13 Best Minecraft Farms You Must Build

Whether you’re playing online or by yourself, the real winners in Minecraft are the ones with the most resources. The only problem, however, is that collecting these resources takes a lot of time. And that’s where the farms come into play. The initial effort to make these farms might take you some time, but after completion, you will get all the resources right at home. With that said, let’s dive in and explore the best Minecraft farms.

1. Iron Farm

Iron farm which spawned an iron golem

Iron is one of the most important items, probably even more so than diamonds in Minecraft. You can obtain iron ingots by smelting the raw iron you get from ores, but it’s a manual and sometimes quite boring. So, an iron farm is one of the most useful farms you can make.

This farm will require you to put villagers in certain positions and create a spawning platform and killing chamber for the iron golems, but once that’s done you can enjoy a steady income of iron for the entire lifespan of your world.

2. Sculk Farm

13 Best Minecraft Farms You Must Build

The new family of Sculk blocks is known for their unique mechanics. But they also provide a little-known additional benefit by dropping experience orbs when mined. And since you can use a Sculk catalyst to spawn Sculk blocks in any area, you can easily use them to collect plenty of experience in no time. You just need the right kind of farm to trigger the catalyst.

3. Creeper Farm

Completely covered Creeper Farm In Minecraft

Creepers are scary hostile mobs in Minecraft that explode after getting close to the players. They are highly dangerous for you, your builds, and even your tamed mobs like a wolf. But, if you know how to farm them, you can easily get plenty of gunpowder.

This gunpowder will put the explosives from Creepers in your hand that you can later use to make TNT to attack players, kill mobs, and even mine diamonds.

4. Enderman Farm

13 borders of Enderman Farm

Whether you want to beat the game or need to teleport in Minecraft, the Ender pearls are a must-have. But have you ever thought that you can have an endless supply of Ender pearls? That’s what happens with a well-made Enderman farm. Even though it takes a lot of traveling, the Enderman farm is one of the easiest farms in the game that gives reliable results.

5. General Mob Farm

General mob farm in Minecraft

So, we’ve mentioned a creeper farm already, but getting all sorts of hostile mob drops is sometimes even better than just getting gunpowder. Thanks to this farm, you’ll be renewably obtaining rotten flesh, string, bones, and gunpowder. So, with just this one farm, you can solve many issues you are having in the in-game progression.

6. Chicken Farm

Working Chicken Farm in Minecraft

Chickens are common mobs in Minecraft that are a great option to get food, eggs, and feathers in the game. Because of their small size and manual spawning mechanic, chickens are also a great mob to farm. Leaving the basic Redstone components aside, you don’t need much to build this farm. But the results it yields are enough to keep you fed for days. Quite literally.

7. Pumpkin and Melon Farm

Pumpkin Farm in Glass Cage

If you have enough space in your village or house build area, you can grow most crops in Minecraft without putting in much effort. But that’s not true for pumpkins and melons, because their growth mechanics, at times, can destroy the crops around them.

Keeping that in mind, we suggest it is best to farm pumpkins and melons using an automatic farm. It protects other crops and their complex mechanics while making it easier for you to harvest them.

8. Sugar Cane Farm

Allay in Sugar Cane Farm

Whether you want to make enchanted books, maps, banners, or a variety of other customizable items, you need paper in Minecraft. But to collect paper, you must first create a sugar cane farm. Without an automatic sugarcane farm, you have to use a boat in Minecraft to roam around the world until you have enough sugar cane, which usually doesn’t work out and is tedious.

9. Wheat Farm

Add the villager and surround the light block with trapdoors and the Minecraft wheat farm is done

Are you a fan of packed mud and mud bricks? Do you need a reliable source of food that doesn’t involve you trading with villagers or killing animals? Or perhaps you’re breeding villagers and need a bunch of the food items they require?

Well, one Minecraft farm that can help achieve all of these goals is the wheat farm. It will produce that much wheat, that you won’t know what to do with it all. Again, some fiddling with villagers is required, but it’s all going to be worth it when wheat starts stacking up.

10. Slime Farm

Slime spawning

As you will notice, many of Minecraft’s farms require you to use slime blocks. But, thanks to the relatively rare slime mobs, they aren’t that easy to collect. Ironically, the solution to this issue is creating a slime farm, which is simple to build. Well, that is, as long as you know the Minecraft commands to find the slime chunks.

11. Tree Farm

Covered Tree Farm

Among all the best farms on the list, the tree farm is easily the most complex one. It can take you hours to collect resources and build this farm. But once it’s ready, it’s also the most efficient farm on this list. Other farms, at their best, can give out dozens of items within an hour. But a well-made tree farm gives out 10,000+ blocks within the same time. Such efficiency makes them one of the coolest things to make in Minecraft.

12. Wool Farm

Four modules of a wool farm in Minecraft side by side

Wool blocks have several different uses in Minecraft. They are colorful building blocks, crafting ingredients, and even vibration stoppers. So they will be pretty useful no matter whether you’re exploring the ancient city or building your own fantasy castle.

This is why building a wool farm will greatly improve your gaming experience. Besides that, it’s pretty easy to set up, especially if you already have an iron farm.

13. Cactus Farm

Extended cactus farm with new cactus stations on top of the fences below in Minecraft

Cactus farm is one of the rare farms that barely requires any redstone components. It utilizes the cactus mechanics to the fullest, while also being extremely simple and easy to create. With it, you will have a limitless supply of cactus that you can smelt to get green dye or use to breed camels.

With that, you have all these amazing Minecraft farms at your disposal. You can head on to create them and get the most out of the game. Since you’ll need a lot of resources to make all of them, it’s best to get started with these Minecraft seeds for a sure-shot boost. However, the fill command in Minecraft can make your life significantly easier too. Having said that, which farm are you creating first? Tell us in the comments below!

What is the hardest farm to make?

Many farms have variations that can produce more items, depending on what you need. However, they are larger and require a lot more resources. But the hardest farms you can make in-game are an amethyst farm, raid farm, wither skeleton farm, and the guardian farm.

Are farms hard to make?

Whether the farm is difficult to make or not depends on the item you are farming. Farms that spawn and kill mobs can vary from super easy to pretty complex and challenging to make. But, most farms that output blocks as a product, like lava farms, clay farms, or pumpkin and melon farms are generally not that hard to build. But as we can see in the case of the wood farm, they can be pretty complex too.

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  • You can make a wither skeleton farm and gather skulls. Then in the and below the portal if you spawn it Wither will stuck in bedrock and cant move. Using that you can farm them easily.

  • cus of the push limit if pistons and slimeblocks
    honeyblock works like slime but they don’t stick to each other

    • Because when the slime pushes the tree blocks the slime get some blocks stuck and when we use honey block it will release easily i hope it will help you..
      I also have an suggestion you make an automatic honey farm that make your work so easy..

    • What? Fishing can give you more than just fish, you can get books and other useful items

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