Valorant Ascent Map Guide: Layout, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

In Short
  • Ascent is the classic three-lane layout map in Valorant that is heavily favored toward the defensive side.
  • Jett, Omen, and Killjoy are the ideal agents for this map while Sova can sit on B site with an Odin in hand.
  • Knowing important callouts like pizza, market, and catwalk can help you while playing Ascent.

Valorant strategies depend on the map selection and how you play it out. There are multiple maps that you can play in the competitive queue in Valorant, and Ascent is one of them. Ascent is also the most commonly picked map by professional teams. However, like any budding pro player, you need the best tips and tricks to play it better, just like our Lotus map guide. To help you with that, we’ve compiled a dedicated guide on the Valorant Ascent map. With that, let’s begin.

Valorant Ascent Map Overview

Ascent Release Date and Location

Riot launched Ascent with patch 1.0 as the official map on June 2, 2020. This was Valorant’s first official map after the beta maps like Spilt, Bind, and Haven. The map, according to Valorant’s lore, is based in Venice, Italy. Riot also mentions that the practice location, which is also known as The Range, is an extended island of Ascent.

Valorant Ascent Map

The idea behind the map was common to any other tactical shooter like CS:GO. The map contains three lanes, all connecting the attacker spawn and defender spawn to the A and B sites. Valorant made Ascent more basic than all the other maps in the roster.

That is one of the main reasons why more players like this map compared to other maps. It is easier to make plans on a simple map. But most of the new players forget if it is easier to make plans on a simple map, then it is easier to counter that too, and that is the purpose of balance Ascent serves in Valorant.

Valorant Ascent Minimap Layout Overview

As mentioned above, Ascent is a three-lane map. The attacker side spawn connects with B main on the left and A main on the right. After crossing the main on A site is easier to reach because of the lack of chokepoints and corners in the entry.

The mid is pretty simple as it connects defender spawn directly to the mid courtyard. However, the attackers need to rotate around mid-top to reach the catwalk or courtyard.

Ascent Map Full Overview

The catwalk leads to a tree that is connected to A garden, and the defender spawns along with a site. If you choose the other path then the courtyard goes towards the mid bottom with two cubbies on the left and right a corner called the pizza and the market. The market leads to the B site, and on the right, it connects to the defender spawn.

Overall, Ascent is a clean map with a lot of open-fight situations. The map design is easy to adapt to and easier to make plans on. The map also looks very aesthetic as it is based in Italy, so try not to get distracted by the beauty.

Valorant Ascent Map: Callouts

Let us have a look at the common and important callouts in the Ascent map in Valorant.

Ascent A Site Callouts

Starting with Ascent A site on Valorant, the map is divided into two parts.

  • A Main
  • A Peek
  • Wine
Ascent A main entry
  • A Switch
  • Tree
  • Generator
  • Hell
  • Heaven
  • Heaven pillar
  • Double box/ Tetris
  • Pillar
A site callouts Ascent

As mentioned in the images above, these are the most common and useful callouts in the Ascent map on Valorant.

Ascent Mid Site Callouts

The Mid callouts are pretty simple because the structures in the Ascent map are pretty basic, with the lack of actionable corners in Valorant. Starting with the attacker side of the mid, the callouts are:

  • Mid Cubby
  • Catwalk
  • Mid Top
  • Subroza
  • Courtyard
  • Screens
Mid callouts Ascent

The defender side of the mid is pretty limited in terms of gameplay in Ascent, which also makes the callouts pretty limited in the particular section of the map.

  • Market
  • CT Spawn Wall
  • Pizza
Mid entry Ascent

Ascent B Site Callouts

Ascent is very well known for the B site in the professional Valorant scene because it is a pretty strong defensive part of the map. That is why the callouts in Ascent B are divided into two major parts. The first part is the B entry section.

  • B Switch/ Button
  • Workshop
  • CT/ Spawn
  • Platform/ Market stairs
  • Market Doors
  • Wood/ Log cubby
B site entry for Ascent

The other part of the Ascent B site on Valorant is the plant area. The callouts in this area are:

  • Boathouse
  • Camp Pillar/ Long boxes
  • Triple Box/ Default
  • Stairs
  • Spam Box
  • Alley
B site Valorant Ascent

Best Agents for Ascent Map in Valorant

Now, before we go into the gameplay, let’s talk about the right agents for this Valorant map. Ascent is balanced on both sides for attackers and defenders. So when you are approaching agent selection any good hero can fit in this map. However, even then, Ascent has its strengths. That is why the most obvious picks will be Jett, Sova, Killjoy, Deadlock, and Omen.

  • Jett is one of the most obvious picks because Ascent has clean spots to use the operator, and thanks to her exceptional mobility, she can move from a location faster after a kill.
  • Sova can be really useful in terms of location on any map, but Ascent gives him the advantage of plastic walls, which are also known as spamming walls.
  • Killjoy and Deadlock are both great sentinels for the defensive side of action. However, we prefer both in the same composition. Ascent attack fast hit is common, so both these sentinels come with their aggressive and passive approach to the game in Valorant.
  • Last but not least is a controller, and we prefer Omen alongside all the other professional players for that. Omen is very agile and can move faster through the map. He can also provide cover and vision-blocking advantages along with his fast movement.

Best Ascent Map Tactics and Strategies

Remember that Ascent holds the record for the most defensive win rate within the Valorant map pool. So if players are struggling it is mostly because of the attacking strategies. Let us help you with that by discussing the best tips and tricks for strategories and tactics for this map.

1. Fast A split

Ascent map fast A split is a solid strategy for mid to average ranks in Valorant. The execution can be very simple. The goal of the attack is to make enemies who are playing on A site uncomfortable. The first objective is for the controller. He will smoke off the mid-entry and tree.

Now three attackers will go through the catwalk, pass the tree, and clear the site. The remaining two agents will join from A main after clearing A peek and wines. This attack strategy is one of team NRG’s favorite attacks where they use a similar pattern.

2. Mid-rush to B

Another similar fast-paced attack is mid-rush to B. For this attack, the controller will smoke off the mid cubby first. Now you have to go through mid with all your teammates till pizza. Now clear the market using the initiator’s abilities and smoke the CT wall with another smoke.

Mid to B rush on Ascent

You can breach the B site through the market and close the market door. This push is a popular one from North American professional playbooks.

3. Default and Peeks

This is a play on Default and Peeks. Ascent is a very fast map because of the balance of map structure and Valorant agents. To counter this you can play on default. This default is different from the traditional 2-1-2 where only one player plays the mid and often deals with multiple angles alone.

So make sure 1 player is on B main, 1 on screens or the B link, 1 on mid-top, and 2 on the A main. The objective will be only gathering information until you get a first kill. Getting a first kill on any location will mean that the enemies will start a rotation to fill that spot. You can weaken it by going on the other side faster and getting a site execution.

4. The Lurker Strat

Now this sounds out of the playbooks of any Valroant strategy but having a lurker on a map like Ascent can do wonders. The reason behind this is Ascent mentally prepares players to play on a default defensive setting which makes someone play alone on either B site or A site. If a passive lurker can exploit this space it can give an advantage to the attacking team with an early kill and a lot of space. This will also trick the enemies to decide on rotation or watching the flank.

These were our best tips to ace the Ascent attack. Now let us look at the defensive side of the strategies on Valorant’s Ascent map.

5. Killjoy B Defense

Now, a lot of you will be already familiar with the Killjoy various B site defense setup. This variation of setup can always catch the enemies off-guard without you even giving them your location.

Killjoy Setup on Valorant Ascent map B lane

The first setup is the double molly setup on the alley. This setup is very deadly for a fast B rush by the enemies. Just put your alarm bot on the entrance of B alley followed by the swarm grenades. You can also put your turret on the end of the alley This will fully secure a heavy B push.

6. Crossfires and Baitplays

A simple but very effective way to win a defense round is to bait your teammate. Yeah, you heard it right. Well, baiting might sound harsh but if you use the tactic properly and trade the kills for your teammate’s sacrifice then defense on Ascent is one of the easiest defenses in Valorant map strategies. However, make sure you always stay in the crossfire or double-peek a fight whenever you are engaging.

7. Sova Spam Defense

The main reason why we select Sova in the best Ascent agents category is that he can spot enemies anywhere on the map and spam them down. Most of the walls in Ascent are pieces of paper. So you can always shoot them and kill the enemies behind them with ease. This makes it difficult for any enemy to push any site without a proper plan. Otherwise, they will be gunned down by just one Sova odin spray.

And that was our dedicated map guide for the Ascent map in Valorant. No matter if you are a new player or a veteran, we hope you can find the next best strategy to use from here. Got more crucial information we should add? Let us know in the comments below!

Is Ascent attacker-sided or defender-sided?

Ascent is a defender-sided map. The defense looks more compact strategically and both sites are closer to defender spawn.

Who is the strongest controller in Valorant?

Omen is the strongest controller in Valorant. Brimstone is favored by a lot of players but due to his slow-paced gameplay, he is more defensive-minded. On the flipside, Omen can provide you the mobility and control on Ascent.

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