8 Best Tips & Tricks to Master Clove in Valorant

Clove, the 25th agent in Valorant, is a hyper-aggressive controller. While Clove comes with offensive and defensive abilities, their priority role lies in being on the front line. If you are a controller main who is tired of supporting fellow teammates for no win, it’s time for you to unlock Clove and get on the battlefield yourself. To help you in your journey to mastering Clove, we have compiled the best tips and tricks for the agent below. So, without wasting any time, let us jump right into it.

1. Be a Controller Reyna Using Pick-Me-Up

From the get-go, Clove was meant to be an aggressive death dweller. In an exclusive Beebom interview, agent Gameplay Designer at Riot Games, Dan Hardison said “Clove Is for You If You Feel Like You’re a Brave Player.”

To add to that narrative, players get to use Clove’s Pick-Me-Up ability after a kill or assist. This ability gives you overheal with a huge movement boost. Even though the ability stays temporarily, and you get only one charge, this greatly impacts you.

Clove using Pick me up

So, if you are an aggressive peeker or getting early kills, do not hesitate to take a fight and use this to become a controller Reyna. You can use it without looking at the dead body of the killed enemy, making it more efficient than Reyna’s Devour. The effect is also instant, so it will always have a dual advantage.

2. Utilize After Death Smokes

One of the highlights of Clove is their post-death smokes. This unique ability makes Clove one of the most important controllers for almost any team composition. So, if you are using the best Clove team compositions, do not forget to use the Ruse after death.

Clove Smokes after Death

Although you can use smoke before you die, using smokes after death can catch enemies off guard. The Ruse ability is also replenished every 30 seconds, which lets you be useful for the entire round, even after death. Remember that the tactical map to smoke after death is locked to one location.

3. Know the Perfect One Ways

While the one-way smoke goes for any other controller, we do not always recommend it. While most controllers are useful for their smokes, using them in one way is not always ideal. However, Clove is not your typical controller. They can contribute to the fight as a smoker even after death.

One way smoke Clove

This ties into using the one-way smokes regularly. Clove’s smokes also replenish every 30 seconds so it is also easier to one-way smoke and get it back after some time to use Ruse in a different location. Overall, we only recommend one-way with Clove and Omen because of their aggressive nature as controllers.

4. Combine Meddle for a Chunk of Kills

Although combining utilities for kills is an initiator’s job, Clove does not shy away from this category either. If you are playing Clove and have good AOE partners with Paint Shells, Moshpit, Shock Dart, or other abilities, throw Meddle before using them. While these abilities do little damage when they hit the enemies, this is where Meddle comes in.

Raze Clove combo kills

Since Meddle lowers the enemy’s HP by 90, this helps the abilities above produce a kill, even if it just catches the edge of their body. So make sure to practice the lineups with your Killjoy, Gekko, or Sova buddies and combine Meddle for a chunk of kills.

5. Be a Pistol Round Demon

Speaking of Meddle, did you know how strong Clove is in pistol and eco rounds? Meddle can instantly lower your enemy’s HP to almost ten if they are on half or no shields. So, if you are in eco or pistol rounds, buy Meddle and a classic. Now, if you hit the enemy with it, a classic will have the upper hand over any other gun they have.

Clove in pistol round

If you are not confident using Meddle but have an amazing aim, buy a combination of Pick-Me-Up and a Ghost. This way, you will easily have the highest armor in a pistol round over anyone else. Well, only if you get a kill or assist. You can use the best pro crosshairs to help you out on that.

6. Self-Revive Changes the Ending

When Riot decided to give self-revive to Clove instead of Sage, they were onto something. As an aggressive controller with a solid kill kit, Clove’s ultimate suits them perfectly. Using self-revive can help you in every situation.

As such, don’t forget to use it after you die. You can also cancel the animation of revive and move around as you require to position yourself better.

Self Revive abilities in Valorant with Clove ultimate

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you have one point left in your ultimate and you die, you will not be able to use it. It will add to your ultimate after the round ends. Also, if you are the last agent on your team without the spike on the plant, you will not have the option to revive.

7. Position Yourself Properly

Although we have mentioned in our best Valorant tips and tricks that movement is the key, things work a little differently for Clove. Similar to Brimstone, Clove also uses the tactical map to smoke. This requires you to stay in a position where you can reach as many smokable places as possible.

Even after death, your dead body’s location counts in the tactical map area. While this may sound weird, try to die in a more tactical place if you can.

Self Revive positioning

Pick-Me-Up also grants you haste that helps you move around faster. Using it correctly can help you peek and swing or reposition with better accuracy. Additionally, you get to move and cancel your self-revive animation. If you are not sharp with your movement, enemies will chase you down once you use it.

8. Know Your Playground

The last tip, but one of the most important, we can give you for Clove is to know your battlefield. While the new agent might feel overpowered, they aren’t suitable for all maps. Given the ability to smoke from a smaller range and the duration of the smoke, you should select Clove in smaller maps like Bind and Ascent.

Clove smoke tactical map

However, if you are playing with another controller on your team, maps like Sunset and Split can also be perfect. Just remember that as a Clove, holding back is not an option. So, keep the Valorant maps list in your mind and circle the above maps when you want to play Clove.

These were the best tips and tricks you should use as a Clove to become better in Valorant. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out, and let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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