Palworld Moonflower Tower Boss Guide: How to Defeat Saya and Selyne

In Short
  • The Palworld Sakurajima update has added the sixth tower boss called the Moonflower Tower boss Saya and Selyne.
  • Go to the Sakura Dancing Shrine inside Sakurajima island and locate the Moonflower Tower entrance on -595,204 coordinates.
  • Use Dragon element-type Pals or high-damage weapons to defeat Saya and Selyne.

While we have already defeated the majority of all Palworld tower bosses, the new Sakurajima update adds a new difficulty curve with the Moonflower Tower Boss. Even in the normal difficulty, Saya and Selyne are the strongest among all the tower bosses in Palworld. The sixth new Palworld tower boss will make you suffer if you do not prepare yourself. So if you’ve just dropped into the game, learn how to beat Saya and Selyne using our Moonflower Tower Boss Guide here.

Saya and Selyne: Moonflower Tower Location

  • Coordinates: -595,204
  • Travel Point: Moonflower Tower Entrance
  • Weaknesses: Dragon Element Pals
  • Target: 261,000 HP in 10 minutes
Palworld Moonflower Tower location with coordinates

Once in the Sakurajima island, head towards the mountain area in the middle. You will find the Sakura Dancing Shrine. Right beside the shrine, you will find the Moonflower Tower Boss Entrance. Make sure you are prepared before you enter the tower to encounter the boss. Want to know how to prepare and what are the best strategies? Keep reading.

How to Defeat Saya and Selyne: Tips and Strategy

Saya and Selyne new tower boss Palworld Sakurajima DLC

Although you can enter the tower at any given level in the game, we recommend you max out your player level as well as Pal level before entering the tower. Once you have maxed out your level, keep these points in mind so that you can easily defeat Saya and Selyne in Palworld:

  • Take Dragon-type Pals: Selyne is one of the strongest Pals in Palworld after the Sakurajima update. This means defeating her using Pals can be difficult. However, given she is a Dark and Normal element Pal, according to the Pal Type chart, using Dragon element Pals can be useful against her. We recommend Jetragon or Quivern.
  • Bring more firepower: As I said before, you will find it hard to fight against Saya and Selyne using just your Pals. That is why your best bet will be using heavy-damage weapons. You can use the Rocket Launcher and destroy Selyne faster. Another weapon that can be lethal against Saya and Selyne is the grenade. Unlike other bosses, she stays idle most times so it is easier to hit her with timed burst damage.
  • Count on your Friends: Last but definitely not least is going inside the tower alongside your friends. Yes, if you are not doing a solo campaign, we always recommend taking on the Moonflower Tower boss together with your friends. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

And that is how you can beat the Moonflower Tower bosses Saya and Selyne in Palworld. Have you encountered them yet? Tell us in the comments below.

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