Palworld Shroomer Location and How to Catch

In Short
  • Daytime in Sakurajima's mushroom biome brings out Shroomer, while Shroomer Noct appears at night.
  • A Fire-type Pal will make quick work of weakening these mushroom Pals.
  • Use either an Ultimate or Legendary Pal Sphere to secure your new Shroomer friend.

Do you want to fill your Paldeck with more cute Pals? Paldeck no. 116, Shroomer could be your next adorable Pal. And, if you are a fan of Darkness, there is a Shroomer Noct version as well. In this guide, learn about the location of Shroomer and Shroomer Noct, and how to catch them in Palworld.

Shroomer Location in Palworld

The only place where you can find a Shroomer is in the mushroom biome in Sakurajima island. If you have not unlocked any travel point near this, go to Ice Wind Island first. From here, go towards the northwest region and cross the water. You can do this using Jetragon or any of the fastest mount Pals in Palworld. Once there, you will find many Shroomers.

Shroomer Habitat and locations in Palworld

Shroomer Noct Location in Palworld

If you are part of the night cult, then Shroomer Noct will be ideal for you. Unlike the docile Shroomers, these nocturnal versions can get violent when you are nearby. Shroomer Noct is found in the exact area of the mushroom biome of Sakurajima island. However, you can only encounter them during the night.

Shroomer Noct Habitat and locations in Palworld

How to Catch Shroomer and Shroomer Noct in Palworld

  • Tips and tricks to catch Shroomer in Palworld
  • Tips and tricks to catch Shroomer Noct in Palworld

Although the type of Shroomer and Shroomer Noct is the same, the catching experience for each can be different. Here are some tips you should remember:

  • Both have different catching chances: You will need a different Pal sphere for Shroomer and the Noct version. While the docile one can be captured using the Legendary Pal sphere, on the Noct version it takes a lot of tries. It is better to use the Ultimate Pal sphere for Shroomer Noct.
  • Shroomer Noct is aggressive: Shroomer is quite shy and runs away from players. You can easily defeat it as it tries to avoid fighting. On the other hand, Shroomer Noct will start attacking as soon as it spots you. Make sure you have good armor ready to tackle this adorable fierce creature.
  • Use Fire Type Pal against both: While Shroomer Noct is a Dark Type Pal, both of them have a common Grass Type in them. This makes both of them vulnerable against Fire Type Pals. You can use Blazamaut or Ragnahawk to easily defeat both.

That is how you can find and catch both Shroomer and Shroomer Noct in Palworld. Have captured both of them? Tell us in the comments below.

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