How to Get Shadowbeak in Palworld

In Short
  • Shadowbeak is a dark element type Pal that comes with a lot of damage output and unique abilities.
  • In Palworld, you can only defeat Shadowbeak along with Victor. But to catch it, you will have to visit No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary island.
  • If you are not interested in high level fights, you can get Shadowbeak by breeding Kitsun and Astegon in a breeding farm.

Paldeck entry 107, Shadowbeak is one of the strongest Pals in Palworld. As Shadowbeak is not an alpha pal like Katress, it is hard to locate or capture. Your first encounter with Shadowbeak will be with the fifth tower boss (Victor). However, defeating it will not let you catch Shadowbeak. Hence, make sure you follow this guide to learn how to find and catch Shadowbeak or breed it.

Method 1: Catch Shadowbeak in Palworld

Before you start following the steps below, remember that Shadowbeak is a higher rarity Pal with strong damage output. Prepare your high-level Pals and venture ahead.

Find Shadowbeak: Location

Shadowbeak is a rare find in Palworld. You can only find this pal on the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary island. If you are new to the game, it is on the northeastern part of the map. Follow the coordinates (663, 628) to find the exact location of Shadowbeak. See the images below for reference.

Shadowbeak Palworld exact location

Tips to Catch Shadowbeak

Once there, you’ll notice only a few Shadowbeaks. As their rarity is higher, you will have to be lucky to spot one. In case you do spot one, remember these key points before attacking them:

  • Shadowbeak is a late-game Pal and to capture them you will need Hyper or higher level of Pal Spheres. Higher-level Spheres only offer better chances and do not guarantee a capture. So, keep trying with different Pal Spheres.
  • Bring a couple of dragon type Pals as dark type Pals are weak against them. You can use Pals like Quivern, Elphidran, and Jetragon. These Pals can be formidable opponents for the dark bird Pal.

Method 2: Get Shadowbeak from Breeding

If you are one of those players who do not want to travel far away from the main island, or just do not want any wild encounters, you can breed Shadowbeak at your base. To get a Shadowbeak from the Breeding Farm, you will need a Kitsun and an Astegon.

Kitsun and Astegon breeding combination gives Shadowbeak
Image Courtesy: Pocketpair

You can get yourself Kitsun from breeding common Pals like Tanzee and Nitewing or Gumoss and Mossanda. Once you have a Kitsun, you can travel to the Obsidian Mountain hill to catch the alpha Astegon, or you can try some breeding combos. One of the easier combinations you can use early in the game to get Astegon is Relaxaurus and Suzaku.

And that is how you can get the Shadowbeak in Palworld. As a strong late game Pal, Shadowbeak comes with a lot of damaging abilities. Capture it now and conquer Palworld.

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