2021 Is About to End and Spotify HiFi Is Nowhere to Be Seen

Hi-Fi music streaming has long been a niche segment. After the paradigm shift from analog to digital in the mid-2000s, there was much hesitation among audiophiles in switching to streaming services for Hi-Res audio while they could purchase (or pirate) the FLAC lossless files instead. While the general perception for lossless music streaming services has changed now — thanks to the advent of services like TIDAL, Deezer HiFi, and Amazon Music HD — one notable player that never showed interest in Hi-Fi streaming is Spotify.

That changed when Spotify surprised everyone at its “Stream On” event this February, where the company announced Spotify HiFi, a new streaming feature that promised to offer CD-quality lossless audio (16-bit/ 44.1 kHz). While it won’t match Tidal Masters (24-bit/ 192kHz), Apple Music Hi-Res Lossless (24-bit/ 192 kHz), or Amazon Music Ultra HD (24-bit/ 192 kHz), it is still a significant step up from Spotify’s current “Very High” quality that maxes out at 320 kbps.

But Where is Spotify HiFi?

2021 Is About to End and Spotify HiFi Is Nowhere to Be Seen

During its announcement, Spotify promised to roll out Spotify HiFi in “select markets later this year”. Nine months later, 2021 is about to end, and there’s no word on Spotify HiFi’s availability. We hoped the streaming giant might launch HiFi as a Christmas surprise (but that didn’t happen), and it looks like the company may fail to keep up its promise.

Spotify Has ONLY a week to Deliver ON its Hifi Promise

Spotify’s inability to launch HiFi evidently stands out, primarily due to the popular Spotify alternative Apple Music. Unlike Spotify that announced HiFi back in February and has still not rolled out even a public beta, Apple Music announced Lossless and Hi-Res Lossless audio alongside Spatial audio in May and started rolling out the feature in June. Wider availability and Android support came in July. The best part? Apple Music’s Lossless and Hi-Res Lossless audio comes at no additional cost.

On the other hand, we still have no clarity on whether Spotify HiFi will come as a separate tier or at no added price for Spotify Premium users. Spotify’s press release says “Premium subscribers in select markets will be able to upgrade their sound quality to Spotify HiFi”, which leads us to believe the so-called ‘upgrade’ could cost more. Considering the recent price hikes and the fact that competitors are offering Hi-Res streaming (24-bit/ 192 kHz) at no additional cost for subscribers, Spotify will have a hard time convincing customers to pay extra for HiFi.

What’s Delaying Spotify HiFi Release?

From what we can tell from the outside, the delay in the Spotify HiFi release doesn’t seem like a technical problem. That’s because the feature seems to be ready behind the scenes for some time now. In fact, users on Reddit have accidentally spotted the HiFi menu and managed to record the onboarding flow as well.

Spotify HiFi delay doesn’t seem to be a Technical problem

2021 Is About to End and Spotify HiFi Is Nowhere to Be Seen
Image Courtesy: Reddit/u/themonarc
  • Compatible Speakers and TWS Earbuds

One possible reason why Spotify is facing hurdles could be because of partner OEMs. To recall, the company said it was working with speaker manufacturers to make Spotify HiFi available via Spotify Connect. Given the supply chain woes due to the pandemic, it’s possible that the companion Spotify HiFi-enabled speakers are not quite ready for prime time.

Moreover, many consumers have now started away from wired earphones and headphones, picking up AirPods or its alternatives for a wireless and hassle-free experience. TWS earbuds are all the rage right now, and not many of them support the necessary technologies for lossless streaming. This could be another reason for HiFi not being the top priority for Spotify right now.

  • Strategic Shift Towards Podcasts

Another possibility why Spotify HiFi is still not available could be due to a perceivable change in priorities. As you might be aware, Spotify has been heavily focusing on podcasts lately and has been striking deals with high-profile personalities such as Joe Rogan and Michelle Obama. Although unlikely, pushing podcasts and podcast-centric features might have forced the company to put Spotify HiFi on the backburner.

  • Licensing Woes!?

And let’s not forget the complex world of music licensing deals. Spotify might be facing hurdles with leading music labels to kickstart the transition and expand deals. The streaming giant is no stranger to such hurdles, as we have already heard of (and seen) music labels hold Spotify’s expansion in India hostage for close to two years. A massive chunk of the Spotify library was missing in India due to a licensing issue with Warner Music Group.

Since Spotify is surprisingly silent about the existence of Spotify HiFi, all these are speculations for now, and we don’t have an official word on what’s exactly causing the delay. Spotify didn’t respond to our request for an official comment at the time of writing this article.

What Spotify Could Do Now

Often regarded as a company that takes feedback from the community seriously, the least Spotify could do right now is share an update on the current status of Spotify HiFi. Even if it is delayed, possibly to next year, revealing the updated timeline will help customers decide if they would rather wait or switch to competing services like Apple Music, Qobuz, or TIDAL.

Undeniably some of the biggest strengths of Spotify are cross-platform availability and Spotify Connect. Case in point: While you can download Spotify from Microsoft Store on Windows and download music offline, you should either stick with the outdated iTunes, Apple Music web player, or enable the Windows Subsystem for Android to use Apple Music on Windows 11 for offline downloads if you jumped ship for HiFi streaming and are not part of the Apple ecosystem. Since Spotify is strategically positioned as a service that isn’t restricted to an ecosystem, HiFi availability should help retain users and potentially attract new users.

Spotify still has time to turn things around if it releases HiFi at no additional cost right in time for New Year’s, possibly alongside Spotify HiFi-enabled hardware from partner OEMs. Although Spotify hasn’t officially promised or said anything, Hi-Res audio support (24-bit/ 192kHz) would be sweet and would justify the delay. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Spotify in the lossless music streaming space, as only a 2022 release seems likely now.

Where do you stand on streaming lossless audio? Have you already switched to Apple Music/ TIDAL, or do you still have hope for Spotify HiFi? Let us know in the comments. If you’re planning to get started on lossless music streaming, do not forget to take a look at our list of the best digital to analog converters to play HiFi lossless audio on iPhone and Android.

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  • popek says:

    Still waiting…. 02 January 🙂

  • Darell Quiyou says:

    I had Tidal hifi for 2 years and enjoyed the sound quality.
    In February of 2021 when Spotify announced rollout of Spotify hifi later in the year I switched right away.
    I have to say that I am disappointed but to be honest I enjoyed and continue to enjoy the Spotify interface so much that I have decided to wait it out for Spotify hifi. Tidal does sound a bit better ( a bit cleaner and a little more dynamic) to me but I also find Spotify to be good enough for now.

  • Barry Robinson says:

    My discontent with Spotify is not just the lossless issue, but also the bugs in the Spotify app that harbours issues that affect many users who stream music in their cars or need to use an SD card to store offline music.

    I’ve trialled Tidal and the difference in sound quality (depth and detail) is clear even to someone of my advanced years. To get the best from Tidal you really need to get a streamer that supports Tidal Connect and feeds your HiFi system, as the use of a Bluetooth connection just compresses the signal and you lose a lot of the benefit.

    However, bottom line is that once I have a new streamer that supports Tidal Connect I’ll be moving our family subscription from Spotify to Tidal.

  • Ron land says:

    I left and went to Qobuz

  • Dave says:

    Come January 1st, if Spotify hasn’t delivered it’s hi-fi option, I’m away to Tidal. I like Spotify a lot but can’t help feel they’ve messed their loyal customers about with false promises. Disappointing.

    For the record, I’ve had Tidal’s top tier in the past and did some direct comparisons with Spotify. The differences were very clear to my ear. I use a Bluetooth aptx HD wireless connection with a Yamaha amp, QED speaker cables and Wharfedale floor standers.

  • Joe Smith says:

    Waiting…waiting…waiting…and using the free 2-month free Tidal offer at CD quality as I wait. Have been on the family plan with Spotify for years, I am very annoyed that they have not even provided an update on HiFi. If it was not for my wife wanting to keep using Spotify, I would drop it and go to Tidal. I understand that most of Spotify’s user base does not care much, but do they really want to alienate the high-end-sound customers? I would say they’ve done a pretty fair job of that, all told. All I want is CD quality on regular USB-to-DAC connection, is that really to much to ask, guys?

  • RG says:

    Started 3 month free trial to amazon music unlimited a month ago. Music quality on Amazon is excellent but more cumbersome to find and play music than on spotify. Spotify has two months to get their act together and live up to their promises. A company is only as good as their word. It’s really bad that spotify has made no announcements and just hopes the hi-fi hype just goes away.

  • Tommy says:

    I am a Spotify Premium user since three years, I play the piano and listen a lot of classical music; I tested for three months for free Amazon Music HD on my hifi system (Denon AVR 4810, Boston VR30) and the difference in quality with HD is huge compared to Spotify: more details more dinamic, better stage recreation; I didn’t switch only because Spotify is better in term of interface (eg. try to filter a playlist in Amazon by author like Mozart: it’s not possible !!!! ) and I was hoping that Hifi on Spotify was round the corner. Currently very angry with Spotify delaying the release of Hifi, I hope not to be forced to dismiss Spotify and move to Amazon HD

  • Saswata Modak says:

    I am an Audiophile, today I suddenly found no difference between studio quality wav files and spotify’s sound quality, I did an A/B test, I tested with purchased 16bit, 44.10Khz wav Audio with Spotify Premium Audio, also tested with my own mastered track files with Spotify’s Audio (same master released on Spotify), used various devices (Eris 5, M50x, AKG K72, CLR100 with both Phone & PC), couldn’t be able to distinguish any difference. I think Spotify silently testing Hi-Res to it’s premium subscribers.

    • Max says:

      Hello Saswata,

      Spotify HIFI or not…. I experienced the same approx 1 month ago. At the moment I´m only using Spotify and
      I do have a “high end” system as well…. incl one of the best AMT tweeters on the market att the moment.

      Honestly, with most music I´m not missing anything at the moment, this is a little bit weird coming from a “high
      quality sound” friend. However, I noticed that with most “quality” recordings and especially new ones I hear no difference
      vs. CD. Then again I take a rock CD from 1987 and compare that to Spoti… CD is clearly better…. I really not sure what´s going
      on but in general I´m really happy with Spotify at the moment…. and… the Connect is KING.

  • Nick Alexander says:

    I’m currently running Spotify (for suggestions, star playlists etc) and Amazon music for HD album listening. If Spotify don’t come up with the HD goods soon I’ll probably dump Spotify and keep Amazon as their app and suggestion engines etc are getting better fast .

  • Noel vega says:

    Still waiting … ipay for premium….spotify should of been Hi Fi long time ago…..

  • Nick says:

    At the moment I am using Tidal, but if Spotify will provide hifi sound for the same price I will take Spotify because Connect function is the best in class.

  • Peter says:

    I am in the older demographic that can afford $1000 headphones and DAPs. Give me a side by side blind test and I doubt I would score 100% identifying a Tidal Masters HiFi FLAC vs. a 320 Kbs MP3s. However, when I listen to a well recorded track, using the EQ functions in Roon, I get a very satisfying and enjoyable experience. I get a kick out of hearing all the micro detail in a full sound stage, with every instrument and backing track well isolated.
    If you don’t sit down and listen to an album from start to finish, if music is just wallpaper to your daily routines, and if you use wireless ear buds, it is hard to justify the extra $10 a month.

  • W H says:

    am currently using Amazon Music Unlimited as a Prime member..have been paying for Spotify, but rarely using the service, waiting months for the HiFi rollout. If they add HIFI at no additional cost for Premium members, i will consider dropping Amazon
    Music. Frankly, i getting angered at Spotify for jerking us around and may drop them soon, without some comment on their
    intentions and pricing. Amazon Music is good enough ! I will not pay an upcharge to Spotify for better sound, which should be
    a GIVEN for a music streaming company.

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