Where to Find Huge Eggs in Palworld

In Short
  • Huge eggs in Palworld are used to get the best Pals in-game.
  • These items are randomly scattered and found in high-altitude areas, high peaks, or hidden on a ledge.
  • You can find nine different element types of huge eggs in Palworld.

Palworld is a game focused on various creatures and creating the best breeding combinations to acquire them. An important part of this process is eggs. Scattered around the game are eggs of all sizes, including huge ones. Bigger in size and rarer to find, huge eggs in Palworld provide some of the best Pals out there. If you chance upon a huge dragon egg, who knows what you might get? Naturally, we are talking heavy hitters here. If you’re in the market to get yourself huge eggs, you’re at the right place. So, without further ado, let’s talk about where to find huge eggs in Palworld.

Palworld: Where to Find Huge Eggs

Now, unfortunately, let’s get one thing out of the way first. Unlike learning how to get leather, Pal Fluids, or even milk in Palworld, huge eggs are randomly scattered throughout the game map. This naturally means you are forced to explore the large island yourself. However, not all is lost, as there is a general spawn rule for these items in-game.

A Huge egg from Palworld

Huge eggs are found in high-altitude areas, on rocky surfaces, behind walls, or even in open areas in secluded places. So the best thing you can do is head on over to these areas and pray that your RNG luck shines through.

Getting a huge egg through breeding

Once you do find a huge egg, you can hatch it to find some of the best Pals available in the game. Depending on the egg, you will get different types of Pals in-game. Alternatively, breeding provides a huge Pal egg if two relevant Pals are at a breeding farm.

Possible Locations to Find Huge Eggs in Palworld

While it is true that the eggs spawn randomly, it doesn’t mean that we cannot suggest some good particular spots for them. Below, you will find some general coordinates with higher chances of getting huge eggs. Of course, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the item immediately. However, in our case, we’ve found multiple huge eggs at these places numerous times.

Ruined Fortress City-628, -327
Deep Bamboo Thicket-314, -215
One of the eastern isles423, -178
Snowy Mountains-61, 401
Snowy Mountain Fork96, 1

Palworld Huge Eggs Types

There are numerous types of huge eggs available in-game. Depending on their locations, their element type and pattern also change. Here are the different types of huge eggs in Palworld that you can find, along with the type of Pals they drop:

  • Huge Scorching Egg: Fire element-type Pal.
  • Huge Damp Egg: Water element-type Pal.
  • Huge Verdant Egg: Grass element-type Pal.
  • Huge Frozen Egg: Frozen element-type Pal.
  • Huge Electric Egg: Electric element-type Pal.
  • Huge Rocky Egg: Earth element-type Pal.
  • Huge Dark Egg: Dark element-type Pal.
  • Huge Dragon Egg: Dragon element-type Pal.
  • Huge Common Egg: Common Pal.

You’ll find most of these eggs at specific biomes around the map. For example, a scorching egg will mostly stay in the warmer lava areas of the map. Similarly, you’ll find the frozen eggs in the snowy areas. Depending on your needs, we suggest visiting specific element-type biomes to track down the eggs.

We hope you get to collect as many huge eggs in Palworld through our guide. Did you spot more particular areas to find these eggs? Let us know in the comments below.

How do I hatch the egg I’ve collected?

To hatch the egg, you need an egg incubator at your base. Once you have an egg incubator, place your egg and let it sit. Once the egg has completed incubation, you can hatch and receive your Pal.

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