How to Find, Catch, and Breed Astegon in Palworld

In Short
  • Astegon is a dragon dark element-type Pal with a lot of damage output and great mining ability.
  • In Palworld, you can find and catch Astegon near the Destroyed Mineshaft of Mount Obsidian or in Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3.
  • You can also add Astegon to your Palbox by using breeding combinations such as Shadowbeak and Relaxaurus.

Paldeck entry #98, Astegon is one of the strongest multi-element Pals in Palworld. It comes with dark and dragon-type abilities. Astegon also supports mining level 4, which lets you assign jobs to this Pal for faster mining. As a late-game Pal, Astegon can be difficult to tame, much like catching Jormuntide Ignis or Quivern, but it’s not impossible. So keep reading as we show you how to find and catch Astegon. We will also show you how to breed other Pals to get Astegon in Palworld.

Method 1: Find and Catch Astegon in Palworld

1. Astegon Location

There are two places where you can find an Astegon in Palworld. Below, we’ve mentioned the exact locations (along with coordinates) where you can find this deadly Pal. Check the images below for a better understanding.

  • Destroyed Mineshaft (-615,-427): The first place you can find Astegon is the Destroyed Mineshaft under Mount Obsidian. Once on the Volcanic Island, go to the Mount Obsidian Midpoint fast-travel and look for the lava pit near the mountain. Now, look for a mine entrance under the mountain. The Astegon inside the shaft will respawn if you defeat or capture it, as it is a level 48 alpha boss Pal.
  • Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3 (663,628): If you want to find a bulk of Astegons, head over to the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Go to the Deep Sand Dunes travel point and move towards the map’s eastern edge. Use some of the fastest mounts for swimming or flying in Palworld to get there.
  • Astegon Alpha Pal Boss Location
  • Destroyed Mineshaft entrance
  • Shadowbeak, Astegon Palworld location No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary

2. Tips to Catch Astegon

Once you locate Astegon in any of the aforementioned locations, try these tips to catch it faster:

  • Visit the Sanctuary during Night: Although you can find Astegon during the day and nighttime in Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3, there will be a lot of different Pals and PIDF guards. If they notice you around the place, you will get a wanted level, derailing everything. We advise heading there during the night to ensure the guards are asleep.
  • Make sure to level up: Astegon is a strong Pal that can vary from level 40-49. That’s why it is better to pursue the Pal after you hit at least level 45. Make sure you have enough firepower to fight it, too. We recommend using rocket launchers and ice grenades for high damage and stun capability.
  • Pal Spheres are your friend: Grab some Ultra or Legendary Pal Spheres to ensure Astegon does not escape when you try to capture it. Before trying to capture it, make sure it has under 10% HP of its maximum health. Try ice-type Pals like Frostallion or Chillet to take the big dark dragons down easily.
Jetragon fighting Astegon to catch after finding it

Method 2: Get Astegon from Breeding

You might not always prefer fighting the dark, mighty dragon. That is why there are some breeding combinations in Palworld that you can use. Using these breeding combinations will get you a Huge Dragon Egg or Huge Dark Egg that will eventually hatch into an Astegon.

We prefer you try to hatch the Huge Eggs (Dark or Dragon) found from the breeding combinations. If you hatch Huge Eggs found in other parts of the map, you might get other random dragon types or dark element Pals. To get an Astegon, try breeding combinations from the list below:

Those are the ways to find and catch or breed Astegon in Palworld. Astegon is a great Pal to work at your base as a miner. So, now that you know how to get an Astegon, what will be the first thing you will use it for? Let us know in the comments below.

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