All Palworld Tower Bosses In Order, Location & Weaknesses

In Short
  • In Palworld, there are six tower bosses, each with their own legendary pal, that you can defeat.
  • To defeat a tower boss, you must kill them within the assigned 10-minute time limit.
  • All Palworld tower bosses have separate weaknesses that you can take advantage of.

Even though you might think that Palworld is simply a game about exploring, catching pals, and gathering materials, it is much more than that. Besides the best Palworld breeding combinations, the game also includes a massive amount of challenges in the form of Tower Bosses. Armed with a strong and legendary Pal, there are a total of six bosses that drop different rewards when defeated. But it can be difficult to fight them in the pre-defined 10-minute timer. So, we are here to help.

Keep reading as we list all the tower bosses in Palworld in the exact order you should defeat them below. We will also highlight their weaknesses to make your job easier. So, with that, let’s begin.

1. Zoe & Grizzbolt (Tower Boss 1)

  • Coordinates: -106,-451
  • Travel Point: Tower of the Rayne Syndicate
  • Weaknesses: Ground Element Pals
  • Target: 30,550 HP in 10 minutes

Despite being the first boss to tackle in Palworld, Zoe & Grizzbolt cannot be defeated that easily. If you are below level 10, it is hard to fight Grizzbolt. We recommend you get to at least level 12 before you enter the Tower of Rayne Syndicate. Refer to the image below for help.

  • Zoe and Grizzbolt
  • Tower boss 1 location on map

Once inside, you will notice that Grizzbolt is an electric element pal. According to the Pal type chart, you can easily defeat it with some ground element Pals such as Gumoss or Rushoar. As your Pals will also be on a low level, try to take them back when Grizzbolt tries to use a critical damage ability on them. It will save them from dying instantly.

While you use your Pal to fight the boss, you can hide behind the pillar to dodge the damages dealt by Zoe and Grizzbolt.

2. Lily & Lyleen (Tower Boss 2)

  • Coordinates: 192,24
  • Travel Point: Tower of the Free Pal Alliance
  • Weaknesses: Fire element Pals and Fire attacks
  • Target: 69,375 HP in 10 minutes

Although Lily and Lyleen are level 25 tower bosses, we recommend you get to at least level 26 before entering the tower. Lyleen is a grass element Pal, which makes it easy to defeat if you play your fire cards well.

  • Lily and Lyleen
  • Tower boss 2 location on map

Unlike Grizzbolt, Lyleen can deal damage even through the pillars. So, hiding behind them is not as ideal. In my first fight against Lily and Lyleen, I used the Foxparks as a flamethrower, which made the fight easy enough. So I suggest sticking to fire element-type Pals.

Apart from some early Foxparks, if you use some breeding combinations, you can get a Kitsun or Ragnahawk that deals a ton of fire damage. You can also unlock and use the flame arrows against Lily and Lyleen, as it will deal cheap but effective fire damage. Since Lyleen is also slower, we would recommend that you and your Pal stay a fair distance away to confuse this tower boss.

3. Axel & Orserk (Tower Boss 3)

  • Coordinates: -574,-508
  • Travel Point: Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre
  • Weaknesses: Ground and Ice element Pals
  • Target: 130,700 HP in 10 minutes

While tower bosses 1 and 2 are on the main island, you must travel far west to the volcano to find the third one. You can find the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre on top of the volcanic mountains. Make sure you do not interact with any other Pals roaming the area before entering the tower, as they can take you down before you even enter the boss fight.

  • Axel and Orserk
  • Tower boss 3 location on map

Axel and Orserk can be a hard boss if you don’t have multiple element Pal. Orserk is an electric and dragon element Pal, which makes it weak against ground and ice elements-type pals. You can use Mammorest Cryst or Anubis to tank its heavy damage output.

Pals like Frostallion or Vanwyrm Cryst can also help, as they will fly while dealing damage. In such a case, make sure you do not come near Orserk at all. If need be, get yourself to at least level 40 and craft a single-shot rifle to defeat this tower boss in Palworld.

4. Marcus & Faleris (Tower Boss 4)

  • Coordinates: 563,332
  • Travel Point: Tower of the PIDF
  • Weaknesses: Water element Pals
  • Target: 146,975 HP in 10 minutes

Before you venture into the deserts on the east side to find the Tower of the PIDF, make sure you’re ready to play with fire. In tower 4 in Palworld, you will find Marcus and Faleris. Despite being just a fire-type Pal, Faleris is strong with its damage output. You would also want to have a Pal who can reach Faleris when trying to deal damage, as it will fly all the time.

  • Marcus and Faleris
  • Tower boss 4 location on map

Although the preferred level for Marcus and Faleris is 45, we recommend you enter the PIDF tower after at least level 46 or 47. We also recommend you get stronger water Pals with you in this fight.

Jormuntide, Suzaku Aqua, and Relaxaurus can tank Faleris while dealing tons of critical damage. You should also grab a Heat Resistant Metal Armor to deal with the effects of heat and fire. Stay ready with your take Pal button, as once Faleris stuns your Pal with an electric shock, it is hard for them to get out without your help.

5. Victor & Shadowbeak (Tower Boss 5)

  • Coordinates: -155,441
  • Travel Point: Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit
  • Weaknesses: Dragon element Pals
  • Target: 200,750 HP in 10 minutes

The last and hardest Palworld tower boss comes in the form of Victor and Shadowbeak, requiring a lot of damage and resiliency to beat. Do note that even if you’re level 50, there’s a chance you will lose this fight. Find the Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit in the Astral Mountains and get yourself a Cold Resistance Armor before entering it.

  • Victor and Shadowbeak
  • Tower boss 5 location on map

As Shadowbeak is a dark element, Pal, it will be easier for the dragon element Pals to defeat it. However, Shadowbeak can one-shot you or your Pals with some of its abilities regardless of how much health you possess.

That is why you must keep dodging in this scenario. You can also get a good shield that soaks in the initial hit of the big damage. Pals like Quivern, Astegon, or Jetragon can be the strongest against the Shadowbeak. You can also get a Shadowbeak and let them fight each other to see who wins the Civil War.

6. Saya & Selyne (Tower Boss 6)

  • Coordinates: -595,204
  • Travel Point: Moonflower Tower Entrance
  • Weaknesses: Dragon Element Pals
  • Target: 261,000 HP in 10 minutes
  • Saya and Selyne new tower boss Palworld Sakurajima DLC
  • Palworld Moonflower Tower location with coordinates

Selyne is a Dark and Normal element Pal. It is best to keep high-level Dragon Pals like Jetragon with you. As this is the Sakurajima update Tower Boss, getting to level 55 before entering Saya’s lair is highly recommended. Well, otherwise you might end up getting one shot.

Be careful of her beam attack as it can go through the pillars that you use for cover. Have some high-power weapons with you so that your Pals aren’t the only ones carrying the fight. You can also get Selyne from the meteorite event outside and take it with you for a crazy mirror fight.

These are all the tower bosses in Palworld, along with their locations and weaknesses. Now, it might get difficult initially, but use the intel above, and you’ll land on top. Which was the hardest boss to fight for you? Let us know in the comments down below.

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