10 Best Breeding Combinations in Palworld

One of the best things about Palworld is the level of customization it grants players. However, besides all that you’ve already done in-game, did you know you can even create your own breeding combinations in Palworld? That’s right! However, rather than just combining random Pals, you will need a set of them to create the best Pal. To help you with that, we have scoured the game and listed the best Palworld breeding combinations so you can have some of the strongest Pals. With that, let’s begin!

10. Leezpunk + Flambelle

Leezpunk + Flambelle = Leezpunk Ignis

One of the important reasons why you need the breeding system is because you cannot get certain types of pals without breeding. That is why if you combine Leezpunk and Flambelle, you will get Leezpunk Ignis.

This is one of the easiest early-game breeding combinations, as both parents are easy to find in the early game. You will find Leezpunk from the Pal raid on your base. On the other hand, you can find common and scorching eggs and hatch them to get Flambelle.

Leezpunk Ignis comes with a partner skill that helps you find nearby dungeons. Great for the early game grind with this Palworld breeding combination!

9. Mossanda + Rayhound

Mossanda and Rayhound breeding combination gives Grizzbolt

If you have already encountered the Grizzbolt tower boss, you will notice that it is impossible to catch it. However, you can get Grizzbolt from the breeding station easily. You will have to use Mossanda and Rayhound as parents to get Grizzbolt.

Luckily, you will find Mossanda in the central island area, near Bamboo Groves. In the same place, you will find Beegrade too. You can breed Beegrade and Ragnahawk to get Rayhound in the early game. You can also find Rayhound on the northeast side of the map.

Grizzbolt is a great pal to have in your arsenal. If you mount them, you can use a minigun from their shoulder. Grizzbolt also helps you with work around your base as it comes with Handiwork Level 2, Electricity Level 4, Transporting Level 3, and Lumbering Level 2.

8. Relaxaurus + Grizzbolt

Relaxaurus + Grizzbolt = Orserk

While you have a Grizzbolt already in your base, make sure you also breed one of the most useful pals in Palworld. If you use the breeding combo of Relaxaurus and Grizzbolt in Palworld, you will get an Orserk.

Orserk is an electric and dragon element pal. It can help you around the base pretty well as it comes with Handiwork Lv. 2, Transporting Lv. 3, and Electricity Lv. 4. However, if you use Orserk in battle, it has an exclusive ability called Kerauno that deals 100 damage from level 1.

You can combine Ragnahawk and Grizzbolt to get Relaxaurus. You can also find it near close to the central-left side of the map.

7. Relaxaurus + Suzaku

Relaxaurus and Suzaku breeding combination will give Astegon

Another useful pal you can get from Relaxaurus is Astegon. Astegon comes as a boss on level 48 at the Destroyed Mineshaft location from the left part of the map. So, getting it without reaching that high level can always be a huge advantage.

Astegon helps you with Mining Lv. 4, which is a useful skill for faster mining in the advanced stages. To get an Astegon, you will need to combine Relaxaurus with a Suzaku. You can find Suzaku in the desert area on the northeast part of the map. They are easily located, so finding them will not be a tough job once you make your way to the deserts.

6. Ragnahawk + Killamari

Ragnahawk + Killamari = Kitsun

Although this breeding combination is not for the strongest pal in Palworld, it can be a game changer in the early stages. Now, if you are struggling to fight early-level boss pals, then you must get a Kitsun. It comes with many fire-type abilities that deal a lot of damage while having dark dark-type elements in its arsenal. As it is one of the nocturnal pals, it is better to breed it rather than waste your time finding it.

You can use the breeding combination of Ragnahawk and Killamari to get Kitsun in Palworld. Both Ragnahawk and Killamari are easy to get in the early stages. You can find common dark eggs or visit dungeons to get Killamari. Ragnahawk can be found from the uncommon scorching eggs.

5. Kitsun + Astegon

Kitsun and Astegon breeding combination gives Shadowbeak

As we mentioned Kitsun and Astegon above, you know how to get them in Palworld from breeding combinations. However, you can breed these two to get another strong dark-type pal. Shadowbeak is one of the pals only appearing on the Wildlife Sanctuary island on the map’s eastern edge.

So, if you already got your hands on Kitsun and Astegon, use this breeding combination to receive Shadowbeak. Although Shadowbeak is not great for base works, it is strong while at your party. The Pal already comes with huge dark-type damage output.

Moreover, if you mount Shadowbeak using a saddle, your dark-type abilities will deal additional damage.

4. Ragnahawk + Tombat

Ragnahawk + Tombat = Anubis

Despite being two of the easy-to-get pals in Palworld, Ragnahawk and Tombat can make one of the most useful pals in Palworld. If you use the breeding combination of Ragnahawk and Tombat, you will get Anubis.

Anubis comes with Handiwork Lv. 4, Transporting Lv. 2, and Mining Lv. 3. This makes it one of the most useful base pals. Moreover, you get the Guardian of the Desert partner skill when using Anubis in the battle. This adds additional ground-type damage to your normal attacks.

It is one of the pals that you unlock as a boss on level 47 near the central island sand locations. You can also get Anubis from huge rocky eggs. However, as these methods can eat up a lot of time as you wander around, you can breed Ragnahawk and Tombat by then.

3. Ragnahawk + Anubis

Ragnahawk + Anubis = Wumpo Botan

As soon as you get Anubis, do not hesitate to breed it with Ragnahawk for a Wumpu Botan. Wumpu Botan helps you with one of the most useful partner skills in the mid-game. If you are moving your base in Palworld then you can use Wumpu Botan’s partner skill to increase your max carrying capacity.

This is a great skill to use if you have not spent skill points on weight while enhancing stats. It also helps you with Transporting Lv. 4, Lumbering Lv. 3, Handiwork Lv. 2, and Planting Lv. 1 while working in the base.

Wumpu Botan unlocks at level 38 near the beach to the west of the Eastern Wild Island. As it appears as an Alpha Boss, it is hard to capture it without a couple of wasted Pal Spheres. It is also found in the Wildlife Sanctuary island on the map’s western edge. That is why breeding Wumpu Botan is an easy option.

2. Vanwyrm + Anubis

Breeding combination of Vanwyrm and Anubis gives Faleris

While you have the Anubis in your hand, make sure you try this breeding combination to get another useful base worker pal. If you breed Vanwyrm and Anubis in Palworld, you get Faleris. As the Faleris are found only in the Wildlife Sanctuary island on the map’s eastern edge, it is hard to get your hands on them. So, breeding is a much faster and safer choice.

Faleris is decent at fighting enemies with a good damage output. However, it comes with a good flying stamina bar while you are traveling on it. On top of the flying capabilities, it provides great skills when you assign it jobs. Faleris comes with a Transporting Lv. 3 and Kindling Lv. 3. Additionally, if you are using Faleris against ice pals, they will drop more items when defeated.

While you already know how to Anubis from the above-mentioned details, Vanwyrm might be a new pal you encounter. You can find Vanwyrm in the southwest region of the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster travel point. Vanwyrm is also available in any type of scorched egg found in Palworld or near the volcanic region of Mount Obsidian Midpoint travel point.

1. Helzephyr + Frostallion

Helzephyr and Frostallion bredding combination gives Frostallion noct

Frostallion Noct is the strongest nocturnal pal in Palworld. As you can only hatch it from the huge dark eggs, the breeding combination is your only way to get it. You can combine Helzephyr and Frostallion to get a Frostallion Noct. This is the only combination that can get you this pal.

To get a default Frostallion, you will have to travel to the east of the Land of Absolute Zero travel point. Once there, go to the coordinates -357, 508, and you will find a Level 50 Frostallion. You can also hatch huge frost eggs to find Frostallion. To get Helzephyr, you can hatch large dark eggs or simply wander around the central islands at night.

The Frostallion Noct comes with a better flying capability. This will help you roam around the map faster. You can also use Frostallion Noct in battles as it possesses great damage output, or mount it and deal additional dark-type damage. Frostallion Noct learns up to four types of abilities such as ground, dark, fire, and ice. It also helps you at base with a Gathering level 4 skill.

Other Cool Palworld Breeding Combos

While the best breeding combinations will give you good pals to use in any situation, some breeding combinations look cool and come with different elements. These combinations will get you some of the best pals, who are similar to their parent 1 by looks but also hold type change based on parent 2.

Try these combinations to get variety in your existing pal collection. Below is the list of the best cool breeding combinations in Palworld:

  • Kingpaca + Reindrix = Kingpaca Cryst
  • Eikthyrdeer + Hangyu = Eikthyrdeer Terra
  • Broncherry + Fuack = Broncherry Aqua
  • Lyleen + Menasting = Lyleen Noct
  • Mammorest + Wumpo = Mammorest Cryst
  • Mossanda + Grizzbolt = Mossanda Lux
  • Relaxaurus + Sparkit = Relaxaurus Lux
  • Robinquill + Fuddler = Robinquill Terra
  • Suzaku + Jormuntide = Suzaku Aqua
  • Vanwyrm + Foxcicle = Vanwyrm Cryst

And, that was our list of best and cool pal breeding combinations for Palworld. Do let us know which combination is your favorite in the comments below.

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