big Band Theory spoof name

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After going through all these posters, It is evident that Zomato is putting up a lot of efforts in strengthening their brand’s online presence with these viral marketing campaigns and it has been going great. Now, the question is whether other Indian brands will join this league? Only time will tell. We’ll keep you posted about that.

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