How to Find and Catch Anubis in Palworld

In Short
  • Anubis is a ground element-type Pal that is one of the strongest Pals in-game.
  • You can find Anubis roaming the Twilight Dunes, near its own statue, at any time of the day.
  • To capture Anubis, bring a grass-type Pal team, some legendary spheres, and guns to damage and capture it.

Anubis is probably one of the best Pals in Palworld. This two-legged amphibian is considered one of the strongest out of all the Pal in the game. So, having one in your squad means you have an upper hand against enemies. If that sounds enticing and you want to catch an Anubis as well, then you’re at the right place. Follow this guide as we teach you how to find and catch Anubis in Palworld.

As per the game’s lore, Anubis was once revered as an idol. Over time, however, this Pal became hostile. Anubis is a ground type Pal in Palworld, sitting at the 100th position in the Paldeck. Also, Anubis looks eerily similar to Lucario from Pokemon. It gives you a large Pal soul for upgrading your Pals upon capture and an innovative technical manual.

Anubis Location in Palworld: Where to Find It

Before we begin, there is one important thing you should know. There is only one Anubis found throughout the island of Palworld. This Pal never respawns in any other portion of the map. Hence, if you lose your first battle, you can return to the same location with better equipment and fight it again.

  • The location of Anubis on the map
  • The statue of Anubis at the Sandy desert biome in Palworld

You can find Anubis roaming the desert area, the Twilight Dunes. To get even more specific, the coordinates to find Anubis in Palworld are (-135 X, -92 Y). Once there, try to identify a tall Anubis statue. That is your waypoint to the creature, as Anubis always walks around these parts of the map. If you haven’t discovered the area of the map, refer to the images above to locate its exact position.

How to Catch Anubis in Palworld

Getting an Anubis

Now that you’ve tracked down Anubis, it is time for your toughest challenge. Unlike Katress, Anubis requires a lot of preparation to capture in Palworld. In fact, given its rarity, this Pal has to be one of the hardest field alpha bosses you encounter in-game.

Anubis is a level 47 field boss. Of course, like every other Pal in-game, you can attempt to fight it head-on. However, in this case, we strongly advise against it. Here are some tips to consider before you try to fight and capture Pals like Anubis.

  • Match Anubis level: As mentioned, unlike other alpha field bosses, you cannot brute force your way through this fight. As such, we suggest reaching at least level 43 and above before you attempt to fight this Pal.
  • Get as many Legendary Pal Spheres as possible: Since Anubis is a slippery Pal to catch, it is highly recommended to bring along legendary Pal Spheres as they increase your chances of capturing it. Of course, Giga spheres are also a great alternative, but you’ll need tons of them to attempt to catch it.
  • Bring Grass-type Pals: Since Anubis is a ground-type Pal, it is weak against grass-type pals. So if you have grass-type Pals, bring them with you. We recommend Dionossom and Lifmunk.
  • Produce and carry guns: Fighting Anubis with arrows and spears is a death wish. Hence, try to research and find guns to deal some extra damage.

If everything goes as planned, and you deal high enough damage to the boss, you can capture and get yourself Anubis. Once done, it’ll join your party and your adventures in Palworld. If, by chance, you don’t want to carry it with you, you can always assign Pal jobs at the base. Anubis can transport, mine, and perform handiwork.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of fighting Anubis, you can breed two Pals to get it. This mechanism allows you to make multiple Anubis in your world, building a whole army in the process.

If you have a breeding farm at your base, you can capture a Bushi and Pengking and breed them to get yourself Anubis. Or, you can use Ragnahawk and Tombat for breeding. Even besides that, there are a lot of breeding combinations in Palworld.

That is how you catch Anubis in Palworld. We hope you enjoy this hard boss fight and flex on your friends with the Pal after capturing it. Do you know any other methods to capture Anubis? Let us know in the comments below.

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