25 Fresh, Creative and Hilarious 404 Error Page Designs

Error 404 indicates that the requested webpage couldn’t be found. The error is either because of bad linking (internally or by some other website) or, if a user enters wrong URL in the browser. In both cases, the user would be pissed off because he has expected the link to return related information, but all he gets is an error 404 page and there’s nothing that webmaster can do in such cases.

Hence, webmasters thought of a fun way to cope up with this situation, instead of having nothing on the 404 error page, they started displaying most popular links of their website or a big search bar to help people find what they were looking for or something creative, like a game or some funny stuff.

Now, coming to the interesting part of the post.

Here I bring 25 fresh, really creative and hilarious 404 error pages, check them out, get inspired and create one for your website as well.

1. Mashable.com

Mashable 404 page

2. Mint.com

Mint 404 page

3. Housing.com

Hosuing.com 404 page

4. Poshvine.com

Poshvine 404 page

5. Gojee.com

gojee 404 page

6. Mailchimp.com

MailChimp 404 page

7. Fab.com

Fab 404 page

8. Nokia Conversations

Nokia Conversations error page

9. Lego.com

LEGO.com 404 page

10. Lockerz.com

Lockerz Error 404

11. Headsvstailsapp.com

headsvstailsapp 404 page

12. Zurb

Zurb error page

13. Titleist.com

Titleist error page

14. Welikesmall.com

welikesmall 404 page

15. Juicygraphics.net

Juicy Graphics   404 page

16. Greatsmokyhosting.com

greatsmokyhosting 404 page

17. Gooddogdesign.com

Good Dog Design 404 page

18. focuslabllc.com

focuslabllc 404 page

19. Fitbit.com

fitbit 404 page

20. CentResource.com

centresource error page

21. Brandcrowd.com

brandcrowd 404 page

22. Acm-interiors.com

Acm-interiors Error 404

23. Sportingsolutions.com

Sporting Solutions 404 page

24. iplanwebsites.com

IPlanWebsites  404 page

25. Bluefountainmedia.com – You can play PacMan here.

Blue Fountain Media pacman game 404 page

I hope you enjoyed the post.


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If your favorite 404 error page isn’t in the list, feel free to suggest in comments below the post.

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