Spotify AI Playlist is Here: Curate Music using Text Prompts

Ai Playlist feature in Spotify
In Short
  • Spotify has come out with a new AI playlist feature to help you create custom playlists using prompts.
  • To access it, go to the Spotify app > Your Library tab > plus (+) icon > and AI Playlist.
  • The feature is currently under testing and is only available in Australia and the U.K. Only available for Premium members of the service.

Creating a personalized playlist tailored to a particular occasion or need can be a daunting task that might take up hours of your time. You can try searching for a similar playlist on the app. If you are lucky then you may find one but it is unlikely that it will exactly match your taste. Now Spotify is introducing a feature that will let you create a personalized playlist with AI.

Spotify calls the new feature – AI Playlist. As shown in the announcement trailer, it generates a playlist for you depending on the given prompt. Let’s say you enter a prompt like “Lo-Fi songs for Yoga sessions” or “EDM music for my game time”. The AI will try to understand your intent and leverage Spotify’s personalization technology and the user’s listening history to create the ideal playlist.

You can find the feature within the Your Library section of the Spotify app. Just hit the + icon at the top right, and you should see an option for AI Playlist as you can see from the screenshot below.

Spotify AI Playlist option in the Library tab in the app
Image Source: Spotify

Here, you will have to enter a prompt. In case you can’t think of one then Spotify will suggest some pre-curated prompts for you. You can also enter prompts to refine your playlist further. Like, “less romantic” or “more country music” and the AI will make changes accordingly. Once you are done, tap on the Create button to save the AI playlist to your Library.

Refine AI Playlist in sportify to further customize it
Image Source: Spotify

The feature is in its early stages and will only be available for Premium members on the app. It is only accessible in Australia, and the United Kingdom but may roll out soon to other regions. It will be coming to both, Android and iOS versions of the app.

This isn’t the first AI feature that we are seeing on the platform. Just last year, the company introduced an AI DJ. Spotify is supposedly also working on several other AI-powered features for its platform. This includes options to summarize podcasts and even read midroll ads in the voice of the host if required. Though I am a bit skeptical whenever a platform jumps on the AI bandwagon, I can find some practical use cases for the AI playlist feature.

What are your thoughts about this new addition, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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