Minecraft 1.20 Release Date, New Biomes, Mobs, Features, and Other Leaks

Minecraft 1.20: Release Date, New Biomes, Mobs, Features, and Other Leaks

With the release of the Minecraft 1.19 update, we saw some interesting additions like the Allay, Mangrove Swamps with frogs, and the Deep Dark with the Warden protecting the Ancient City. With that out of the way, it’s the perfect time to explore the history, leaks, and rumors to find out what’s in store for the Minecraft 1.20 update. We are still months away from the next major Minecraft update, but that doesn’t stop us from making some reliable predictions. Just make sure to bookmark this page, as we will update this guide with new leaks, rumors, and confirmed features over the coming months. Having said that, let’s not beat around the bush and explore everything we expect to be added in the Minecraft 1.20 update later in 2022.

Minecraft 1.20 Update: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

We have included confirmed features, announced changes, and a few speculations for the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update. Use the table below to easily browse through the different feature speculations and much-awaited features teased in the past.

Note: The featured image used in this guide is only for representation purposes and not actual in-game footage. However, if you are curious to learn about this upcoming new portal and possible new dimension, read on.

Minecraft 1.20 Update: Release Date

Looking back in time, Minecraft has released its last five major updates in the following months — June 2022, November 2021, June 2021, June 2020, and December 2019. Now, if we don’t count the gap in the pattern because of the pandemic year (2020), the release date for Minecraft 1.20 should be November 2022. However, depending upon the scale of the update, the release date might get pushed back to December or January.

What Is the Minecraft 1.20 Update Called?

Each Minecraft update is named after the changes and features it brings to the game. Since the features are yet to be announced officially, we don’t have a way to know the official name for the Minecraft 1.20 update. However, making a guess based on previous announcements, some of the possible names include:

  • The Wild Update Part 2
  • The End Update
  • Farming Update
  • Desert Update
  • Savanna Update
  • Combat Update
  • Archaeology Update

Minecraft 1.20: Confirmed New Features

Based on the recent developer editions, here are a few features that you can surely expect to find in the Minecraft 1.20 update:

Spectator Mode

First spotted in a Minecraft Preview earlier this year, the developers are testing the spectator game mode for Minecraft Bedrock. It was also shown off at Minecraft Now in April. This game mode allows players to see through blocks and freely fly through the solid parts of the world. Since this mode is already a part of the Java edition and its Bedrock edition is quite stable, we surely expect to see it in Minecraft 1.20 update.

If you don’t want to wait, you can use our step-by-step guide to get the spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock right away. Do keep in mind that it’s not completely functional because this feature is still under development.

Fix Mobs Spawning in Nether Portal

As confirmed in the Minecraft 1.19 Pre-release 2 notes, the developers are working on a method to stop mobs from spawning in the Nether portal. If they do spawn inside the portal, the game will at least try to stop them from immediately changing dimensions. This may seem like a minor fix, but it opens up the possibility of safer Nether farms and bases.

New Bedrock UI

It’s no surprise that Minecraft’s Bedrock edition doesn’t have the best UI when compared to the Java edition. And that’s not only for its settings and pre-game options. In the touch edition of the game, even the gameplay gets compromised due to misplaced buttons.

Fortunately, recent preview versions of the game have shown off a new UI for the Minecraft Bedrock edition. It feels more or less finished so seeing it with or before Minecraft 1.20 update is a given.

New Biomes in Minecraft 1.20 (Speculated)

Over the years, Minecraft has teased several new and revamped biomes, but they never reached the players. Hopefully, we might see some of them finally find their way into the game in Minecraft 1.20.

Desert Biome

In 2018, Minecraft held a biome vote where the community chose Tagia as the biome they wanted to get a revamp. But developers assured that the losing biomes will be implemented in a later update. We think it’s finally time to update the Desert biome in Minecraft 1.20.

New desert biome concept art from Minecraft Biome Chooser 2018

The new desert biome is supposed to get palm trees, meercats, and possibly an oasis in the revamped version. We also expect to see some new variants of the cactuses in the desert biome as the developers gave a green light to such an idea here.

Savanna Biome

New savanna biome concept art from Minecraft Biome Chooser 2018

The second biome that lost in the 2018 vote is the Savanna biome. If the developers decide to update this biome instead of the desert, we expect to see a revamped Savanna in Minecraft 1.20 update. It might have Baobab trees, decomposing plants, termites, and even ostriches.

Badlands Biome

Minecraft also had a biome vote in 2019 in which the mountains won, and a revamped version went live in the Minecraft 1.17 update. But what’s interesting is that the losing Mangrove swamp biome also got updated in the Minecraft 1.19 update. So, what’s left is the Badlands biome, which might finally get an update in Minecraft 1.20.

New savanna biome concept art from Minecraft Biome Vote 2019

The new badlands are supposed to get tumbleweeds, new cactuses, and some loot stealing vultures. Interestingly, the vultures are teased to have an item picking mechanic similar to the Allay in Minecraft 1.19. They just don’t like to return items to the players as Allay does.

Birch Forest Biome

Finally, last but not least, we have the birch forest biome, which is easily the most boring forest biome in the game. While announcing the Minecraft 1.19 update, developers teased a potential revamp for the birch forest in the form of concept art. Later, developers announced that this new biome won’t be a part of the update in the Ask Mojang 2022.

Birch Forest Concept Art from Minecraft Live 2021

Because this concept art got a lot of positive response from the community, we expect the new birch forest to reach the game in Minecraft 1.20 update. It means we might get new plants, taller trees, tree mushrooms, and even hollow wood.

New Mobs in Minecraft 1.20 (Speculated)

Fireflies from Minecraft Live 2021

Expanding on the expected biomes, we might see the following mobs in the game:

  • Fireflies (announced with Wild Update)
  • Vultures (from Biome Vote 2019)
  • Ostriches (from Biome Chooser 2018)
  • Meercats (from Biome Chooser 2018)
  • Termites (from Biome Chooser 2018)

Please note that other than the fireflies, none of the mobs have any official in-game rendition. Moreover, if you want to know why fireflies were removed from the Minecraft 1.19 update, check out the linked article.

Parity Changes in Minecraft 1.20

In the past 2-3 years, Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition have become much more similar than ever before. But the two editions still have major differences that might get resolved in Minecraft 1.20 update.

Locate Biome Command

Minecraft Java already has a “/locatebiome” command in the game. It allows players to find coordinates to any of the Minecraft biomes in their world. With the command parity in the last two updates, it won’t be surprising to see this in the Bedrock edition too. The developers have officially announced that they are working on this feature in a community post.

Banners in Maps

In Minecraft Java, you can put banners in your world, and they show up on your maps. This functionality allows players to mark certain locations around the world. But the Bedrock edition has no such option. Because this is a much smaller change when compared to other parity concepts, Minecraft 1.20 might finally address it.

Custom Shields

In Minecraft Java, you can combine banners with shields to make custom shields in the game. But no such feature exists in the Bedrock edition. Fortunately, the developers confirmed that they are working on it in the Ask Mojang 2019. So, we might finally see it in the new update.

Combat Changes

In 2016, Minecraft Java received a combat update with the 1.9 update. This update changed the way combat worked in the game and even turned axes into a weapon. But unfortunately, this update never reached the Bedrock edition. We expect the Minecraft 1.20 to finally bring those combat changes to the Bedrock players too.

Spectator and Hardcore Mode

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft’s spectator mode is already in development for the next update. So, it won’t come as a surprise if this mode is released alongside the hardcore game mode for Minecraft Bedrock.

The hardcore game mode doesn’t offer any major feature other than permanent death. But in the Java edition, the hardcore game mode includes the spectator mode as an internal feature. Because of that, we expect Minecraft to bring spectator and hardcore mode to the Bedrock edition at once in the 1.20 update.

Speculated Features of Minecraft 1.20

Leaving the new features aside, the team of Minecraft also has some pending features in the game. So, Minecraft 1.20 can also act as a gap filler update to let developers plan for the future while fixing the existing issues. Some of these features might include:

Bundles, New Village, & More

  • Villages: All major Minecraft biomes are supposed to have their own unique villages. But the meadow biome spawns a copy of the plains biome. Similarly, the game has villagers for swamp and jungle biomes, but no villages spawn in either of them. So, Minecraft 1.20 can bring the missing villages to the game.
  • Bundles: Minecraft’s developers have mentioned bundles on and off over the past few years. They are supposed to be an alternative to chests when we carry and store items. But these bundles haven’t seen the light of the day in the game. Maybe the upcoming update can change that.
  • Illusioner & Giant Zombie: Both of these mobs are currently in the game, but they don’t spawn naturally. Their implementation can make the game’s hostile mobs more interesting.
  • Fletching Table: This block is in the game and spawns naturally. But other than giving jobs to Minecraft villagers, it does nothing. Hopefully, developers might give it some functionality soon.

Editor Mode

Recently discovered by Twitter user SnokeyStack through data mining of a new Minecraft Preview version, we might be getting a new game mode called editor mode. This mode, supposedly, adds powerful world editing tools to the game, which are similar to some popular world-building mods.

But since the Java edition’s snapshots didn’t have a mention of it, we are left to wonder if it’s a Bedrock exclusive feature. Alternatively, it is also possible that the editor mode might only come out for the official marketplace creators. Though, only time would tell.

Archaeology System

Minecraft first announced archaeology features at Minecraft Live 2020. They were supposed to be a part of the Caves & Cliffs update, but were later scrapped. With the archaeology system, the game was supposed to get a new structure called excavation sites. There, you could find and use brushes to dig and clean blocks to obtain artifacts and ceramic shards.

Then, with enough of these new items, you could tell pictorial stories similar to what the cavemen did in the early ages. This unique system was also supposed to add clay pots to the game. These pots could be decorated with the help of ceramic shards and later be used as cooking utensils. However, we have been waiting for updates on this feature for over two years.

New Dimension

With the addition of the Ancient City to the game, players are expecting to get a new dimension in Minecraft. That’s primarily because the main structure of the city is a giant hollow window that looks similar to the existing portal in the game. To further solidify the theory, this portal-like structure is made up of reinforced deep slate blocks, which are not obtainable in survival mode, just like other portal blocks.

Do keep in mind that the developers have not connected the dark biome to any new dimension officially. So, all the speculations are based on similarities in existing portals and past announcements. Some of the reliable facts backing the new dimension theory are:

  • Warden is a powerful mob but drops rather easily obtainable loot. So, it doesn’t make much sense to spawn such a hostile mob in that area unless it is protecting something more valuable.
  • The Ancient Cities are filled with soul fire, which, unlike regular fire, can’t be placed on every block. But since normal fire is used to light the Nether Portal, it would make sense that the soul fire would light some portal too.
  • Players got a new music disc with the Minecraft 1.19 update, but the strange part about it is that the disc doesn’t play music. Instead, it includes sounds of the Warden, players running, and portal activation. Also, it include sounds of a new hostile area that doesn’t exist in the game.
  • In 2020, Mojang hired Kingbdogz as their Gameplay Developer. He is the same person who developed the popular Aether dimension mod. If Mojang wants to use his dimension-making experience, a deep dark dimension wouldn’t be a bad start.

Get Ready for the Next Major Minecraft 1.20 Update

With that, you now know every possible feature that might come with the Minecraft 1.20 update. And if we end up getting even half of the speculated features, Minecraft 1.20 will be one of the best updates to reach the game. But that mystery will only be solved later this year in November or December. For now, if you want to make the most of the Wild Update, our list of best Minecraft 1.19 seeds can definitely help you out. We even have a dedicated list of the best Ancient City seeds in Minecraft 1.19 to help you locate and defeat the Warden. With that said, Minecraft still has a long way to go when it comes to perfection. So, what else do you want to see added in the Minecraft 1.20 update? Tell us in the comments!


  1. More dogs and wolves!

    There is no variation to the wolves or dogs, and I think we should restructure them so they become simalar to cats.

  2. Are you sure this will be a good update? There hasn’t been a SINGLE Minecraft update that was well-received by the community in 2022 yet!

  3. I think an end update with like new biomes and mobs and Ores and stuff. Would be great
    the end hasn’t had an update for years and I think it’s time.

  4. At the very least please give bedrock sweeping edge and the ability to crawl with trapdoors! Mob farms defend on it!

  5. I think the end update will be really cool with that thinks in the trailer maybe is gone be in the 1.21 update the armor will be more harder in the end because the nether gear and tools are being booting and the dragon in the trailer looks relly cool I’m sure the players will like the idea I’m a bedrock player and the combat it’s soo good soo don’t change that in the bedrock edition who is with me like this comment to see who gone win mojang or we gg

  6. I think lots of people want the combat update from Java so bedrock has sweeping edge and the axe-shield recharge. It’d also be great if the updated the end and made it easier to get around and added more biomes.

  7. Although I definitely agree with a lot of the comments above i feel like there should he more food items added bc u can make so many different things with what we have now ie…sandwhiches with the bread and various meats or cheese crafted from mik

  8. I think for the next update, Minecraft really needs to fix the End, and find a much easier way to travel through End Islands, to reach the End City much easier. I would be very excited to see more villages and a revamped birch biome. For new items, I really want hollowed wood, and maybe even some new armor, which maybe you could enchant and customize with potions. I would love some new structures, like maybe a new underwater structure. And for mobs, Minecraft really needs some deer, or at least a bear. They have Polar Bears, but no black or brown bears. I really hope the 1.20 update will be one of the best.

    1. I think that Minecraft should add natural disasters like volcanic eruption if your near a volcano, tornados if there is a giant cloud above you, tsunami of a volcano erupts next to a beach. (Tell me if I missed and major disasters) and the update would be called the disaster update


    Jungle: Treehouse Village
    Swamp: A lot of houses like a witch hut
    Badlands: Wild West looking.
    Deep Dark: Pillager Village and something to make the pillagers not attack you?
    Forest Villages?
    Mountain Villages?
    Mushroom Island Villages?

    Let me know if I missed any biomes.

  10. they should add reptiles like lizards snakes and also deer monkeys and more birds,fish and elephants which we can tame and can ride them
    in java edition the warden is the strongest mob in the game and plus it is not even a boss

  11. Ik zou echt graag een endupdate willen. The end is nu zo saai, ze zouden een nieuwe armor type en tools moeten maken met orbs, en nieuwe mobs en biomes moeten ze toevoegen en buildings.
    En een update met vulkanen of meer bosses zou ook cool zijn.
    En nieuwe schilderijen. En argeologie, of dinosaurussen of draken.

    Mojang, please listen.

  12. I would love to see that birch biome consept art become a reality because honestly it looks gorgeous and the hint to new flowers and mushroom types would add a lot of atmosphere to the biome

  13. It’s was going to be so cool if has cups and drinking fountain, we could drink fresh water

  14. add the glare, copper golem.glare for lush caves, copper golem for citys.forest update: tigers, monkeys, ants, lush caves spawn right under jungles with a cave entrance to the lush caves adding the glare [able to be taimed], banana.cave update: new ore called uranium to make nuke tnt, mushroom caverns with giant mushrooms, light caverns with big stalactites with lines of glowstone on them, stalagtite caverns stalactites hanging from the celling and water at the bottom dripstone and pointed dripstone are wighte.

  15. I hope it’s the end update because we are supposed to get so much new Stuff like a new armor type and tools and acid as new luqid and brand new biomes and mobs

  16. Ive been waiting since the 1.16 update for some new animals to tame we have wolves, horses, donkeys, cats, parrots. What about more pets?? like Snakes, Hamsters or rabbits that we can tame or something?? Or maybe different wolf varients??? Thatd be cool

  17. For an update they should add rideable animals big enough for players. And a oven to make different cakes. And add a mob called “Carpers” it is a carpet mob if you put a button on it and hit the button it will attack you because the button hurts it. Pls add those things. Thanks.

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