10 Best Palworld Ore Farm Locations

Palworld is a world full of endless adventures and possibilities. Although the game revolves around the different types of Pals, survivability is a key to completing the game. However, throughout the game, some resources like ingot are a must but take forever to gather. To make ingots, you need to find and mine a lot of ores that spawn at specific locations in Palworld. Well, your struggle ends here as we have spent plenty of time inside Palworld to compile a list of the best ore farm locations, from worst to best. So, without further delay, jump right into it.

10. Behind Desolate Church

  • Desolate church ore farm location
  • Desolate church ore farm

Coordinates: (75, -400)

The first ore location on our list is very close to your first spawn. It is located behind the Desolate Church. You can fast-travel to the Desolate Church and go to the backside of the church to find this farm. If you are looking for the exact coordinates for this location, go to 75, -400.

Here you will find 6 ores to mine. This place is perfect for an early base location as you will also get a lot of wood and stones in the same spot. It is a good early game ore farm for anyone who does not want to encounter hard, wild Pals.

9. Waterfall of Sealed Realm

  • Seven ore near Vardash Sealed realm of the swift location
  • Seven ore near Vardash Sealed realm of the swift

Coordinates: (318, -32)

What is better than 6 ores? 7 right? That is exactly what you get in this location. While you are traveling near the Sealed Realm of the Swift travel point, you will notice a waterfall cliff near the small volcanic strip. Climb it to find a flat area with 7 ores in it. For the exact location, travel to 318, -32.

As you get 7 ores in here, this place is a little better than the Desolate Church ore farm. On top of that, you can find some coal nearby. As it is a cliff spot, building a mine base here will help you from various raiders.

8. Cliff by the Bridge

  • 8 ore near small settlement location
  • 8 ore near small settlement

Coordinates: (15, -518)

Another early game ore farm you can find in Palworld is located a bridge away from the Small Settlement travel point. Once you are in Small Settlement, look for the cliff nearby and travel towards the west cliffs. You will notice little thug bases all over these areas. Once you notice a thug base across the bridge, cross it, and on the left side, you will find this ore farm. For the exact spot, you can use the 15, -518 coordinates.

This place is great for building a mine base as it is surrounded by cliffs, woods, and a lot of stones. In this ore farm, you get 8 ores on one flat surface. You can also reach this place early on as it is closer to your initial spawn point. This ore farm location is the best place to build an early base if you want to progress in Palworld faster.

7. Ancient Civilization Ruins

  • Ancient civilization ruins 8 ore location
  • Ancient civilization ruins 8 ore

Coordinates: (-415, -613)

Volcanic Island is famous for its lava, hot mountains, and difficult wild Pals. However, one of the easiest ore farms you can find on Palworld is on this island, near the Ancient Civilization Ruins travel point. Unlock this fast travel by traveling around the beaches, and you will find this place right away in between the abandoned structures on -415, -613 coordinates.

You get 8 ores close to one another in this spot. All you need to do is wear your Tropical clothing and visit this ore farm. However, raids here can be an issue if you are unprepared for high-level enemies.

6. Volcanic Range by Blazamut

  • Volcano Obsidian mountain 8 ore location
  • Volcano Obsidian mountain 8 ore

Coordinates: (-538, -501)

While you are in the volcanic region near the Ancient Civilization Ruins, you can travel a little further up north to find another ore farm. After you cross the alpha pal Blazamut (Lv. 49), you will notice the ore farm on -538, -501. This is a good place to also find some good Pals for your breeding combinations.

This ore farm consists of 8 ores and is surrounded by lava. It will be a nice ore farming base to build for the lava, protecting you from raids. You will also have the backside covered by mountains. If you look around, you will also find some sulfur nearby.

5. Obsidian Mountain Top

  • Obsidian mountain 8 ore location
  • Obsidian mountain 8 ore

Coordinates: (-573, -351)

Although this ore farm is near the previous one, the location is pretty hard to locate. The best way to find this place is by following the coordinates -573, -351. I recommend you bring a flying mount by your side so that you do not suffer the climbing difficulties I faced with my Eikthyrdeer.

Consisting of 8 ores, this location will be great for a mining-specific base. As there are no fast travel points close by, building a Palbox here to set up a base will provide great value. Also, being in the volcanic region will ensure you find plenty of sulfur around.

4. Ore Obsidian Wall

  • Obsidian wall right corner 10 ore location
  • Obsidian mountain wall corner 10 ore

Coordinates: (-665, -302)

Our final recommendation for the Volcanic Island ore farms in Palworld must include this spot. Once you are in the Obsidian Mountains, look for the big walls and go further north until you reach a corner. You can also find this Obsidian wall corner by following these coordinates -665, -302.

You will notice 10 ores on a flat surface in this location. However, the place is heavily guarded by dark and fire element Pals. So, if you have advanced-level Pals to fight them, then only move your base to this location for ore mining. Despite being a farm with 10 ores, this location cannot be considered the best one in Palworld because of the difficulty of this region.

3. Fort Ruins

  • 8 Ore near Fort Ruins location
  • 8 Ore near Fort Ruins

Coordinates: (146, -397)

For the early game, this ore farm can be a game changer for you. If you are near the Desolate Church and have not unlocked the Fort Ruins travel point, then go to the east side. Once you are near the Fort Ruins travel point, locate 146, -397 to find a flat surface with 8 ores close by.

While this ore farm contains only 8 ores compared to 10 from the previous, protecting the base with cliffs is much easier. The ore farm is also covered with a lot of unbreakable stone that gives you some nice natural defense.

2. Hypocrite Hill

  • Hypocrite hill 9 ore location
  • Hypocrite hill 9 ore

Coordinates: (92, -270)

This ore farm is located in a place where you will get more ore without compensating your defenses. Located on the south side of Hypocrite Hill travel point on 92, -270 coordinates, this ore farm is in a great spot defensively.

Getting 9 ores is already a huge advantage, but on top of that, you get them pretty close to one another. This will make your Digtoise’s life easier to farm ores faster. You will also find decent mountain coverage for natural protection.

1. Ideal Farm of Investigator’s Fork

  • Investigator's fork 10 ore location
  • Investigator's fork 10 ore

Coordinates: (-243, -208)

At the top position by ore count, defensive advantage, and accessibility, we have Investigator’s Fork ore farm as the best ore farm in Palworld. Once you have unlocked the Investigator’s Fork travel point, go up the hill on your west side of the map, and on -243, -208 you will find the place.

There are 10 ores closer to each other, which is already a huge advantage if you are looking for an ore-specific base. Additionally, this place is located on the edge of the heal, so most of the angles of raids are covered. On the resources side, along with ores, you get plenty of trees and stones nearby that will provide you with endless wood, fiber, Paldium fragments, and stones.

So these were all the best locations to farm ore in Palworld. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mining Pals and dig into it. Do you know more ore locations with higher ore spawn rates? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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