How to Get Meteorite Fragment in Palworld

In Short
  • When the Meteorite event alert hits, check your map for the designated area and find the purple Meteorite.
  • These events often attract aggressive Pals and other enemies so clear them first.
  • After clearing the area, use a Pickaxe or Mining Pals to get Meteorite Fragments from the Meteorite in Palworld.

With the new update, Palworld has new weapons that are ideal for late-game fights. One such weapon the Meteor Launcher requires Meteorite Fragment to craft it. The Meteorite Fragment also gives huge Paldium Fragments once you use them in a crusher. This makes Meteorite Fragments a crucial resource in Palworld. So if you want to know how to get meteorite fragments in Palworld, keep reading to learn how to get it right here.

Palworld Meteorite Fragment Location

As of now, there are no particular locations for Meteorite Fragments in Palworld. However, you can still locate it if you follow some steps. As such, keep reading to learn how to get Meteorite Fragments in Palworld.

1. Look for Meteorite Event

The Meteorite event is a new addition to Palworld after the Sakurajima update (review). You will see an alert message on your screen saying “Meteorite descent in progress” at any given time, during the night or day. This random event drops either a Supply Crate or a Meteor.

Meteorite event Alert

2. Check the Meteorite Location

Once you see an alert, look towards the sky and you will notice a falling object nearing the land. Now, open your map. On the map, you will see a falling meteor sign. Go to this location and if it is not a supply crate, then voila! you have located a Meteorite in Palworld.

Meteorite location in Palworld

How to Get Meteorite Fragment in Palworld

After reaching the location, you will find a big purple Meteorite. But beware! Before you can even come closer, there will be enemies guarding this Meteorite. Moreover, Pals like Selyne, Xenogard, or Xenovader will appear along with it.

  • Meteor in Palworld
  • Meteorite Fragment in inventory

The best way to farm Meteorite Fragments in Palworld is by defeating the enemies near you first. Once they are defeated, use Pals like Digtoise or Anubis to farm the Meteorite Fragment fast. You can also use your Pickaxe. But, that might take forever to end the process. Provided you follow the steps above, you will easily be able to get Meteorite Fragments in Palworld!

And that is how you can find a Meteor location in Palworld and get Meteorite Fragments from it. Have you started collecting them yet? Tell us in the comments below.

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