12 Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone and iPad

Personal photos and videos are better kept hidden. And I guess most of us would agree with this statement– especially the ones who have to deal with a ton of private shots. Though the latest iOS versions offer several big and hidden features, I don’t think there’s an effective, built-in way to hide photos on iPhone. While you can move your private photos and videos to the Hidden Album in the Photos app on your iPhone, there’s no separate lock for the hidden album. Therefore, anyone who knows your iPhone’s passcode can bump into your private album, revealing all the secrets you have been trying to keep out of sight. But there is no need to be disheartened as this is where these 12 best photo vault apps for iPhone and iPad have a role to play.

1. Secret Photo Vault: Keepsafe

If you don’t want to settle for anything less than a feature-packed photo vault for iPhone and iPad, look no further than “Secret Photo Vault: Keepsafe”. What sets this app apart from others is the ability to deliver military-grade encryption. That means you can count on it to offer a trusted safeguard to your personal memories.

Secret Photo Vault: Keepsafe

Keepsafe has a pretty intuitive user interface that makes navigation a breeze. As for photo management, it has got the tools to let you organize your images in line with your needs. Moreover, it also offers a secure way to send images and also allows you to create shared albums to make sharing photos a more convenient affair.

Notably, Keepsafe provides a private cloud that can let you store up to 10, 000 items. For better storage management, it automatically compresses photos and saves originals to the cloud. And if you ever happen to delete any photos mistakenly, there is also a trash recovery to let you recover the accidentally deleted shots. Long story short, Keepsafe is fully equipped to be considered a top-notch photo vault for iOS.

Secure photo backupThe premium version is quite expensive
Full-screen and slideshow viewing
Private cloud
Trash recovery

Install: Free ($9.99/month for the pro version)

2. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

Simply put, Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe has got everything covered to let you keep your personal photos protected from unauthorized access. First and foremost, it offers a password-protected app entry to prevent anyone from bumping into your private album. The app supports pin lock and pattern/dot lock to let you choose the preferred method of securing your private album. Besides, it also provides a break-in report (photo +GPS) to let you find out the person who is trying to sneak into your photos.

Private Photo Vault - Pic Safe

In terms of photo management, Pic Safe has looked up to the mark to me with a range of essential features like the ability to create albums, import/export from photos, and iTunes syncing. What’s more, it also has a cool slideshow feature to let you view your photos in a better way.

What I love the most about this app is the built-in web browser that allows you to browse the web privately and download photos directly to the app. Overall, it’s one of the best photo vault apps for iOS thanks to a number of tools that work efficiently in safeguarding the private album.

Import/export photos from the Photos appUser-interface looks dull
iTunes syncing
Private web browser

Install: Free (premium version is available for $4.99)

3. Secret Photo Album – SA

Another feature-rich photo vault app that has caught my eye is “Secret Photo Album”. To ensure you have the needed flexibility to protect your private photos, the app lets you set both PIN code and Face/Touch ID. Thus, your encrypted photos will always have a shield to ward off unsolicited access. Even better, it also allows you to decoy PIN to hide your stuff smartly.

Secret Photo Album: Photo Lock Vault

Furthermore, Secret Album keeps the content of the app hidden in the multitasking mode. With the break-in alerts featuring intruders’ photos, it lets you keep a tab on the person who is trying to force his/her way into your private album. After three PIN fails, it automatically locks the screen to prevent cracking.

As the media player supports full screen, you will enjoy streaming your videos. Featuring a built-in camera, it allows you to shoot photos and videos so that they will remain secure. On top of all, Secret Album also comes with some really nice color themes and custom album covers to let you customize your album. Taking everything into account, it’s a fully equipped photo vault app for iPhone and iPad.

Protect your photos using PIN code, Touch ID/Face IDThe freemium version is very limited
Break-in alerts
Secure cloud backup
Built-in camera

Install: Free (Premium version is available for $7.99)

4. SPV – Safe Privacy Vault

If you are looking for a simple photo vault app that works reliably in offering the required shield to your photos and videos, Safe Privacy Vault could be a better choice. With the Face/Touch ID unlock, the app offers you full control over your hidden photos. Depending on your needs, you can create as many folders as you want to keep your images perfectly in sync.

SPV - Safe Privacy Vault

Another feature worth taking note of is the option to disguise the app as another app that can play a smart role in safeguarding your privacy. Thanks to the break-in alarm feature, Safe Privacy Vault also keeps you in the loop about the intruders with a timely alert along with the intruder’s photo.

Security aside, it provides a straightforward import from the photo library and automatically adapts to the dark or light theme. And yes, Safe Privacy Vault also allows you to capture images directly in the encrypted album so that you don’t have to worry about their protection.

If you are fond of customizing your favorite apps with custom icons, you would appreciate the option to change the app icon of this photo vault app. On top of all, it provides up to 100 GB of cloud storage so that you can store a ton of photos and videos. In a nutshell, Safe Privacy Vault is a safe bet when it comes to guarding your memories against unauthorized access.

Provides up to 100 GB of free cloud storage Lacks intuitive UI
Supports Face ID and Touch ID
Allows you to create unlimited photo albums
Easy migration of private photos

Install: Free ($4.99 for the full version)

5. Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

If you are on the lookout for a photo vault app that can let you manage your photos and videos with more flexibility, I would recommend you to check out “Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos”. Probably the best part of this app is the support for a wide range of file formats including jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, jpeg, mov, mp4, m4v, mpv, mp3, aiff, and wave.

Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

Notably, it’s also compatible with many document formats such as pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt, rtf, html, pages, keys, and numbers. So, whether you want to manage your photos/videos or take control of your documents, it’s more than capable to live up to the task. Oh yes, it looks like a classic calculator app that can go a long way in keeping your personal stuff away from the snooping eyes.

Based on your needs, you can create several folders/subfolders and keep them protected using a password. Thanks to the native browser, you can navigate through your files and download them directly in the app. Furthermore, there is also an option to USB import/export multiple files from/to iTunes File Sharing that can play a vital role in letting you manage your images. If you are a privacy-conscious person, there is a good chance that the decoy accounts feature that hides your privacy would appeal to your taste.

Supports several file formats The native browser looks outdated
Native web browser
USB import/export multiple files from/to iTunes File Sharing
Provides decoy accounts

Install: Free ($4.99 for the pro version)

6. Safe Lock – Secret Photo Album

To put it straight, Safe Lock is more than just a simple photo vault app. So, if you have set your sight on an app that can not only let you hide your photos and videos securely on your iPhone but also manage important documents, this one can fill up the void with ease. Notably, it supports GIFs so that you can create a secret album of all of your fun-loving animated images and keep them away from the prying eyes.

Safe Lock - Secret Photo Album

Safe Lock supports a variety of locks such as Touch ID, Face ID, dot lock,  passcode, and alphabetic. Therefore, you can choose the type of lock that fits your needs. Features like Wi-Fi file transfer, slideshow viewing, anti-theft break-in reports, and a secret camera with a zoom option make it a handy vault.

For seamless management of photos and videos, it offers support for multiple cloud services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Yandex. Disk, iCloud, and Box. Thus, you can easily export your files from cloud platforms. That’s not all, Safe Lock also lets you customize app icons for a personalized experience. To sum up, it’s a versatile photo vault designed to manage both photos/videos and documents.

Supports a variety of locksWi-Fi file transfer is comparatively slow
Wi-Fi file transfer
Allows you to customize app icons
Integrated with all the major cloud services

Install: Free ($1.99/month for the pro version)

7. Hide Photos Videos – Hide It Pro

Frankly speaking, Hide It Pro is what you should go for if you prefer to have more customization. The app lets you create unlimited photo and video albums so that you can keep everything in the right order. Depending on your needs, you can change the name of the photo albums and also tweak their thumbnails.

Hide Photos Video -Hide it Pro

One of my favorite features of this app is the ability to enable a disguise screen which allows you to disguise the app to prevent anyone from getting inside your personal photo albums. With secure cloud storage, it ensures your entire memories remain safe and accessible across devices.

Another notable feature that deserves a mention is the option to export files with the help of USB export, which comes in handy when you want to back up your data to a computer with ease. Automatic locking plays a vital role in preventing unauthorized access to your private photo albums. Not to mention, the escape unlocks code feature that makes the app empty in case someone discovers it is no less impressive from a security perspective.

Built-in photo viewerBulk photo transfer is slow-moving
Handy video player
Option to escape unlock code
Automatic locking

Install: Free ($7.99 for cloud storage)

8. Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

While Vault may not be the most feature-rich photo vault for iOS, it’s second to none when it comes to protecting your personal images and videos. The app features a clutter-free interface that makes sure you don’t have to go through a steep learning curve. You can import photos in bulk and use the efficient folder management feature to keep all of your images in the Apple pie order.

Vault - Hide photos & videos

Better still, Vault also offers you the option to immediately encrypt the newly captured images so that they will remain safeguarded right from the beginning. Furthermore, you can save your photos to the app directly from the web and take advantage of the private cloud to keep your photos safe.

That aside, it has also got the much-needed break-in alert functionality to keep you alerted about the intrusion. If someone tries to get into the app, it automatically captures the image of the intruder. Hence, you can easily find out who was trying to sneak into your personal photos. As it disguises itself as a camera showing a picture capturing interface, anyone will find it a bit difficult to discover your secrets.

Clutter-free interfaceAlbum customization is very basic
Bulk photos and videos import
Private cloud space
Automatically captures the photo of the intruder

Install: Free ($2.99/month for version)

9. Calculator# Hide Photos Videos (NS Vault)

Looking at the icon of  NS Vault, anyone can easily believe that it’s a full-fledged calculator app designed to help you sort out your Maths. And that’s probably the biggest plus point of this photo vault. The app has a secure gallery wherein you can store your photos and use the essential organizing tools to keep them in the desired order.

Calculator# Hide Photos Videos (NS Vault)

What’s more, NS Vault also works as an effective platform where you can store all of your confidential notes. So, if you need a photo vault app that can also keep all of your sensitive notes safeguarded, you should give it serious consideration. As for multitasking, you can use it to manage your passwords, create to-dos and reminders, and also browse the web privately.

Another feature that makes it a worthy contender is the option to store audio recordings and conversations. Again, this feature can come in really handy if you want to protect your personal conversation with a trusted shield. With the Dropbox backup at hand, it ensures your locked data remains guarded and also accessible across devices. Moreover, it supports Wi-Fi transfer from Mac, PC, or other devices.

Built-in web browser Old-fashioned design
Native password manage
To-dos and reminders
Integrated with Dropbox

Install: Free ($4.99/year for premium features)

10. Secret Photo Vault – SPV

Secret Photo Vault is more than just a simple photo vault app for iOS and iPadOS. Aside from letting you hide your private images and videos in a secret album protected by a PIN passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID, it also allows you to store your contact information and passwords. Although this app can’t replace your fully-featured contact or password, you can count on it to keep some of your personal contacts organized and manage some sensitive codes without any hassle.

Secret Photo Vault - SPV

Better still, Secret Photo Vault comes with a private browser to let you browse the web with complete peace of mind. Since the integrated browser does not store your history, you won’t have to worry about erasing your browsing history. For all being a multi-purpose app, Secret Photo Vault doesn’t deviate from simplicity. Hence, you will not find it complicated, unlike many other versatile photo vault apps. The app has a clean interface and offers an easy way to create folders. Plus, it preserves the original quality of your photos and videos so that they continue to look impressive.

Pretty neat photo managementThe integrated browser is less efficient
Option to manage contact information
Store and manage passwords
Integrated browser

Install: Free (Premium version starts at $2.99)

11. PV – Secret Photo Album

PV is a modern photo vault app with all the essential tools to let you hide and manage your photos and videos with the desired control. You can use it to shield your private photos with a passcode, Touch ID, and data transfer encryption. More importantly, the app also provides much-needed free unlimited storage to let you securely store your photos and recover them as and when the need arrives. With the seamless backup, you don’t have to bother about losing your private images.

12 Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone and iPad

As for photo management, PV has got a variety of tools to live up to the task. You can create several photo albums to keep all of your images neatly organized. For a more personalized experience, it allows you to set a customize album cover and even add notes so that you do not forget important points. Thanks to tags, it’s pretty easy to organize and find images.

One of the highlights of this photo vault app is the slideshow viewing that lets you relive memorable moments. Since it offers a basic photo editor, you won’t have to look anywhere else for enhancing your images. While PV photo vault is available for free, you will need to upgrade to the pro version for seamless cloud syncing and Wi-Fi transfer functionality.

Set customized album cover The photo editor is basic
Built-in photo editor
Cloud sync
Wi-Fi transfer

Install: Free ($2.99/month for the pro version)

12. Converter- Hide Photo Vault

Last but not least, Converter promises to be your go-to destination for storing and managing all of your photos and videos. What’s more, it can also become your secure location for keeping your personal documents and managing them with the desired control. Whether it’s your holiday photos, party videos, bank cards, or driver’s license, the app offers you the necessary tools to manage everything that matters to you.

Safe Space - Hide photos vault

This locked photo vault allows you to safeguard your photo and documents using a password. The on-device encryption further boosts the security aspect of your files. Moving to the User interface, it sports a pretty neat look. To keep your images and documents in the Apple pie order, you can easily create folders. While it provides limited folder customization, you may not have much to complain about, especially if a simplified experience is what you are looking for.

Clean interfaceLimited customization
Simple photo storage and management
Neat document management
On-device encryption

Install: Free ($15 for the full version)

So, that ends this roundup of the best photo vault apps for iOS. Hopefully, you have found a better way to keep your private album safeguarded. With a variety of locks and the flexibility to manage photo albums to your heart’s liking, these vaults do a great job of shielding your privacy. Moreover, some of them can also serve as a handy password and document manager which can further tighten up the privacy of your iPhone.

In case you wish to hide an app, make sure to visit our dedicated guide on to hide apps on an iPhone and iPad. By the way, which one of these photo vaults is going to be installed on your iOS device? I guess it’s the one that excels in playing the disguise game, isn’t it?

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