Nabhan Abdullatife, a graphic designer and illustrator from Oman has created a series of hilarious design illustrations where he uses everyday objects and turn them in to visual puns. Sure, he does have a great sense of humor along with amazing designing capabilities and that’s the reason his every sketch is better than the previous one.

Let’s check out some of his illustrations,

1. I am sorry Mom, but I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I am sorry mom, I couldn't hold it any longer

2. You make me feel safe.

You make me feel safe

3. Stay in shape.

Stay in shape

4. I feel so empty when I don’t shop.

Confession of a shopping bag

5. We met each other on the web.

we met each other on web

6. I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately.

Diamond pressure

7. Just in Case.

Just in Case

8. Mr. Jelly Bean.

Mr. Jelly Bean

9. I am so ‘board’.

I am so board

10. Here’s how to Take Off.

Here's how to take off

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I hope you enjoyed these ‘visual puns’. If you want to see more of these, follow Nabhan’s Facebook page and If you want to buy T-shirts having these puns on them, you can follow this link.