All 24 New Pals Added in Palworld Sakurajima Update

The latest Sakurajima update for Palworld (review) brings a content explosion, adding a brand-new island, new bosses to conquer, and a fresh arsenal of weapons. But the real stars here are the Pals, a variety of adorable creatures you can befriend and add to your Palworld. Here is the complete list of 24 new Pals added to Palworld in the Sakurajima update.

All New Regular Pals in Palworld Sakurajima Update

With the new update, Palworld adds 14 new regular Pals, and you can learn about them below:

1. Selyne

Selyne in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 113
  • Type: Dark & Neutral
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv 3, Medicine Lv 3, Transporting Lv 3

The Moonflower Tower boss Selyne is a strong addition to the Pals list. Find them around the Meteorite when a Meteorite event happens.

2. Croajiro

Croajiro in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 114
  • Type: Water
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv 1, Transporting Lv 1, Watering Lv 1, Gathering Lv 1

A frog with a stick joined the Paldeck in Palworld with the new update. These aggressive frogs called Croajiro are available in many habitats near the water body.

3. Lullu

Lullu in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 115
  • Type: Grass
  • Skills: Planting Lv 2, Handiwork Lv 2, Madicine Lv 2, Gathering Lv 1

The adorable Lullu roams around the Moonflower Gardens. They can be friendly and amazing as a Pal for your base.

4. Shroomer

Shroomer in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 116
  • Type: Grass
  • Skills: Planting Lv 2, Handiwork Lv 1, Lumbering Lv 2, Gathering Lv 2

Only found in the Mushroom biome of Sakurajima island, Shroomer looks like a combination of Dinossom and Relaxaurus. Despite being docile, they can fight back when you engage.

5. Kikit

Kikit in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 117
  • Type: Ground
  • Skills: Mining Lv 1

The Kikit, a burrowing Ground-type Pal in Palworld, is a valuable early-game companion. While it can be elusive, this little critter provides Crude Oil, a key resource, when captured.

6. Sootseer

Sootseer in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 118
  • Type: Fire & Dark
  • Skills: Kindling Lv 3, Handiwork Lv 2, Gathering Lv 1, Mining Lv 2, Farming Lv 1

Sootseer is a new Pal in Palworld’s Sakurajima update and is a ghostly Dark/Fire-type creature. It hides in the Sakurajima cemetery at night, and its unique Partner Skill, Tomb Raider, passively produces Bones – a vital crafting ingredient.

7. Prixter

Prixter in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 119
  • Type: Ground & Dark
  • Skills: Lumbering Lv 3, Medicine Lv 1, Gathering Lv 1

A fearsome scorpion-like Pal, Prixter is added in Sakurajima who packs a punch with its Dark and Ground typing. Despite its tough exterior, this Pal can be a valuable friend, offering strong combat abilities and a talent for gathering wood.

8. Knocklem

Knocklem in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 120
  • Type: Ground
  • Skills: Transporting Lv 4, Gathering Lv 3, Mining Lv 3

Knocklem is a powerful Ground-type Pal found as an Alpha version in the game. This valuable companion excels at mining, gathering, and transporting, making it a workhorse for your crew.

9. Yakumo

Yakumo in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 121
  • Type: Neutral
  • Skills: Gathering Lv 2

Yakumo, a new canine Pal in Palworld’s Sakurajima update, is a neutral-type creature found on the central part of the island. Though typically solo, this feisty friend packs a punch, so be prepared for a fight before you can befriend it.

10. Dogen

Dogen in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 122
  • Type: Neutral
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv 3, Lumbering Lv 2, Medicine Lv 1, Transporting Lv 2, Gathering Lv 2

The peaceful dog-like Pal, Dogen in Palworld floats meditating on Sakurajima island. Encountered near shrines, these neutral creatures won’t attack but can be a challenge to catch due to their high level.

11. Dazemu

Dazemu in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 123
  • Type: Ground
  • Skills: Gathering Lv 2

The Dazemu Pal, a majestic bird found in the scorching deserts of Palworld, is a great early-game companion. While not the fiercest fighter, it can be ridden for faster travel across the sandy dunes.

12. Mimog

Mimog in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 124
  • Type: Neutral
  • Skills: Gathering Lv 1

Mimog is a must-have Pal in Palworld’s Sakurajima update. This sneaky creature disguises itself as a treasure chest, but don’t be fooled! Catching one takes strategy, as Mimogs are quick to flee when attacked.

13. Xenovader

Xenovader in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 125
  • Type: Dark
  • Skills: Lumbering Lv 2 Transporting Lv 2

Xenovader, a cool alien Pal from the Sakurajima update in Palworld, isn’t found in the wild. Instead, keep an eye out for meteorite crashes – this space critter might just emerge from the wreckage!

14. Xenogard

Xenogard in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 126
  • Type: Dragon
  • Skills: Mining Lv 3

A formidable dragon-type Pal, Xenogard is a rare Pal in Palworld. This extraterrestrial creature emerges from crashed meteors, making it a thrilling catch for Pal tamers and a valuable asset for mining resources.

New Fusion Pals in Palworld Sakurajima Update

Along with regular Pals, the game has also added 10 new fusion Pals. Find out more about them in the list below:

15. Goriat Terra

Gorirat Terra in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 49B
  • Type: Ground
  • Skills: Handiwork Lv 1, Transporting Lv 3, Mining Lv 2

The Ground type version of Gorirat is added in the new update. Be careful of these aggressive Gorirat Terra found in rocky and desert areas.

16. Chillet Ignis

Chillet Ignis in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 55B
  • Type: Fire & Dragon
  • Skills: Kinding Lv 2, Gathering Lv 1

The adorable new version of Chillet entered the game. Find these pink Fire-type Chillet Ignis in Palworld and melt in the Sakura-themed update.

17. Bushi Noct

Bushi Noct in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 72B
  • Type: Fire & Dark
  • Skills: Kindling Lv 2, Handiwork Lv 1, Lumbering Lv 3, Transporting Lv 2, Gathering Lv 1

Bushi Noct, the fiery counterpart to the classic Bushi, joins the Palworld roster in the Sakurajima update. While both wield samurai swords, Bushi Noct’s dark and fire type hints at a more aggressive fighting style.

18. Katress Ignis

Katress Ignis in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 75B
  • Type: Fire & Dark
  • Skills: Kindling Lv 2, Handiwork Lv 2, Medicine Lv 2, Transporting Lv 2

A fiery cousin to the well-known Katress, Katress Ignis brings scorching attacks and a love for spicy food to Palworld. This flame-wreathed pal boasts strong attacks and excels at tasks like gathering resources and crafting medicine, making it a valuable addition to any team.

19. Wixen Noct

Wixen Noct in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 76B
  • Type: Fire & Dark
  • Skills: Kindling Lv 2, Handiwork Lv 3, Transporting Lv 2

The Sakurajima update introduced Wixen Noct, a fiery-dark Pal with a mischievous streak. Unlike the classic Wixen, known for its culinary skills, Wixen Noct prefers a more savage diet and enjoys a good fight.

20. Quivern Botan

Quivern Botan in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 95B
  • Type: Grass & Dragon
  • Skills: Planting Lv 2, Handiwork Lv 2, Transporting Lv 3, Gathering Lv 2, Mining Lv 2

Sakurajima update introduces Quivern Botan, a grassy twist on the classic Quivern Pal. This peaceful dragon-grass type roams the region, a gentler alternative to its aggressive dragon counterpart.

21. Blazamut Ryu

Blazamut Ryu in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 96B
  • Type: Fire & Dragon
  • Skills: Kindling Lv 3, Mining Lv 4

The strongest Dragon Pal in Palworld, Blazamut Ryu joins as the new raid boss. Defeat it and find its egg to get a Blazamut Ryu. Just like the Fire-type Blazamut, it can be really hard to beat.

22. Helzephyr Lux

Helzephyr Lux in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 97B
  • Type: Electric & Dark
  • Skills: Transporting Lv 3, Electricity Lv 3

Helzephyr Lux is a thrilling new Pal introduced in Palworld’s Sakurajima update. This electric and dark type boasts a shocking evolution from the standard Helzephyr, offering a powerful mount and electrifying attacks.

23. Menasting Terra

Menasting Terra in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 99B
  • Type: Ground
  • Skills: Lumbering Lv 2 Mining Lv 3

While the standard Menasting is a valuable companion for mining, the real challenge lies in Sakurajima. Here, you’ll encounter the Alpha Menacing Terra, a much stronger version with a powerful Steel Scorpion attack.

24. Shroomer Noct

Shroomer Noct in Palworld
  • Paldeck no: 116B
  • Type: Grass & Dark
  • Skills: Planting Lv 2, Handiwork Lv 1, Lumbering Lv 2, Gathering Lv 2

Don’t be fooled by Shroomer’s goofy cousin, the lovable Shroomer Noct. This nocturnal variant is a fierce Dark-type Pal, lurking in the mushroom biome at night. Prepare for a fight, as Shroomer Noct will happily trade spores for scratches!

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