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Minecraft 1.20: Features, New Mobs, Biomes, Release Date & More

Minecraft 1.20 is one of the biggest updates that the community has seen in recent years. Though this update didn’t have an official theme or name when it was first announced back in October 2022, it now brings over a dozen new features. According to Mojang, the Minecraft 1.20 update is a result of them learning from their mistakes from the past updates, especially Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update (over promising and under delivering). But that’s not the case here. So, let’s read about the amazing new features, biomes and mobs, and all other exciting information around the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update.

We have included confirmed features, announced changes, and the official release date for the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update. Use the table below to easily browse through the different confirmed features.

Note: This article was last updated on 7th June 2023 at 8:00AM PST to include all the official details for the release date and new features, including the Sniffer, the cherry blossom biome, archaeology features, new armor trim & banner customization features.

What Is the Minecraft 1.20 Update Called?

The Minecraft 1.19 update was truly different than any other game updates in the past. It added a bunch of new features, including biomes, blocks, and even the strongest mob of Minecraft, the Warden. Yet, most of the community thought that it didn’t live up to its title of “Wild Update”. So, learning from its mistake, the developers of Minecraft presented the next update without an official name and a myriad of cool evolving features.

Well, Mojang has finally put all rumors to rest and revealed the official name of the Minecraft 1.20 update. Drumroll, please!! We will get the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update in 2023, which includes the much-awaited archaeology features, two new mobs – camel and sniffer, a new biome, an armor and shield customization feature, and much more. You can scroll down and read more about all of the new features.

New Mobs in Minecraft 1.20 (Confirmed)

Mojang currently has three games within the Minecraft franchise, including Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Legends. Even though the games aren’t directly linked, the developer is known for porting mobs from one game to another. But instead of adding one of the mobs that we saw in Legends or Dungeons teasers in the past, Minecraft is adding a new mob to the desert biome.

Camels Come to Minecraft

Minecraft is bringing camels to the game. As you might expect, they will naturally only spawn in desert biomes. They are one of the largest mobs in the game, and you will be out of the reach of hostile mobs while riding it at nighttime. When tamed, two players can ride one camel at the same time. You can use our guide to learn how to ride a camel in Minecraft 1.20 in no time. But keep in mind that, unlike horses, camels are much slower than horses in complex terrains.

Though, thanks to their dash ability, they can cover comparatively flat areas much faster. This same ability also allows them to jump over ravines. Not to forget, you can breed camels in Minecraft using cactus as food in desert biomes to create baby camels. So, under the right circumstance, they can end up being a common mob breeding farm in the game.

Sniffer: Mob Vote 2022 Winner

With over 50% of the votes, Sniffer has won the Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 and is coming to the game with the next update. This mob also features a baby version (hatched via Sniffer eggs), opening more breeding possibilities for the players. In terms of gameplay, the sniffer is supposed to sniff out seeds for new and unique plants in the overworld. We are excited to see how many new types of Minecraft farms this mob leads to.

[UPDATE | 21st Jan, 12:00AM PST] In late January, Minecraft’s official social media handles gave us the first look at the Sniffer in the game (image above), and its first impressions are exciting. Contrary to early expectations, this six-legged mob is even larger than the player and has detailed textures. Due to its size, many players might be wondering about its rideability, which is unlikely to happen, but the new ride command in Minecraft 1.20 can give you a workaround for riding the Sniffer.

Leaving its appearance aside, the Sniffer can lie down on the ground when it wants to rest, much like the new camel mob. Otherwise, it roams around randomly. Furthermore, its movement is slow, and its nostrils bounce slightly while the Sniffer is “sniffing” around for newly added seeds – Torchflower and Pitcher Plant. Looking at this new mob in action further validates the community’s choice in the latest mob vote.

If this cute and fluffy mob interests you, read our in-depth guide on Sniffers in Minecraft 1.20 right now. We also dedicated guides on how to find sniffer eggs and breed the adult mobs right now.

New Biomes in Minecraft 1.20 (Confirmed)

Over the years, Minecraft has teased several new and revamped biomes, but they never reached the players. Though we initially hoped to see biome updates for the desert, savanna, or badlands, Minecraft 1.20 has surprised us by adding a new cherry blossom biome. Read all about this new biome right here:

Cherry Blossom Biome

As an unexpected Valentine’s day gift, Mojang revealed that Minecraft 1.20 is getting a new “pink” biome in the form of Cherry Blossom. As you might expect, it is an overworld forest biome that features the iconic cherry blossom trees with their pink leaves. Moreover, the flowers in this biome are also pink. As for the mobs, we are not getting any exclusive mob spawning here, but as per early screenshots, you can expect to see rabbits and bees predominantly.

Since this biome is bringing the new cherry blossom tree to the game, we are also getting a cherry wood set. This wood set features light pink blocks and items. As a bonus, you also get the new cherry blossom sapling and cherry logs from this biome. Not to forget, when compared to other forest biomes, cherry blossom has thickly packed trees with a unique branch-based generation. It is not only beautiful but also fitting for creating a hidden base in them.

Minecraft 1.20 Update: New Features (Confirmed)

As revealed during Minecraft Live 2022, the Minecraft 1.20 update will bring a bunch of new features to the game. Though there are many features planned for it, the developers have only revealed a few of them. They don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver, as they’ve done in the past. More features for this update will be revealed in the upcoming months. For now, let’s go over all the features that, for sure, are going to be part of the Minecraft 1.20 update.

1. Archaeology Features

After years of waiting, Minecraft is finally adding the much-anticipated archaeology features to the game. With it, you can go around your world looking for suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks. These new blocks, when dusted, reveal pottery shards (pottery sherds, as Minecraft has renamed them) that you can combine to create ancient decorated pots in Minecraft

You can’t bake them, though. Not yet, at least. Each decorated pot has a unique design reflecting something from Minecraft. Furthermore, the archaeology system brings a new “brush” tool in Minecraft for the process of dusting. Currently, there are 20 unique pot designs, and they look cool. We started out with just four designs but more have been since been added to the game.

Moreover, unlike the teased archaeology excavation sites in Minecraft Live 2020, you will find suspicious sand and gravel blocks in the existing Desert Temples, Ocean Ruins, and a new location. Yeah, the archaeology system adds a new structure to Minecraft – the Trail Ruins, which you need to dig around to access the entirety of it. Then, you will need to find individual blocks and dust them down. You should read our dedicated guide to find trail ruins in Minecraft 1.20.

2. Armor Trims and Customization

After years of using plain-looking armor, Minecraft 1.20 is finally bringing armor customization to the game. For each piece of your armor, you get 16 pattern designs in 10 unique colors. Considering the various types of armor in Minecraft and how you can mix and match items, you can easily get dozens of styles for your armor selection.

This armor customization feature is possible thanks to a new item known as ‘armor trim,’ a variation of which spawns in almost every major structure in the Minecraft world.

Once you find the trim, you have to combine it with your armor and the color in the new Smithing table UI. While the custom designs look amazing, the purpose of armor trimming is only aesthetic. For example, using gold trim on your armor doesn’t make it Piglin-friendly. Still, uniquely designed armor will be a big hit in the best PvP Minecraft servers as team uniforms.

3. Bamboo Wood and Rafts

Minecraft 1.20 is bringing a new family of bamboo wood in Minecraft, featuring their own planks, blocks, and more. They are a part of the developers’ attempts to bring a more accurate representation of wood types to the game.

Moreover, this wood set is even more special due to its exclusive sets of blocks. You can use the bamboo wood can be to craft decorative bamboo mosaic blocks. There is no such block for other types of wood in Minecraft, making it truly unique. Not to forget, you can also use bamboo wood to craft rafts in Minecraft. They work like boats in Minecraft but are more open looking in appearance.

4. Banner Shields

Minecraft 1.20 is also adding another much-requested feature – the ability to apply banners to shields in the Bedrock Edition. This feature was first introduced in Minecraft Preview in early April. After crafting a colorful banner using a loom, you can combine the banner with a shield on the Crafting Table to put a banner on a shield. Along with the armor trims, this further adds character to your in-game persona.

5. Hang & Edit Signs

Solving the ever-lasting problem of not finding the right place to put your sign, the hanging signs can be hung on any block. You can place them on the side and even the bottom of the blocks. You no longer have to put them on the ground. Moreover, you can create a bunch of decorative items by putting signs under signs too, creating a wind-chime-like structure. We have a tutorial to help you learn how to make and use hanging signs in Minecraft.

Further, Minecraft 1.20 will also let you edit signs and rewrite the text on them. You will no longer have to destroy the sign and create a new one. You can add different text to both sides of the sign.

6. Chiseled Bookshelf

At last, bookshelves are useful in Minecraft. After crafting the new chiseled bookshelfyou can store regular and enchanted books in them. You’re free to place any book in any slot on the chiseled bookshelf, but it’s visually impossible to differentiate between them. Though, this doesn’t mean that each slot is equal. Every single storage slot of the bookshelf sends out a Redstone signal with different strengths. So, with the right mechanic, you can use a chiseled bookshelf to make secret doorways (as shown during Minecraft Live 2022) and much more.

7. Creative Inventory Reshuffling

The inventory in Minecraft 1.20’s creative mode is systematic and features items in a much cleaner manner than the earlier versions of the game. It now consists of the following set of tabs:

  • Building Blocks: Common blocks and items that are used in structure creation
  • Colored Blocks: A variety of blocks that have multiple color variants like beds, candles, terracotta, etc.
  • Natural Blocks: All the blocks that generate naturally within Minecraft’s overworld and other dimensions
  • Functional Blocks: Blocks that can be used for a variety of purposes including job site blocks, beacons, light blocks, etc.
  • Redstone Blocks: All blocks that be used in or impacts a Redstone circuit
  • Tools & Utilities: Various useable items that fulfill a variety of purposes in Minecraft
  • Combat: Weapons, projectiles, armor, and other items that can be used during combat in Minecraft
  • Food & Drinks: All items that can be consumed in the game including potions (all types), stews, and food
  • Ingredients: Items that serve as the most common crafting and brewing ingredients
  • Spawn Eggs: Almost all of the Minecraft mobs in the form of spawn eggs
  • Operator Utilities: Blocks like light, barrier, structure blocks, and various command blocks that affect a Minecraft world’s default properties.

8. New and Better Mob Heads

Mob heads, which some mobs drop when killed by a charged creeper, have been part of Minecraft for a while now. But, other than using them as a mask or a decorative item, their purpose has been quite rudimentary. Fortunately, this changes with Minecraft 1.20, as it allows us to connect the mob heads with Note blocks to create ambient mob sounds. These sounds relate to the mob whose head you are using. For example, the skeleton skull makes the sound of an arrow being fired.

Not to forget, Minecraft 1.20 is also expanding the mob head library by bringing Piglin heads to the game. To obtain one, you have to go to the Nether and then kill a Piglin using a charged creeper. This new head makes Piglin sounds and waggles its ears when triggered by a Redstone signal.

9. Calibrated Sculk Sensors

The sculk block family in Minecraft has grown in the Snapshot 23w12a update, which also adds the Trail Ruins to further extend the new archaeology system and make excavation a thing in-game. The new Sculk block coming in Minecraft 1.20 is the Calibrated Sculk Sensor, a new Redstone component that lets you “filter vibrations based on their frequency level.”

Calibrated Sculk Sensors are not found naturally in the world of Minecraft, and you need to craft them using Sculk sensors and Amethyst shards.

10. Netherite is Harder to Use

In Minecraft 1.20, you will have a harder time obtaining Netherite items. That is because of the introduction of the new Upgrade Smithing Template, which is now a mandatory item to make Netherite armor or Netherite sword on the Smithing Table. So, instead of only creating Netherite ingots, you’ll now also have to collect the upgrade template from the Bastion Remnant. Not to forget, they are not easy to collect and you need one for every item upgrade.

11. Fill Biome Command

Introduced with Minecraft Snapshot 22w46a, you can use the “/fillbiome” command to manually change the biome of any given region in your Minecraft world to any other Minecraft biome. To make it work, you have to set the coordinates for two points between which you want to replace the biome.

It’s similar to the popular fill command in Minecraft, except it focuses on biomes instead of blocks. Expanding on that, the new “fill biome” command also allows you to bring biomes from one dimension to another. Though, these biomes don’t affect the dimensional features like exploding beds in the Nether.

12. Fixed Mob Spawning in Nether Portal

Giving a major nerf to the Nether farms in Minecraft, the upcoming update will significantly reduce mob spawning around the Nether portal. As you might be aware, every hostile mob in Minecraft requires the light to be below a certain brightness level to spawn itself. So, the upcoming update is bringing down the light level for the spawning of Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons to level 9 in the Nether dimension.

This light level was 11 in the earlier versions, which is the same as the light level of the Nether portal. Because of this change, these mobs can’t spawn and directly teleport into the Nether portal. If you were using the existing mechanic for a farm, you will now have to give an incentive to these mobs for entering the portal.

13. Redstone Changes

Besides the calibrated sculk sensor and the chiseled bookshelves, there are a few notable redstone changes that have been introduced in the Minecraft 1.20 update:

  • Jukeboxes now produce a redstone signal depending on the music disc playing in it, which a comparator can detect.
  • Most redstone signals produced by vibrations changed.
  • Getting in and out of entities (minecarts, boats, rideable mobs) now also triggers a sculk sensor.

14. New Default Skins

For a whole decade, players had to pick one out of two legendary iconic skins, Steve and Alex. However, with the Minecraft 1.20 update, the community is getting a new set of default skins they could play as. Those characters are Noor, Sunny, Ari, Zuri, Makena, Kai, and Efe.

Image credits: Minecraft

Minecraft 1.20: Java & Bedrock Parity Changes

In the past 2-3 years, Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions have become more similar than ever before. Mojang has worked to eliminate major differences between the two versions, and Minecraft 1.20 update builds upon that. Here are the major parity changes in the latest update:

Spectator and Hardcore Mode

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft’s spectator mode is already in development for the next update. So, it won’t come as a surprise if this mode is released alongside the hardcore game mode for Minecraft Bedrock.

The hardcore game mode doesn’t offer any major feature other than permanent death. But in the Java edition, the hardcore game mode includes the spectator mode as an internal feature.

Editor Mode

Bedrock Edition is getting one of the most unique major vanilla features ever in the Minecraft — Editor Mode. This tool allows you to build more easily and quickly by painting with blocks. This way you are able to create big builds in a matter of minutes. You can also select some parts of the world, duplicate them and start pasting them around.

This is an unbelievable tool which makes you question whether it’s really a vanilla feature. It’s primarily made for helping map creators in building large maps available for the entire community.

Sneaking & Crawling

Yes, you read that right. Minecraft Bedrock is now on par with Java in this simple feature. Players will now start crawling when they’re in a one block gap (which you can create using a trap door or piston). Minecraft 1.20 also brings a new crawl animation and crawling speed will be the same as sneaking.

Fixed Boat Recipe

Mojang is doing everything in its power to bring parity between Java and Bedrock versions. This change bring Bedrock in line with Java, simplifying the boat crafting recipe. You no longer need to use a shovel when crafting a boat in the game. The company has also updated the barrel crafting recipe.

Recipe Unlocking

This is a well-known feature among Java users, but it’s now available for Bedrock players as an experimental feature. What this means is that you will now see a “Recipe Unlocked” notification at the top right when you collect new materials in your Minecraft world. Moreover, this feature also teaches you how to craft items or tools you get from friends.


Both Bedrock and Java Editions have received exclusive new commands for players to check out. Those are:

  • /camera (Bedrock Edition) – allows the players to change the angle of the camera
  • /damage (Java Edition) – allows players to deal damage to an entity from a particular source
  • /fillbiome (Java Edition) – allows players to change the area from one biome to another biome

Other parity changes include showing a note particle above the jukebox in Minecraft Java, the removal of cobwebs to strings reversal in Bedrock, and a few other minor changes.

With that, you now know every possible feature that has been introduced in the Minecraft 1.20 update. The developer sure took its sweet time revealing all the new features, but it’s amazing to see so many new additions to the game. If you are eager to jump into the game, we suggest checking out some of the best Minecraft 1.20 seeds we have compiled here. Furthermore, in the comments below, do let us know your favorite feature in this update.

Minecraft 1.20: Release Date & Platforms

During the Minecraft Live 2022 event in October, game developer Mojang revealed that the next major Minecraft 1.20 update won’t release until 2023. And well, that turned out to be true, as Mojang rolled out and tested a slew of new features over the next few months. But after a long wait, the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update has been released on June 7. The release date is the same as last year’s Minecraft 1.19 update, which brought Allays, the Ancient City, and a rather tough mob called the Warden, to the game.

Microsoft-owned Mojang has officially rolled out the latest Minecraft 1.20 update on the following platforms:

  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Chromebook+
  • macOS*
  • Linux*

*only Java edition
+ only Bedrock edition

Windows users get to download both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions on their PCs. But, the biggest addition comes in the form of official Chromebook support. Mojang rolled out official support for Chrome OS on June 7, allowing Chromebook users to officially play Minecraft Bedrock on their devices. So, which features are you most excited to try out in the Minecraft 1.20 update? Let us know in the comments below.


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  37. I want a costume update with a new ore called unobtainium witch should be three times stronger then netheright and a new biome that is a super flat biome and there should be a pedestal multiple of them around the superflat biome and there should be two huge golden gards and you MUST have netheright to be able to beat the two then when you have the new strongest armor in Minecraft you need a new boss obviously there should be a huge golden three headed dragon that you sommon using a warden head a ender dragon head and a wither head all three on a cross of bedrock and how do you get bedrock your might ask you break it with the new unobtainium pickaxe and collect the bedrock like that and the armor should have golden horns on the helmet and big shoulder pads on the arms kinda like medevil times please do that Mojang I would love it and I know a lot of other people would to you can just make the other same stuff just with all the other ores and stuff

  38. There is a multitude of different cats in Minecraft but there is just one type of dog in Minecraft. Why can’t there be different types of dogs? I thing Minecraft should have an update called the dog update and put new types of dogs in Minecraft.

    1. I agree because the dogs that they already have are getting a little old and, they could add a new dog for each biome.

  39. Add some new armor like the diamond armor and netherate armor
    Please don’t get bothered by the spelling.
    Thank you

  40. it would be nice to have duelding where you can hold tools such as pickaxe, axe, shovel and hoe in offhand especially for repairs at like a zombie spawner farm or skeleton i would like to see this be in 1.20 update

  41. And sharks even though they said they wouldn’t bc I mean they have wolves and foxes and plenty of other animals that you could approach in real life and kill. No difference other than there in the water.

      1. Yeah like 1.13 was five years ago… We need oysters & pearls. More mobs would be cool too, like lobsters, crabs, and jellyfish, instead of stupid fake and useless stuff like copper WHO EVEN USES COPPER

    1. One of the things holding mojang back from adding sharks is the “we want all hostile mobs too be fictional” THEN JUST MAKE SHARKS PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE LIKE POLAR BEARSS AAAGH

  42. Why can’t they make different wolves this is like the number one thing people have been asking for, for so so so long.

    I also think they would add new farm animals and crops to make the game more fun, along with the biomes that are pretty much useless and need an update badly

  43. people should of voted for the copper golem it will click copper buttons and it will be great for redstone

  44. Please make villagers to be able to fight on their own and have swords armor and be able to kill mobs….

  45. I want more crops and breeding capabilities… Honestly with just the animals we have right now their is barely any breedable ones and new foods would be nice

    1. And maybe Taming of more animals? And maybe like wolves and such there should be an option for them to freely roam and explore the area and separately be an option for them to follow the player
      …my opinion

  46. A new portal to another dimension in the ancient city that will make minecraft fun and more sound effects I mean it is too quiet in the overworld

  47. You forget to tell us about the ”straw golem” please make this post more big by adding information about the straw golem. This is not the full information of adding feature of 1.20, mojang will add more things in minecraft 1.20. They will announce it later…….

  48. I want to have a snow biome zombie and a desert biome skeleton. I also would love to see a crocodile fusion boss.

    1. I hate wardens! They’re so overpowered for no reason. At least we can voluntarily spawn the wither but this is just unfair. So is the netherite thing like it’s already almost impossible to get and they had to go and make it harder?? wtf mojang

    1. Lol. Minecraft 1.20 did’nt realesed yet that you can go, only in java there is the latest snapshot and in bedrock there is beta version, but minecraft 1.20 didn’t realesed yet

  49. I hope they had other mob like dragon with element powers lions kutulu and shark MORE POWER portion for teleportation,ability to communicate with mobs through portion thanks and i like the game new update

  50. I think they should add a calender update so that you know what day and time it is and so on holidays you can get blocks only for that 1 day such as easter eggs, presents, turkeys, candy and more.

    1. you can on | Xbox, PlayStation, phone, windows 10/11, Nintendo Switch and D.S. but it will cost you
      java is only on | windows 10/11
      bedrock is on | windows 10/11, phone, Xbox and PlayStation
      Nintendo versions is on | D.S. and switch

    1. They should make copper more useful. It’s everywhere. The only thing that we can make from it that is useful is a telescope.

    2. Why? They already have how many types of armor? They should add birds you can tame such as crows and eagles and even vultures and they should add more trading options with larger villages and new types of villagers with capabilities as well as governors etc of these towns…think more medieval

  51. I think the end needs biomes but not any new armor, netherite armor is good enough. any better armor would make people unkillable
    and I personally think there should be more decor blocks. They should also add a deep dark dimension where there are corrupted mobs that are like 10 times overpowered than normal and you could get materials out of chests to make spells. also nerf skeletons are very annoying. also more skins of wolf and more overwold and nether biomes, also add the java pvp system to bedrock. I also think they should add more types of viligers, kind of like villigers that specilize in the ocean. they should also make a kind of upgraded tnt and like a ore that you can only find in a certain biome. kind of like emeralds.

    1. I really do agree with you, Except for villager types, i think that they should put down villages themselves for the existing villager types. And yes, any MORE powerful armor would be a bad idea, BUT if you put in copper tools and armor, you could rank them at about the same rate as gold, maybe a little under because there is a lot of copper, but i think that a copper variant of armor would be cool.

    2. They should add uranium for the tnt that makes a larger explosion and an update that you have a special table that can craft those types of weapons they should also add some type of scientific update that allows travel to the moon and other planets for new ores and new materials and jobs to fight

    3. Maybe add a chorus tree biome with end vines that connect to other end vines in other islands so allows easier end travel without an elytra.
      Also add more ores not for good gear but for more Armor trim colours.
      More decor could be placing banners or maps on beds to make a unique design, or maybe smooth glowstone, glowstone bricks, etc
      The deep dark dimension could have sculk blocks that represents the 5 senses and try to trigger the warden to spawn, (sculk sniffer, sculk stalker, sculk sensor, etc)
      More wolf variants is very cool
      More villager variants would be awesome, especially the ocean villager, because they might sell prismarine and sea lanterns and even ocean monument maps
      The upgraded tnt could have durability because it uses some sort of blastproof ore? Or maybe it could be like a nuke and requires big setup in order to launch?

  52. Bro work on red stone dust that the can just be placed over walls every minecraft engineer nedds it

  53. I have been waiting a long time now for the rabbit hide bundle bag that has been orginally announced for 1.18 or 1.19, but was burried since!

  54. Add underwater villages emerald amour that is fire proof and make a moon dimension thru the deep dark portal as well as be able to change your username <3 !?!

    1. Dude, I have wanted a new dragon since the aquatic update!! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who wishes for that.

  55. I think there should be a thing for combat. Specifically adrenaline. If a player gets low on health, they will be able to run faster, jump higher, hit harder, mine faster, and take more hits.

  56. We should see a new kind of armor I mean like diamond in the overworld netherite in the nether so why not something in the end or if you guys at the deep dark dimension that would be cool. Thank you!

    1. New decorative armor Is coming in the 1.20 update.
      In 2024 we have bundles and a lot of usage with copper.

  57. add Enderite pls and make it 2x more stronger than netherite and obvs spawn in and can be found in chests in the end or the ore on the end islands

    1. We don’t need a larger gap between iron and the best armour. If Mojang keeps adding more OP armour, they are just gonna start climbing an infinite ladder, where stronger and stronger armour is expected. The grey armour bar is already filled to the max with netherite and diamond, which means they would also have to change that. PvP would last even longer with Enderite, since players can just teleport away if they are low. But if they do add Enderite, I expect it to be weaker than netherite, with the teleportation ability filling that gap. This means that players will actually have to choose which set of armour they should use, instead of mindlessly choosing the strongest armour. Be realistic dude.

      1. i want enderite bro it is too good i love it. it should be in minecraft 1.20 in the minecraft forum for end update it should be stronger with new abilitys

    2. Bro we don’t need more armor ur ligit invisible with protection 4 diamond then they added netherite, a new armor set is not needed they should just add different variations like one with lower defence but increased attack vise versa and they should ass magic items for more ranged weapons pluss armor sets for it (AKA: more like terraria)

  58. Add a new thing where two players hit eachover it makes a metal clanging noise and no one get damaged because the swords only hit eachover

    1. Yoo that gave me a great idea, they should add some sort of taxable creature in the deep dark that you can ride and shape shift into a block as camouflage from warden, players and other mobs but have it hard to tame not like horses or parents where you follow a simple process and it’s urs

    1. Adding a eagle and the ability to tame and if you attack a mob the eagle will attack it and came back with the drop well be cool and ading rats that still food at night well be cool and ading more a block that can transfer red stone signal well be coll and ading more food man am starving

  59. Sweeping edge for bedrock edition and make the off sound come back when the player gets hit or takes fall damage. Add snakes and different types of snakes for different biome as well as bugs and another biome that is fairly hard to find but not to hard and is floating in the air that connect all the biomes in the game.

  60. It would be kinda cool if the deep dark was connected to the End somehow… I mean they’re both deep and they’re both dark

  61. I want to see a new biome that involves cherry blossom trees, like an occasional cherry blossom in the plains or forest biomes, or a cherry blossom forest biome. I,ll let you guys decide on a name on the “new” wood from a cherry blossom tree.

  62. Hopefully the Deep Dark Dimension comes out in this 1.20 update can’t wait to see family their!

  63. I think that you should add underground civilizations, with the villagers adopting the look of shadowy eyes, and have glow lichen hanging from their bodies, with sculk-inspired clothes. A nice touch would be that when the potential portal opens, there has to be a ritual using an allay to insert the new music disc into it, then when it finishes, you light the portal, which takes on a cyan texture, and inside it will be these mobs: corrupted allay, corrupted zombie and corrupted silverfish that emerge from the ground. And the worst thing: YOU HAVE PERMANENT DARKNESS EFFECT!!! The corrupted allay will use the sonic shriek attack, but weaker, befor running away. The zombie carries around either a sculk sensor or sculk screamer, and if you fight two of them… Well, *he* spawns

    1. Acording to mojan the warden is not a boss because boss implies it is ment to be fought which the warden is not. Because you can just sneak past it and the warden can kill you in 3 hits in full enchanted netherite armor I think they have made there point pretty well

  64. There should be new world through deep dark portal and there should be new ore and Armor with abilities and a new villager and enchantment book . Bundle should be here.

  65. i wanna see a whole bunch of new mobs in the deep dark dimension if it will exist. (possibly) also, i wanna see a rainforest biome, similar to the amazon rainforest

  66. They need to make custom dogs. Custom cats were added in the 1.14 Village and Pillage update, and it is about time they added custom dogs. This would fit the wild update part 2, because you find dogs in the wild.

  67. Also, pls pls pls pls pls pls pls make it so we can get big oak trees and small dark oak trees.

    1. That gave me an idea, they should add an animation for the growth of trees at least like 3 or 4 different variations so it looks more realistic, rather than *poof* tree

  68. Oh, and also copper tools and/or armour. There’s so much but other than lightning rods and spyglasses there’s no use for it.

  69. Plzzzzzzzzzz give a jungle village or swamp village. We already have the secret jungle and swamp villagers, but no villages for them.

  70. add more pillager structures like pillager factories or pilligers mines for the materials they use to build out post or pillager cities

  71. I think they should add more animals such as mice and birds maybe even new biomes with them like waste land or something like islands with snakes

  72. They should really put hardcore mode in bedrock Because Bedrock already have spectator mode they just need to put hardcore What do you guys think

    1. Good suggest i hope so.Many players can playing in hardcore mode if the hardcore mode was realese.

  73. i think mojang should focus on agriculture, more crops and plants i think i should be called “crops and critters” update

    1. That’s a good idea for a “crops and critters” plzzzzzzz! Do this 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    2. I LITERALLY LOVE THAT. As an FFA kid, i love the idea of new plants and animals that you can craft new recipes with and make stuff other than plain cake and cooking meat.

  74. A new Dimension would be cool and new biomes would add a lot of cool stuff to the game like vibrant colors of sculk and leaves
    And add Sculk Trees would make ancient Citys more cool and a sculk Creeper a sculk skeleton a sculk zombie a sculk spider

  75. I’m really excited for Minecraft to reveal its many addons! Let’s hope for the best on the Deep Dark Portal! I hope for the best for Mojang to make 1.20 (plus no one leak unofficial things thats why many games cancel themselves…).

  76. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. 90% of this stuff is already in the game i.e. all the biomes are already there. It would be cool if this was real though like the speculated update features but sadly it’s click bait.

    1. No it’s not. They are saying that these biomes should be updated. Also minecraft didnt release much on the new update so they are kinda short on info so they are showing what may appear

    2. its not really click bait it says all the new updates and speculated updates, it is just saying that they will be UPDATED not anything new so the article is not clickbait you are just being dumb and unreasonable.

  77. Please do the end update.. The end is always kind of plain. And we want something different from it now, like enderite ore and enderite armor and tools.

    1. i dont think anything like enderite would be good because netherite is already very good i dont think anybody with enderite would be even mortal at that point.

  78. End update would be a nice choice because from starting the end is like that only and no changes only the end cities and elytras

  79. I’ve always thought the bee’s in Minecraft were a bit large since they are the same size as parrots and bats. Maybe if they made baby bee’s the universal size that would add more scale and realism. Also I like the idea of adding more bugs and birds. The little details make a huge difference. Most people I know agree that the game is more enjoyable when it adds a bit of realism to a magical world.

  80. > Interestingly, the vultures are teased to have an item picking mechanic similar to the Allay in Minecraft 1.19.
    > They just don’t like to return items to the players as Allay does.

    Foxes have been doing this since foxes existed.

    1. Bro rubies were never in the game plus emerald armour wont come as emeralds are easy to obtain.

    1. Yes!!! Minecraft really needs to add another dimension to spice up the game! And more mobs, like dinosaurs or dragons. Plus me re weapons would be nice! Thanks!!

  81. We should get more natural disasters in the game I think that’d be fun like sand storms and snow storms and earthquakes or floods or droughts, landslides, typhoons, tornadoes or volcanoes or sinkholes, or having a cave collapse once in a while, while being inside or outside, or even having avalanches, ooooo or even whirlpools, ya know like more disasters to make the game have more of a challenge.

    1. I think natural disasters would be a great idea cuz they make the game more alive
      Tornadoes, hurricaneS, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis, and major forest fires would be great additions

    2. Tha’d be nice, except if you wanted to do a nice cave build or something then it just collsapses

  82. More dogs and wolves!

    There is no variation to the wolves or dogs, and I think we should restructure them so they become simalar to cats.

  83. Are you sure this will be a good update? There hasn’t been a SINGLE Minecraft update that was well-received by the community in 2022 yet!

    1. The grappling hook would be so useful. Especially in the end and the nether. Even gettin four of those huge ass caves they added

  84. I think an end update with like new biomes and mobs and Ores and stuff. Would be great
    the end hasn’t had an update for years and I think it’s time.

  85. At the very least please give bedrock sweeping edge and the ability to crawl with trapdoors! Mob farms defend on it!

  86. I think the end update will be really cool with that thinks in the trailer maybe is gone be in the 1.21 update the armor will be more harder in the end because the nether gear and tools are being booting and the dragon in the trailer looks relly cool I’m sure the players will like the idea I’m a bedrock player and the combat it’s soo good soo don’t change that in the bedrock edition who is with me like this comment to see who gone win mojang or we gg

  87. I think lots of people want the combat update from Java so bedrock has sweeping edge and the axe-shield recharge. It’d also be great if the updated the end and made it easier to get around and added more biomes.

    1. They shold make a end only ore like the 1.16 update more nether ores added but the end has no ores so I wolud like a end or like enderite or something like that but you wolud need a diamond or meteorite pick to mine it

  88. Although I definitely agree with a lot of the comments above i feel like there should he more food items added bc u can make so many different things with what we have now ie…sandwhiches with the bread and various meats or cheese crafted from mik

  89. I think for the next update, Minecraft really needs to fix the End, and find a much easier way to travel through End Islands, to reach the End City much easier. I would be very excited to see more villages and a revamped birch biome. For new items, I really want hollowed wood, and maybe even some new armor, which maybe you could enchant and customize with potions. I would love some new structures, like maybe a new underwater structure. And for mobs, Minecraft really needs some deer, or at least a bear. They have Polar Bears, but no black or brown bears. I really hope the 1.20 update will be one of the best.

    1. I think that Minecraft should add natural disasters like volcanic eruption if your near a volcano, tornados if there is a giant cloud above you, tsunami of a volcano erupts next to a beach. (Tell me if I missed and major disasters) and the update would be called the disaster update

    2. A new dimension is very good with new mobes and think adding a hammer in minecraft well be cool if that dont hapen i tink upgrading the end well be cool addinng new mobes new bomes to the end will be cool


    Jungle: Treehouse Village
    Swamp: A lot of houses like a witch hut
    Badlands: Wild West looking.
    Deep Dark: Pillager Village and something to make the pillagers not attack you?
    Forest Villages?
    Mountain Villages?
    Mushroom Island Villages?

    Let me know if I missed any biomes.

    1. I disagree with jungle and swamp, I feel like the intent of having hidden villager types for these biomes is that the player could then build those villages and expand to those biomes with villagers. The rest are neat, although I think if you did pillagers in the deep dark then on the other side of the portal (when it’s added) should be sculk aliens or the original inhabitants of the cities.

  91. they should add reptiles like lizards snakes and also deer monkeys and more birds,fish and elephants which we can tame and can ride them
    in java edition the warden is the strongest mob in the game and plus it is not even a boss

  92. Ik zou echt graag een endupdate willen. The end is nu zo saai, ze zouden een nieuwe armor type en tools moeten maken met orbs, en nieuwe mobs en biomes moeten ze toevoegen en buildings.
    En een update met vulkanen of meer bosses zou ook cool zijn.
    En nieuwe schilderijen. En argeologie, of dinosaurussen of draken.

    Mojang, please listen.

  93. I would love to see that birch biome consept art become a reality because honestly it looks gorgeous and the hint to new flowers and mushroom types would add a lot of atmosphere to the biome

  94. It’s was going to be so cool if has cups and drinking fountain, we could drink fresh water

  95. add the glare, copper golem.glare for lush caves, copper golem for citys.forest update: tigers, monkeys, ants, lush caves spawn right under jungles with a cave entrance to the lush caves adding the glare [able to be taimed], banana.cave update: new ore called uranium to make nuke tnt, mushroom caverns with giant mushrooms, light caverns with big stalactites with lines of glowstone on them, stalagtite caverns stalactites hanging from the celling and water at the bottom dripstone and pointed dripstone are wighte.

  96. I hope it’s the end update because we are supposed to get so much new Stuff like a new armor type and tools and acid as new luqid and brand new biomes and mobs

  97. Ive been waiting since the 1.16 update for some new animals to tame we have wolves, horses, donkeys, cats, parrots. What about more pets?? like Snakes, Hamsters or rabbits that we can tame or something?? Or maybe different wolf varients??? Thatd be cool

      1. I would love to have a pet snake in Minecraft. Minecraft please add snakes to the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🫶🙏🐍🐍🐍🐍🦎🙏🫶

  98. For an update they should add rideable animals big enough for players. And a oven to make different cakes. And add a mob called “Carpers” it is a carpet mob if you put a button on it and hit the button it will attack you because the button hurts it. Pls add those things. Thanks.

    1. GUESS WHAT!? CRAWLING AND SHORT SNEAKING IS COMING TO BEDROCK EDITION (it is on an experimental toggle rn)!!!

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