Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule (May 2024)

In Short
  • For May 2024, Pokemon GO players can capture a total of five Pokemon across four different Tuesdays.
  • The month began with Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, continued with Abra, and over the next two weeks we'll see Elygem and Mareanie.
  • During the spotlight hours, these Pokemon will frequently appear across the maps from 6 to 7PM local time. Players will also get bonus rewards.

One of the best aspects of Pokemon GO is its spotlight hour. The Niantic-made RPG ensures that certain Pokemon have a higher spawn rate during these times. As before, the game will pack a handful of spotlight hours for May 2024. Eager to catch the Pokemon that appear but don’t know the schedule? Well keep reading as I tell you the exact spotlight hour for Pokemon GO here!

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule and Bonuses (May 2024)

Pokemon GO May 2024 Spotlight Hours and Shiny appearances
Pokemon GO May 2024 Spotlight Hours appearances.

For the Pokemon GO May 2024 events, Niantic focused on packing a few Pokemon in the spotlight hour schedule. Here is the entire lineup for May 2024:

  • May 7: Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee (Spotlight Bonus: 2X candy for Pokemon transfer)
  • May 14: Abra (Spotlight Bonus: 2X Evolve XP)
  • May 21: Elgyem (Spotlight Bonus: 2X Catch Stardust)
  • May 28: Mareanie (Spotlight Bonus: 2x XP for Catching)

Spotlight ours for this month will happen every tuesday from 6 PM – 7 PM local time. As such, you have only an hour to capture these Pokemon and reap the benefits from the events.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Spawn Rate and Shiny Appearance

As I mentioned above, the spawn rate of the Pokemon mentioned above has an increased spawn rate of 60 minutes during these events. Unfortunately, the rate of shiny Pokemon won’t be boosted. Nonetheless, you should go out hunting with Incense as you’ll encounter more of these Pokemon.

What Is a Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO?

To put it simply, Pokemon GO gives players increased chances to capture a particular Pokemon through monthly spotlight hours. During this time, their spawn rate increases, frequently appearing all over the map. During this time, one Pokemon gets the limelight, allowing players to catch as many of them.

Furthermore, Spotlight Hours also brings in bonuses for playing the game. Sometimes, they are increased XP-boost. Other times, it is increased Stardust drop. The bonus keeps changing across each of these events.

We hope you know the exact Pokemon GO hour schedule. Once you’re done capturting these buddies, learn how to level up fast in Pokemon GO.

When is the next Pokemon GO spotlight hour?

The next Pokemon GO spotlight hour will be for Elgyem and go live on May 21, 2024. As before, this Pokemon will be available from 6 to 7PM as per your local time.

How often do Spotlight Hours occur in-game?

Spotlight Hours happen every month, on Tuesdays. This means players can always look forward to these events even if they skip one of them.

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