How to Get Crude Oil in Palworld

In Short
  • Crude Oil is one of the most important late-game items in Palworld thanks to its importance in making Plasteel and crafting top-tier armor, shields, and weapons.
  • Players can get Crude Oil in Palworld by building crude oil extractors, raiding oil strong, and hunting crude oil pals.
  • Moreover, Syndicate Thugs, Junkyards, and Supply Crates can offer a little oily bonus.

The new Palworld Sakurajima update has brought about a lot of new possibilities in the form of new resources. One such resource is Crude Oil, an essential material that lets you craft different items. If you’ve just dropped onto the game and want to learn how to make it, this one’s for you. So with that, let’s begin learning how to get Crude Oil in Palworld.

1. Using the Crude Oil Extractor

The best way to get Crude Oil in Palworld without stressing too much is by making and using a Crude Oil Extractor. You can unlock them from your technology tab after reaching level 50.

Find active Oil Extraction mounds around the map and build Crude Oil Extractors using 250 Pal Metal Ingots and 50 Circuit Boards. Once you place them properly, build a Power generator using 50 Ingots and 20 Electric organs to run the Crude Oil Extractor.

Crude Oil Extractor use in Palworld

However, do note that Crude Oil Extractors can only be placed over an active oil field. Thankfully, there are a lot of Crude Oil Extractor locations all around the map.

This way you can get a lot of Crude Oil without fighting enemies or looting for countless hours. Build multiple bases around the map to get a significant amount of Crude Oil. Just make sure your generator keeps running. You will need a level 3 or 4 Electricity Work Suitability Pal at your base to do so.

2. Raid and Loot Oil Rig Stronghold

Although extractors are the safest and most secure way to get Crude Oil, some adventurers might not want to be pacifists. That is why there is a new Oil Rig Stronghold that will guarantee more than 100 Crude Oil when you raid it.

But do be aware, there’s danger ahead. There are plenty of level 55 Syndicate Thugs who will try their best you don’t come back alive. You will also encounter many machinery here that you can manually disable.

Oil Rig Fight Palworld

You can go to the Oil Rig Stronghold from the south of the Marsh Island travel point. We recommend you take your best Pals along with a lot of weapons. The place is built for co-op so it will be better if you go there with your friends.

Once you infiltrate the stronghold, you will find treasure chests that have a minimum chance of Crude Oil drop. However, there are big golden loot boxes that can guarantee more than 100 Crude Oil along with other expensive resources.

Other Ways to Get Crude Oil in Palworld

  • Defeat Syndicate Thugs: Syndicate thugs roaming around the island can be a good source of different loot. Although Crude Oil is not a guaranteed resource from them, if you are lucky, you might get it.
  • Loot Supply Crates and Junkyards: The new Supply crate drops are a good source of Crude Oil. The amount can be less but in most of the Supply crates, more than 10 Crude Oil is common. Junkyards on the other hand is easy-to-find and if you are lucky, you can find Crude Oil in them.
  • Crude Oil Pals: Apart from all the ways, you can also kill or capture Pals that contain Crude Oil. Kikit is a common Pal that you can find around the shores of Sakurajima Island. They have a rare chance of dropping Crude Oil. Sootseer on the other hand has a high chance of dropping Crude Oil. You can find them during the nighttime near Sakurajima Island Graveyard.

Palworld Crude Oil Uses and Items Crafted

Crude Oil is one of the most important late-game items in Palworld. Especially with new levels, you can get upgraded weapons, armor, and more thanks to the Palworld Sakurajima update (review).

One of the must-craft items using Crude Oil is the Plasteel which helps you get a plethora of weapons like a Laser Rifle Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Gatling Gun, Guided Missile Launcher, Cold Food Box, Heat Resistant/Cold Resistant Plasteel Armor and more. Even the Ultimate Pal Sphere requires Plasteel in Palworld.

On top of that, Crude Oil also helps you make Flamethrower Fuel, Frag Grenade Mk2, and Missile Ammo. So be sure to get as much Crude Oil in Palworld as you can.

Have you started farming Crude Oil in Palworld yet? Which one of the methods are you using to get it? Tell us in the comments below.

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