How to Unlock Clove in Valorant

In Short
  • Valorant's newest Controller, Clove, lands in the game on March 26!
  • You can unlock Clove instantly with 1,000 Valorant Points or gain 200,000 XP to recruit them from the Agent Recruitment Event.
  • If you miss the event, buy them later using 8,000 Kingdom Credits, while Xbox Game Pass users get access to Clove as soon as they are released.

After a week of teasers and a reveal trailer, Clove finally arrives in Valorant. Embracing the power of immortality, Clove is ready to fill your lobbies with butterflies. The new agent comes with so many aggressive abilities that you will be tempted to insta-lock them from the agent selection screen. But before you can snap them in your game, you will have to unlock the agent first. Let’s make that easier for you by showing you how to unlock Clove in Valorant from this guide.

1. Unlock Clove with Valorant Points (VP)

One of the easiest but costliest ways to unlock agents in Valorant is using the VP or Valorant Points. As soon as the update for Clove goes live, you can unlock them from the agent shop. To do so, go to your “Agents” section and click on Clove. Once there, select the VP icon.

You need 1,000 VP (Valorant Points) to unlock Clove in Valorant. It is better to keep your Valorant Points purchased beforehand from the VP section or by redeeming gift cards. Once done, you will have Clove locked in and ready to go.

Unlock Clove using VP

2. Complete Agent Recruitment Event

Being a free-to-play game, Valorant always allows players to unlock new agents without paying anything. So, if you want to unlock Clove for free, you must complete the Agent Recruitment Event. During this event, you must play any Valorant game mode and earn a total of 200,000 XP to unlock the agent.

Once you collect the required XP, you will notice a “Recruit” option to get access to Clove in your agent pool. The event runs for a month, so get XP fast in Valorant and use that to unlock Clove.

Clove agent recruitment unlock

3. Use Kingdom Credits

In case you miss the recruitment event period but still don’t want to spend your Valorant Points, you can still unlock Clove. For that, you will need some Kingdom Credits (or Points). Once the Agent Recruitment Event is over, go to the “Agents” tab and select Clove.

Use the KC option from the menu and purchase Clove. You will need 8,000 Kingdom Credits to unlock Clove in Valorant. Earn Kingdom Credits by playing dailies and completing other objectives.

Unlock Clove using Kingdom Credits

4. Get Clove with Xbox Game Pass

This one is for the Xbox Game Pass members who don’t need to worry about any of the above steps. Simply connect your Riot Games account to your Xbox account, and you will get access to all agents, including the new ones. You will also get to play Clove as soon as they are in the game.

Valorant agents free in Xbox Game Pass

These were all the methods for unlocking Clove in Valorant. Unlocking Clove first will get you access to Clove’s gear upon release. Are you excited to play Clove or try all the combinations of their abilities? Let us know in the comments below!

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