How to Find and Catch Ragnahawk in Palworld

In Short
  • Ragnahawk is a fire element pal that can fly and you can easily find it on Obsidian Mountain near the Beach of the Everlasting Summer travel point.
  • Alternatively, you can hatch large scorching eggs to get Ragnahawk or breed commonly found pals like Nitewing and Elizabee.
  • Ragnahawk comes with a partner skill that adds additional fire damage to your normal attacks when you are mounted on it.

Just like Katress, Ragnahawk is one of the many Pals roaming around Palworld. Ragnahawk is the 74th Pal on the Paldeck, and it is a flying fire-type Pal. There are a lot of things that make this Pal important for your progress. If you assign a job to Ragnahawk, it comes with Kindling Level 3 and Transporting Level 3 skills. Moreover, if you use Ragnahawk as a mount and use weapons, you will deal additional fire damage. However, finding Ragnahawk isn’t easy, so we are here to help. In this guide, let’s look at how you can catch this pal easily.

Ragnahawk Location in Palworld: Where to Find It

If you’re new to the game, then it might be hard to understand where you can find Ragnahawk from its name or looks. However, being a fire-type gives away its possible location to be somewhere near the fiery lands. Although it is not technically fire, you can find Ragnahawk on Obsidian Mountain near the Beach of the Everlasting Summer travel point.

As you can find more Ragnahawk around this area, the exact coordinates to find these flying pals are -828,-379.

Palworld Ragnahawk location on map

If you do not want to encounter a Ragnahawk and still want to have it in your arsenal, you can find Scorching Eggs around the map. A large scorching egg has a higher chance to hatch a Ragnahawk. Alternatively, you can breed Mossanda and Elizabee or Nitewing and Elizabee to get this pal.

This will save you a lot of time and travel. If you want even more new and exciting pals, there are a lot of breeding combinations in Palworld.

How to Catch a Ragnahawk in Palworld

Teafant fighting Ragnahawk

In case you chance upon Ragnahawk and want to catch it by defeating it, then keep reading. As you will have to travel to the volcanic islands where you might encounter an endless horde of fire-type high-level boss, here are some tips you must use to catch Ragnahawk:

  • Make sure you get a Tropical Outfit (Cloth 3, Flame Organ 2) to safeguard you against heat damage in Obsidian Mountain. It will allow you to stay on the volcanic mountain shores longer. As the heat damage is too much for your health bar, it is a step you must take before wandering around the obsidian beaches.
  • Being a high-level pal, Ragnahawk will not be an easy catch using Normal or Mega Pal Spheres. That is why we recommend carrying Giga or Hyper Pal Sphere with you while traveling to the west of the map. You can unlock a higher Pal Sphere by spending technology points and leveling up faster in Palworld.
  • Remember that Ragnahawk is not only a fire-type pal but also flies in the sky. So, if you think you can use your bat or baton to take it down, you are mistaken. One of the easiest ways to take down a Ragnahawk is to bring water-type pals with you while you use a musket or bow & arrow weapon. Even early pals like Teafant or Fuack can deal a lot of damage to Ragnahawk if they have a higher level.

Note: The Giga and Hyper Spheres come in yellow and red colors, respectively. Although they do not guarantee a capture, your chances of catching a pal will increase.

As someone who did not fight much and threw a couple of Giga Spheres to get Ragnahawk, I must say the RNG has to be in your favor. So, catch the Ragnahawk, hatch it from eggs, or breed it in your breeding farm. It will be a great addition to your party.

And that is how you can track down the location of Ragnahawk in Palworld and catch it. Use it for your base work, fights, or breed it to make Anubis. Do you know other ways to get a Ragnahawk? Let us know in the comments below!

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