Valorant Agent 25 Clove: All Abilities Explained

In Short
  • Clove's cloud smoke ability Ruse can be cast before and after death, while their Meddle ability helps you decay enemies.
  • Casting the Pick-Me-Up ability instantly grants you health and overheal whenever you get a kill or damage enemies.
  • Clove's ultimate ability, Not Dead Yet is a self-revive feature that lets you come back to life for a certain period.
  • If you get a kill or assist after using self-revive, you can continue living else you die automatically.

The Episode 8 Act 2 of Valorant gets more interesting as the Scottish troublemaker Clove enters the battle. Clove is an aggressive controller that releases on March 26 (Tuesday), and they promise to make the enemies guess what comes next. Relying on death and immortality perks, Clove’s kit is capable of impacting a round even when they are in their grave. So, if you are excited to learn about Valorant’s 25th agent, here are all of Clove’s abilities explained.

Pick-Me-Up (C)

Pick-Me-Up Clover Ability
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Casting Pick-Me-Up will let Clove instantly absorb the life essence of a fallen enemy. This helps you gain health, including overheal. Although it is similar to the Devour skill of Reyna, Clove takes it up a notch and does the job in the blink of an eye. You can only absorb the health after killing or damaging an enemy.

The overheal stays for approximately 6 seconds and slowly fades away once the timer is over. You also gain haste during this effect which grants you faster movement. You will see a purple hue at the edges of the screen as well as on your hands when this ability is active.

Meddle (Q)

Clove decay abilities Meddle
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Clove grabs a fragment of immortality essence, as Riot likes to call it. Once thrown in a certain area, it explodes instantly and butterflies come out of it. After the explosion, enemies inside this area get affected by a decay effect for a temporary duration.

Meddle is not a typical decay ability that Viper or Killjoy possess. It stays up for approximately 5 seconds and can be thrown from a greater distance. It is more of an aggressive decay, unlike the other agents who already possess a decay ability.

Ruse (E)

Clove Ruse Ability Smokes
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

When you use Ruse, Clove opens up a tactical view of the battlefield similar to other controllers who use smokes. Select the locations on the map and Alt-Fire to drop clouds in the area of your choosing while in this view. The clouds fade away after 14 seconds.

But there’s a unique feature of smokes available to Clove in Valorant. Unlike other controllers, death does not stop Clove from being useful support.

Clove casts smoke abilities after death
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

They double down their sacrifice even from their grave by using Ruse. So, even if you are dead, you can cast Ruse and create cloud smokes, just in a similar way as you do while alive. There is visible difference between the color of the smokes cast before and after death.

Not Dead Yet (X)

Not Dead Yet
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

Clove embraces immortality as their ultimate. Once Clove is killed, they can cast the ultimate ability within a set duration; shown with a butterfly timer icon on your screen. Once cast, you will be able to move around for a bit in your ethereal form.

After you come back to life, getting a kill or assist is essential to staying alive and helping your team on the battlefield. If you miss out on that objective, Clove will die automatically.

Self-revive timer run out
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

While the ability kit of Clove seems interesting, I must say, it will bring a lot of possibilities for all controller players. As trading kills is common in tactical shooters, rushing in early and being the trade will not harm Clove players.

And that’s everything you should know about Clove, Valorant’s newest agent coming later this week. What do you think about their ability kit? Could they rank high on the best Valorant agents list? Do share with us in the comments.

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