Trail ruins in a cave in Minecraft

How to Find Trail Ruins in Minecraft and All the Loot In It

There were many different new and exciting additions introduced in the Minecraft 1.20 update. Among them is a new structure called trail ruins, which has plenty of secrets and amazing rare loot drops that players will enjoy. With a brand new tool, the brush, players will be able to excavate treasures from the suspicious sand and gravel blocks. If you are interested in finding trail ruins in Minecraft, then keep reading because we will cover what this structure is, where and how to find it, and all the treasures you can expect to get in it.

What are Trail Ruins in Minecraft 1.20

Trail ruins are ancient structures that can be found mostly buried in your Minecraft world. They are made up of many different blocks, such as stone, stone bricks, cobblestone, terracotta, glazed terracotta, mud bricks, coarse dirt, bricks. They can also generate in different shapes and layouts. It is believed to have been built by ancient civilizations a long time ago and only the ruins remain.

Excavated trail ruins in Minecraft

There are just a few exposed blocks on the surface that signal the player that they should start digging around it. Besides the blocks that this structure is made up of, you will find suspicious gravel blocks around and inside this ancient building. When excavating these sites, you should be careful not to destroy any of the precious suspicious blocks.

Suspicious gravel as part of the trail ruins

Where Do Trail Ruins Generate in Minecraft

For those wondering about the location of trail ruins in the game, these structures generate in the following Minecraft biomes:

  • Jungle biome
  • Old growth birch forest biome
  • Old growth pine taiga biome
  • Old growth spruce taiga biome
  • Snowy taiga biome
  • Taiga biome

How to Easily Find Trail Ruins in Minecraft

1. Lookout for Specific Blocks

Finding the trail ruins in Minecraft can be both difficult and simple. Since the only indication players have of the existence of this structure is several exposed blocks on the surface, you need to keep an eye out for them. These blocks can include usually colored terracotta blocks and gravel. If the trail ruins generated beneath flat, unobstructed terrain, it will be much easier to notice blocks out of place on the ground.

Exposed blocks of the trail ruins in a jungle biome in Minecraft

However, if this structure generated underneath the surface covered with lots of trees and foliage, such as the typical terrain in the jungle, it is highly possible that you will just pass by the exposed blocks without paying any heed to them.

So, the first advice is a pretty obvious one, but pay more attention to your surrounding in the locations with more trees. Moreover, even though your view is blocked by trees’ canopies, it is better to observe from the higher ground. You can use an elytra in Minecraft to fly above ground and scan the area.

2. Underwater Trail Ruins

If you are lucky, the trail ruins will generate really close to a body of water or even in it in your Minecraft world and the blocks that would be otherwise surrounded by solid blocks are now surrounded by water blocks and are more easily seen. Therefore, look for unusual blocks underwater near coastlines.

Exposed blocks of trail ruins in water

3. Using Commands

If you are playing in the creative world or have cheats enabled in your survival world, you can use commands to locate this structure. To locate trails ruins in Minecraft creative mode, follow the steps below. You can enable cheats temporarily with this step-by-step process:

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Click the Open to LAN button.
Select the Open to LAN button
  1. Click on “Allow Cheats” to turn it ON.
  2. Click on the Start LAN World button.
Select Allow Cheats: ON and click Start LAN World
  1. With this method, the cheats are enabled until the player quits and reloads the world.
  2. Now, press T to open the chat and enter the locate command: /locate structure minecraft:trail_ruins. You can then open the chat again, click on the coordinates, and hit Enter to teleport to the trail ruins location.
Teleport to trail ruins in Minecraft

4. Use Third Party Websites

If you’re excited about this awesome new Minecraft update and just want to explore the trail ruins and other features without wasting time finding them, this is the perfect method for you. There are websites that can help you quickly scan your world seed and reveal the locations of various structures and biomes in it. They are also rather simple to use. One of the best websites for this purpose is Chunkbase.

To locate the trail ruins in your Minecraft 1.20 seed, follow the steps below:

1. First, check the seed code by entering the following command: /seed in the chat. Then, click on it to copy to clipboard.

Click to copy the seed

2. Next, open the Chunkbase website (visit) and select the “apps” tab and pick any one of the options.

3. Finally, enter your world seed code, select the version you are playing on and the dimension you’re interested in to start your search. You can also select the “Seed map app” that allows you to see everything on the map.

Chunk base website

Whether you are a content creator or not, this website can save you a lot of time and effort and it’s definitely worth checking out, if you don’t consider this cheating.

All the Loot You Can Find in the Trail Ruins

Now that you have found this structure, it’s time to dig out the loot. Trail Ruins have a direct connection with the new archeology features in Minecraft. They are ancient structures that contain ordinary and precious rewards. As mentioned already, with the brush you can hold the right click on a suspicious gravel block to start the excavation process. Here are all the items you could find in this structure and how likely you are to obtain them.

Brushing suspicious gravel

Armor Trims

Armor Trim Smithing TemplatePercentage
Host Armor Trim8.3%
Raiser Armor Trim8.3%
Shaper Armor Trim8.3%
Wayfinder Armor Trim8.3%

Pottery Sherds

Pottery SherdPercentage
Burn Pottery Sherd8.3%
Danger Pottery Sherd8.3%
Friend Pottery Sherd8.3%
Heart Pottery Sherd8.3%
Heartbreak Pottery Sherd8.3%
Howl Pottery Sherd8.3%
Sheaf Pottery Sherd8.3%

Music Discs


Common Items

Blue dye4.4%
Brown candle4.4%
Green candle4.4%
Light blue dye4.4%
Orange dye4.4%
Purple candle4.4%
Red candle4.4%
White dye4.4%
Wooden hoe4.4%
Yellow dye4.4%
Beetroot seeds2.2%
Blue stained glass pane2.2%
Dead bush2.2%
Flower pot2.2%
Light blue stained glass pane2.2%
Magenta stained glass pane2.2%
Oak hanging sign2.2%
Pink stained glass pane2.2%
Purple stained glass pane2.2%
Red stained glass pane2.2%
Spruce hanging sign2.2%
Wheat seeds2.2%
Yellow stained glass pane2.2%
Gold nugget2.2%

So yeah, with the archaeology features in the Minecraft 1.20 update, Mojang has given players another reason to explore the world. The Trail Ruins in Minecraft 1.20 will help them get their hands on pottery sherds, stained glass panes, emeralds, armor trims, and several other rewards.


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