5 Best Team Compositions for Clove in Valorant

Despite the power Valorant Agents pack (see tier list), they won’t perform up to their full potential unless paired with the right team. This naturally applies to every agent, including Clove, the newest addition to the Valorant Agent roster. While Clove’s abilities pack a lot of power, they need the right partners. Well, in this guide, let’s talk about the best team compositions for Clove so your team may always win the engagements.

Note that not all of these compositions are ideal for every Valorant map, so keep rotating the comps according to the maps you play.

1. Clove, Viper, Gekko, Raze, Killjoy

We start the list with a team composition that will get you through almost any ranked game. This comp will specifically work if you are playing the Icebox, Ascent, or Sunset maps.

We already know how Gekko’s Wingman dominates the current Valorant meta. Adding that to a fast-pushing Raze with a primary controller in Viper can be great to pair with Clove’s abilities.

Killjoy and Turret
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

On the defensive, Killjoy can hold a site for a good chunk of time until the retake situation appears. Once you’re in such a scenario, Clove’s entry with Gekko’s abilities can do wonders. Even if Clove dies, their post-death smokes will provide enough value for the retake. Keep in mind that Icebox needs good mid-control, and Clove smokes with Killjoy turret can be the ideal combination.

2. Clove, Skye, Jett, Raze, Astra

Speaking of the retake meta, this team composition goes great with Clove. Astra can be your primary controller if you are playing a slightly complex map like Lotus.

Astra Clove in Team Composition
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

With a controller like Astra, you can combine Clove’s meddle and Raze’s paint shells for some quick frags. Remember to play the flex controller and be in the frontline with your Raze.

However, this team composition with Clove might lack a bit defensively, so we’d recommend you prefer a retake instead of an early and heavy defence. As you will not have a sentinel on the team, Astra, Skye, and Raze’s utilities will have to delay the plant for as long as possible.

However, even if the plant goes through, a retake is possible when you combine it with so many smokes, Astra’s and Clove’s ultimate.

3. Clove, Harbor, Gekko, Cypher, Jett

While I don’t recommend a team composition where Clove is not with Raze, we will make an exception here. The only reason for that is because Jett is superior in Breeze over Raze. So, if you are playing this map, I highly recommend going with this team.

Cypher with a ghost in hand
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

You play Harbor as the primary controller, and as a Clove, you try to be the flex of the team. When Jett enters the site, you take more control and wait for the Harbor walls to go down. Your smokes will waste the opponent’s time even more.

Furthermore, we stick with Gekko as the initiator because he’s just too overpowered to be stopped. Having a Cypher is also the best sentinel in big maps like Breeze. With your defense also sorted, try this team composition the next time you play Clove.

4. Clove, Omen, Cypher, Raze, Gekko

Split is another map where Cypher can be a great defense with a perfect balance if you’re playing Clove. So, if you’re playing this map, getting Omen and Raze along with Cypher and Gekko can do wonders as a Clove main.

Gekko Omen Clove can make great Team Composition
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

From testing Clove’s abilities early, it was noticeable that they go great with Raze’s paint shell and Gekko’s moshpit. As such, a small map like Split with tiny entry points will do a great job.

However, note that this team composition for Clove is not as good on defense as its attacking promise. But it is a great composition if your team stays alive for a retake and you push for a spike together. As the Valorant meta revolves around retake, Clove’s post-death abilities will obviously provide a great solution to this.

5. Clove, Raze, Jett, Skye, Yoru

This team composition is from the Radiant lobbies and is quite the if, buts, and maybes. You can go for this Clove composition on any map if your team is full of cracked aimers. Players will get three strong entry duelists along with almost duelist initiator and controller.

Yoru in Valorant
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

As confirmed to me in the Riot dev interview, Clove is an agent meant for aggression. So, combining them with other aggressive agents can get you great value in terms of quick rounds.

You can swap Skye with an Omen for more site control, but the former will get your better flash and information so that you get more kills. While this isn’t the best team composition in Valorant, it will definitely be an exciting one if you try it out in your next game with your teammates.

Bonus Clove Composition: Play All Controllers

Before we end, we have one last treat for you. So hear me out first. For a long time, Valorant players have dreamed of going all out with an all-controller composition. Sadly, Viper and Harbor were so similar that players would not like to play them even for fun. However, with Clove’s entry, an ideal all-controller team composition looks much more promising.

You can always surprise your opponents with Clove, Viper, Brimstone, Astra, and Omen. As Omen already provides flexibility and Clove somehow replaces Reyna, this comp will hit hard. Just don’t expect a lot of wins (probably).

That concludes our list of the best team compositions that include Clove in Valorant. Which one is your favorite? Do you know a better one? Share it with us in the comments below.

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