Meet Simpson-iyers, South Indian Avatars of The Simpsons (Pics)

Sasank Gopinathan, product and automotive designer from Cochin, India has created south Indian avatars of characters of the longest running American sitcom, The Simpsons.

As he mentioned on his behance profile, he was told to modify characters of the show to make them look like typical Tamil family and he did it pretty well.

So, without wasting much time, here I present The Simpson-iyers.

The Simpsons-iyers from India
The Simpsons-iyers from India.

Meet Homer Iyer

Homer Simpson iyer
Homer Iyer’s wearing a white Dhoti.
Homer Simpson iyer 1
Mr. Iyer is taking a nap after having delicious Masala Dosa’s in lunch.

Meet Bart Iyer

Bart Simpson iyer
Bart Iyer is looking too decent in red kurta and blue pajama.

Meet Lisa iyer

Lisa Simpson iyer
Lisa Iyer is wearing a typically south indian paavadai and dhaavani.
Lisa Simpson iyer
Lisa Iyer trying a different pose for camera.

Meet Maggie Iyer

Maggie Simpson iyer
Maggie Iyer is looking cute in her over-sized paavada blouse and a mole on her cheek.

And last but not the least, Meet Marge Iyer

Marge Simpson iyer
Marge Iyer is wearing Saree in traditional tamil brahmin ‘madisar’ style.
Marge Simpson iyer
Marge Iyer is wearing india’s most famous kancheepuram silk saree.

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