Fastest Mounts in Palworld for Ground, Swimming, Flying & Gliding

In Short
  • Palworld includes four types of mounts that can help you travel faster across the islands.
  • Jetragon is the fastest flying mount while Hangyu Cryst is the best gliding mount in Palworld.
  • The fastest ground mount is Necromus and Jormuntide can help you swim across water faster.

In the world of Palworld, traveling fast makes your life so much easier. You can easily use fast travel points to travel across the island, but there are still some locations that are hard to reach without a mount. Although there are many different mounts in Palworld, not all of them are fast. Luckily, your search for the best mounts ends here. In this guide, we have listed all the fastest Pals in Palworld for all types of situations. So without further ado, let’s break down where these fastest mounts will come in handy.

Fastest Flying Mounts in Palworld

The best way to travel around Palworld locations is through flying on a Pal. Flying mounts help you cross water, tall mountains, volcanoes, or other difficult places without breaking a sweat. The fastest flying Pal you can mount in Palworld is Jetragon.

As the final alpha boss in Palworld, you must reach the end game to capture a Jetragon. To mount Jetragon, you will need a missile launcher that unlocks at level 50 in the technology tree.

Jetragon in Palworld

As Jetragon is hard to catch and even impossible to get from breeding in Palworld, you must use alternate flying Pals. Here are some early and mid-game flying Pals you can use:

  • Nitewing: You can get a Nitewing in the early game for flying purposes. Their saddle also unlocks at level 15, so riding them will not be a problem.
  • Ragnahawk: This Pal is also one of the fastest Pals in Palworld in terms of flying. You can unlock its saddle at level 37 and use it until you reach a further level. Thankfully, catching Ragnahawk is possible.
  • Faleris: Although Faleris is a hard-to-get Pal, it can significantly boost your flying speed. If you have captured one, unlock its saddle on level 38 and see the difference.

Fastest Ground Mounts in Palworld

Although flying is the best way to travel in Palworld, you will not start with flying Pals around in the game. As a traveler, you would want to mount on your Pal longer, and ground mounts are there for that. Unlike flying mounts, ground mounts do not lose their stamina frequently.

The fastest Pal as a ground mount in Palworld is Necromus. It has a huge stamina bar and speed while unlocking the triple jump. This helps you to climb places other ground mounts cannot reach. To mount Necromus, you must unlock its saddle at level 49 in the technology tree.


Necromus can be a difficult one to tame and more difficult to breed as it doesn’t have any breeding combos. If you don’t stumble upon this pal, these are a few ground mounts with a lesser speed and stamina you can try out:

  • Direhowl: The earliest mount saddle you can unlock in the game is for Direhowl at level 9. Although Direhowl is fast enough for the early stages, its stamina is low compared to other mounts in the game.
  • Eikthyrdeer: One of the ideal Pals you should use from ground mounting earlier in the game is Eikthyrdeer. It comes with a double jump and a dash forward, giving you improved swiftness compared to Direhowl. You can unlock an Eikthyrdeer saddle on level 12.
  • Pyrin: Before you reach the level of getting a Necromus, you should get a Pyrin. It has a speed boost and better stamina than any other ground mount. However, the Pyrin saddle unlocks at level 30.

Fastest Mounts for Swimming in Palworld

Despite which Pal you choose for mounting, venturing in water takes a lot of risk. Both ground and flying mount can run out of stamina in or above water, leading you to drop and lose health quickly. In such cases, water mounts are the best option as they will not lose any stamina in water.

As for the fastest swimming Pal in Palworld, it is undeniably Jormuntide. You will have to wait for later stages of the game as you can unlock its saddle on level 39 in the technology tree.

Fastest Palworld swiming mount Jormuntide

If you cannot wait for the later stages or find it difficult to spot and capture a Jormuntide, you can also get some early water Pals as a swimming mount.

  • Surfent: Surfent is one of the early Pals you can get in Palworld to use for swimming. Unlock the Surfent saddle on level 10 and start surfing.
  • Azurobe: Although Azurobe does not increase your speed that much, it will allow you to deal additional water-type damage on basic attacks. It is an improvement if you want to get a better water mount. Azurobe saddle unlocks on level 24.

Fastest Mounts for Gliding in Palworld

The debate of gliding not being a part of flying will always be a debate. However, gliding is faster than flying in Palworld if you have the elevation early on. Even if you can craft gliders, using Pals as gliding mounts can significantly boost the duration and speed.

The fastest gliding mount in Palworld is Hangyu Cryst. You can unlock the Hangyu Cryst’s Glove that helps you glide when Hangyu Cryst is in your party on level 31.

Hangyu Cryst

Although gliders are not much of use if you have good flying mounts, Hangyu Cryst gives you an additional burst of elevation when you jump from a place and use it. The stamina decreases and speed increases as time goes by. In case you have not captured one Hangyu Cryst yet, you can get these Pals as your gliding mount:

  • Celaray: As you can spot Celaray earlier in the game, you can use it instead of a default glider made in your workbench. You can unlock Celaray’s Gloves on level 7.
  • Galeclaw: Arguably the most useful glider Pal in Palworld, Galeclaw lets you shoot while using it as a glider. This makes Galeclaw’s Gloves very useful as you can unlock it at level 23.

So, these are all the best and fastest mounts in Palworld for ground, flying, swimming, or gliding. Have some other Pals in mind who can do the job better? Let us know in the comments.

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