How to Find and Catch Jetragon in Palworld

In Short
  • Jetragon is a ground legendary celestial dragon-type Pal that is also the strongest and fastest Pal in-game.
  • Find Jetragon roaming near Obsidian Mountain, close to yellow marks beside the volcanos at any time of the day.
  • To capture Jetragon, bring an ice-type Pal team, some legendary spheres, and guns to damage and capture it.

Paldeck entry #111, Jetragon is the fastest Pal from our best mounts in Palworld list. Although it is not the best Pal to work at your base, you would not want to miss out on the speed and damage it provides while you’re roaming around the islands of the game. Reading this, you might be tempted to get one for yourself. Well, we have already done the heavy lifting for you. So buckle up as we dive in for the ways to find and catch Jetragon in Palworld. With that, let’s begin!

Jetragon Location: Where to Find It

Before we begin, there is one important thing you should know. There is only one Jetragon found on the island of Palworld. You cannot breed other Pals using breeding combinations to get Jetragon either.

Rhis Pal spawns in a specific location on the map. Hence, if you lose your first battle, you can return to the same location with better equipment and fight it again.

  • Jetragon exact location coordinates in Palworld
  • Jetragon on the Obsidian Mountain

Jetragon is only found in the northern region on Volcanic Island, near the Obsidian Mountain. To get even more specific, the coordinates to find Jetragon in Palworld are -795,-323.

Once there, look for yellow sulfur marks near the small volcanos. This is where you will notice the legendary Jetragon roaming around. If you haven’t discovered the area of the map, refer to the images above to locate its exact position.

How to Catch Jetragon in Palworld

Once you’ve tracked down the Jetragon, it is time for your toughest challenge in Palworld. Unlike catching Anubis or Ragnahawk, this pal requires the most preparation to capture as it is a level 50 field alpha boss.

Jetragon facing Jetragon

While you can take on Jetragon in a fight, remember it can kill you instantly with any of its abilities. That is why we have some tips for you to help catch this legendary celestial dragon easily.

  • Use Ice Type Pals: To ensure an easy fight, you should go for some of the best ice element type Pals, such as a Frostallion. However, if you do not wish to use a legendary Pal against another legendary Pal, using Pals like Foxicle or Wumpo can also help.
  • Avoid Other Fights: Despite coming to Obsidian Mountain to capture a Jetragon, you might encounter other high-level Pals in the wild. Try to avoid them while you focus on catching this legendary Pal. Otherwise, you will be in a double trouble.
  • Stick to the basics: While you should come armed with missile launchers or an auto-rifle, do not forget to take heat-resistant armor and a high-level shield. As the shield protects you from burst damage, it will always be useful in such a burning condition. The armor will be useful as you travel to the heated Obsidian Mountain.
  • Legendary Spheres: Even if you have leveled up to the max and have a higher capture rate, you cannot capture legendary Pals that come with the Legend passive skill without a Legendary Pal Sphere. So, make sure you have at least 10-15 Legendary Pal Spheres with you while you go on to capture Jetragon.

If you are lucky enough or skilled enough, you will capture the Jetragon and unlock the potential to defeat enemies with ease. We hope our guide helps you capture this creature easily. What will be the first thing you do with a Jetragon? Let us know in the comments below!

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