how to make Folders on iPhone

How to Make Folders on iPhone

While some apps help us perform the most important tasks of our day-to-day life, there are many apps that we only use rarely. And well, it often gets difficult to keep track of installed applications on your iPhone as they accumulate randomly on the home screen. It is not always feasible to delete apps on your iPhone to declutter the home screen as some apps are not needed frequently, but you might use them every once in a while. So, a smart idea is to create app folders on your iPhone to avoid scrolling through multiple screens to find the app you wish to use. You can create multiple folders and name them as per your preference to declutter your iPhone home screen. Keep reading to know how you can organize apps on your iPhone using folders.

How to Create Folders & Organize Apps on iPhone

Creating app folders on your iPhone will make it easy for you to access important apps and organize your iPhone’s home screen. Here’s how it works:

1. Press and hold an empty space on your iPhone home screen until the app icons start to shake.

make folders on iPhone

2. Now, drag an app and hold it over another app to create an “App Folder” containing both apps.

make folders on iPhone

3. Next, drag and place any app you want in the created folder.

make folders on iPhone

4. Once you have added all the preferred apps to the folder, tap “Done” at the top right corner of your screen.

create folder on iPhone

Note: Your iPhone, in many instances, will automatically name the folder depending on the nature of the apps you add to it.

How to Remove an App from a Folder

So you have successfully created an app folder on your iPhone but have accidentally added the wrong app to it. Worry not, as you can easily remove an app from the folder. Below, we have shown you how –

1. Tap on the created app folder to open it.

remove an app from folder on iPhone

2. Long-press and hold the “App” you want to remove.

3. Drag the app outside the folder and place it on your home screen.

remove an app from folder on iPhone

4. Now, tap “Done” at the top right corner.

remove an app from folder on iPhone

And that’s it. You have successfully removed an app from a folder on your iPhone.

How to Rename App Folders on iPhone

As stated above, your iPhone automatically names the app folder for you. But when you add apps meant for different purposes to the same folder, the iPhone simply names it Folder. You can follow the steps below to give your folder a name or change the existing name.

1. Press and hold the app folder you want to rename on your iPhone.

rename folders on iPhone

2. Tap “Rename” from the list of options in the pop-up window.

rename folders on iPhone

3. Now, enter your preferred name for the folder.

rename folders on iPhone

4. Next, tap anywhere on your home screen to close the folder.

5. Finally, tap “Done” at the top-right to save changes.

rename folders on iPhone

How to Delete App Folders on iPhone

There can be instances when you don’t need the particular app folder anymore or want the apps in the folder to appear individually on your iPhone home screen. Well, you can easily delete an app folder on your iPhone. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Touch and hold the app folder on your iPhone homescreen.

Delete app folders on iPhone

2. Tap the “Remove Folder” option from the pop-up menu.

Delete app folders on iPhone

3. Now, tap “Remove from Home Screen” to confirm your action.

Delete app folders on iPhone

And that’s how you can delete a folder on your iPhone. However, this will remove the folder and the apps will not be displayed on the home screen. Instead, they will be added to the app library. But, if you want to delete an app folder and want the apps to stay on the home screen, follow the steps below:

1. Tap on the app folder to open it.

Delete app folders on iPhone

2. Touch and hold the apps one at a time and drag them out of the folder.

3. Once the folder is empty, it will automatically get deleted.

Delete app folders on iPhone

4. Tap “Done” at the top right when finished.

Delete app folders on iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to move apps on your iPhone?

Press and hold the app to move and place it anywhere on the home screen.

How do I create a new folder on my iPhone?

You simply need to drag an app over another app to create a folder on your iPhone. You can refer o our article above for the detailed process.

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