Palworld Type Chart: All Pal Element Strengths and Weaknesses

In Short
  • In Palworld, pal types and elements are very similar to Pokemon types.
  • There are nine types of elements in Palworld, and each has its strengths & weaknesses.
  • Fire-type pals are the only types to be strong against two elements, while neutral isn't strong against any type

Want to dive deeper into the world of Palworld? Similar to Pokemon, your pals come with a unique elemental type attached to them in Palworld. These designated elements or types decide which pal type they are strong or weak against. Knowing these details can help you out in battle, and for that reason, we have compiled all the details about Palworld pal types, along with their strengths and weaknesses in a chart below.

Palworld Types Chart: All Elements Explained

The elements will help you understand which element or type of pal you should summon to defeat pals with other element types. Below is the basic overview from Palworld developer Pocketpair that helps you understand all the elements or types of pals. There are nine elements you will notice in the game. So make sure you know all of them to understand your pals better.

Pal Types Overview chart
Image Courtesy: Pocketpair

Unlike Pokemon, in Palworld, the pals are strong and weak against only one type. Fire type is the only exception. Although the neutral type is not strong against any type, they are quite useful for building or mining tasks.

Palworld Types: Element Strength & Weakness

Just knowing the elements or types of pals in Palworld is not enough. That is why we have penned down all the elements they are strong and weak against in the chart below:

Element NameElement IconStrong AgainstWeak Against
NeutralNeutral ElementN/ADark
FirePalworld  Fire TypeGrass
WaterPalworld Water TypeFireElectric
IceIce TypeDragonFire
DragonDragon ElementDarkIce
DarkDark ElementNeutralDragon
GroundGround TypeElectricGrass
GrassGrass TypeGroundFire
ElectricPalworld Electric TypeWaterGround

As you can notice in the chart above, every type of pal has strengths and weaknesses. However, the neutral type is the worst of them all to bring along in battles. You can make any type of pal stronger but having elemental supremacy can give you a huge advantage when duking it out with other pals. That is why it is important to have all nine types of pal in your palsphere.

That is all you need to know about pal types and elements in Palworld. As the game reaches its final shape, we might see more elements being added to the game. What is your favorite type of pal? Tell us in the comments section.

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