How to Make a Bamboo Mosaic in Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft’s block family is expanding, and it’s only for the best. With the previous Minecraft 1.19 update, we saw the addition of the sculk blocks, and we are now getting bamboo mosaic blocks. These blocks allow you to make amazing textural structures within the game. They are a major part of the Minecraft 1.20 update and hold the potential for a whole set of mosaic blocks to make it into the game. So, let’s not waste a moment and quickly learn how to make a bamboo mosaic in Minecraft!

How to Make a Bamboo Mosaic in Minecraft (2022)

Note: The entire bamboo wood family, including bamboo mosaic, is an experimental feature in the Minecraft 1.20 Beta and 22w42a Snapshot. Their texture, mechanics, and block interaction are subject to change in the final release.

What is a Bamboo Mosaic in Minecraft

Bamboo Mosaic Blocks

The bamboo mosaic block is a decorative block from the new bamboo wood family in Minecraft. It has a criss-cross pattern on all its sides, with a set of bamboo sticks aligned at ninety degrees on every turn. When put together, the bamboo mosaic blocks create seamless textures, which are great for creating unique structures. And the best part is that they are easy to craft.

Items Required to Make Bamboo Mosaic

The crafting recipe to make a bamboo mosaic in Minecraft requires the following items:

  • Three Bamboo Planks (to create slabs)
  • Two Bamboo Slabs
  • Crafting Table (optional)

As mentioned earlier, the mosaic block is exclusive to the bamboo wood family. You can’t make it with any other type of wood in Minecraft. Fortunately, you basically need two bamboo slabs to craft the bamboo mosaic.

How to Create Bamboo Slabs

Once you have collected all the materials to make bamboo mosaic, you first need to follow these steps to craft bamboo slabs in Minecraft:

1. First, you need to find pieces of bamboo in Minecraft. They most commonly spawn in the jungle-based Minecraft biomes near rivers.

Largest Bamboo Jungle at Spawn

2. Then, place four pieces of bamboo in a square format in four adjacent crafting cells. This recipe will get you one bamboo plank. We need three of them to craft slabs.

Crafting Recipe of Bamboo Planks

3. Next, put three bamboo planks next to each other in any row of the crafting table to create bamboo slabs. You get six slabs from three planks. We only need two slabs to craft one bamboo mosaic block in Minecraft.

bamboo slabs minecraft

Minecraft Bamboo Mosaic: Crafting Recipe

Once you have the bamboo slabs, you are ready to create a bunch of bamboo mosaic blocks in Minecraft. You simply need to place two bamboo slabs vertically next to each other in the crafting area. This recipe works in any two vertically adjacent cells.

Crafting Recipe of Bamboo Mosaic Block

Moreover, you don’t even need a crafting table for this recipe to work. It can be created in your regular inventory as well, which is why we said it’s one of the easiest new blocks to make and use in Minecraft.

Uses of New Bamboo Mosaic Block

Bamboo mosaics can have a bunch of creative uses based on your Minecraft house ideas. Here are some of them:

  • Fuel: Like other wooden items, the bamboo mosaic blocks also acts as a flammable fuel in furnaces and blast furnaces.
  • Decoration & Building: You can use bamboo mosaic blocks in Minecraft to create a variety of different textured structures, be it a floor, kitchen countertop, or elegant archway.
  • Bamboo Mosaic Stairs: Like other wood blocks, you can use the mosaic blocks to create useable stairs.
  • Bamboo Mosaic Slabs: Even though they are made out of slabs, you can further create mosaic slabs using the bamboo mosaic block. They have the same puzzle-like texture as the main block.

Make and Use Bamboo Mosaic in Minecraft

And just like that, you’re now ready to create a bunch of new unique structures in Minecraft with bamboo mosaics. But if you don’t want to start from scratch, then upgrading these best Minecraft maps is the way to go. Not to forget, you can get ideas from users in these Minecraft discord servers. Though, we are more interested to know what’s on your mind. How well do bamboo mosaic blocks fit into your builds? Tell us in the comments below!

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