Valorant Lotus Map Guide: Layout, Callouts, Tips & Tricks

Riot Games always goes all-in with its approach to new content, especially maps and agents. Before the approach on the Sunset map as a simple default setting, Valorant gave us a big and competitive map in Lotus. Although the map was more focused on aesthetics, the retained competitive approach was appreciated by the community. After some changes in the Episode 8 Act 1 update, Lotus feels more balanced than ever before. So, in this guide, we have covered the Lotus map in Valorant, complete with callouts, the agents you should play, and other tips & tricks.

Valorant Lotus Map Overview

Valorant’s 9th map, Lotus launched in January 2023 offering a unique Indian-inspired setting with jungles, rivers, and a central Lotus tree.

While sharing similarities with Haven as a three-site map, Lotus introduced innovative features like rotating doors on the A and C sites, a destructible wall on the B site (similar to squeaky in CS), and a silent drop on the A site. These elements, combined with the map’s intricate design, create dynamic and fast-paced gameplay, making Lotus a standout addition to Valorant.

Lotus full Map overview

Lotus is a spacious map favoring aggressive playstyles for both attackers and defenders. Its balanced design contributes to frequent comeback scenarios in professional Valorant matches. The map’s interconnected layout, featuring rotating doors and destructible walls, creates dynamic gameplay opportunities.

While the A site offers ample space, the B and C sites are smaller, presenting challenges for attackers. Overall, Lotus’s unique blend of complexity and balance makes it a compelling map for competitive play.

Valorant Lotus Map: Callouts

Let us have a look at the most common and important callouts in the Lotus map in Valorant. Follow the images we have attached below for a better understanding of the callouts:

Lotus A Site Callouts

A site in the Lotus map looks simple, with an easy-to-execute site and exits. With that being said, here are the important A site callouts in Sunset:

  • A Rubble
  • A Squeaky/ Cubby
  • A Cubby Box
  • A High Box
  • A Stairs
  • A Door
A main callouts default
  • Silent Drop
  • Double Box
  • A Default
  • A Pillar
  • A Tree
Lotus A callouts site

Lotus B Site Callouts

The Lotus B is a very important position on the map. The callouts in the Valorant map Lotus’ B are simple.

  • B Main
  • B Main Box
  • B Door
  • B Default Box
  • B Site
B Main Callouts new
  • A Link
  • B Platform
  • B Lower
  • B Upper
  • C Link
B site default callouts

Lotus C site Callouts

The C site in the Lotus map revolves around a giant pillar and great covers to defend well. The important callouts in the C site are:

  • C Mound
  • Platform
  • Waterfall
  • CT Box
  • CT/Upper
Lotus C Default Callouts

Best Agents for Lotus Map in Valorant

Lotus is a map with a lot of scenarios for duels. That being said, the key aspect of such duels is who wins at taking control. That is why you need a composition to give you better control and early kills.

So, here are all the agents that you should play on the Lotus map:

  • Raze
  • Omen
  • Viper
  • Breach
  • Cypher
  • Killjoy
  • Sova/ Gekko

The first agents that come to mind when we talk about taking control are Omen, Viper, and Breach in terms of support. Omen’s ability to teleport around on such a big map can be useful. Regarding first blood or early kills and taking control of a site as an aggressive duelist, Raze is the perfect pick for Lotus.

In such a big map with three sites, two things will never disappoint you. One is information, and another is info with defensive capabilities. Lotus is a map where Valorant’s information agents, like Cypher or Killjoy, can be their best.

They can provide proper information while being at an entirely different point on the map. This is a great add-on to already aggressive initiators and duelists. You can swap the Cypher or Killjoy with a Sova/ Gekko, depending on which agent you are comfortable with.

Best Valorant Lotus Map Tactics and Strategies

Lotus is a balanced map. It gives a fair fighting ground to both sides. One of the key things in Lotus is how you approach the map. Let us have a look at some cool strategies, tactics, tips & tricks on the Lotus map.

1. A Rush (Take A Control)

As we have said already, the A site is bigger than the other two sites in terms of planting space. This makes it easier for you to execute the plant. But that comes with some challenges, as enemies can put extra guns at A site defense. But do not worry. If you follow our agent list, that can guarantee you the easiest Valorant strategy for Lotus map, which is called the A Rush.

A Rush in Lotus

Ensure your initiators start with their utilities to take control of the A main outside of the A lobby. Smoke off the stairs and cubby. Now, rush the tree through doors with two agents, and three can rush the site.

Once you are in the site, make sure to hold from the tree and silent drop. That will set up an easy crossfire for the default plant. Try this strategy, as it is already one of the most successful strategies among teams like PRX and Giants professionally.

2. Attack is the Best Defense (B Push)

You can counter-attack with attack only. That is why in such rounds where you have a tight economy or low buy, use this strategy. As the Attacker spawn is closer to the B site, you can always run down mid and catch opponents sleeping in early rounds.

Do not try to push alone, as enemies can hide behind pillars where you will not have a trading opportunity. Use this Valorant strategy in the Lotus map only if you have low buy or have proper information that no one is holding a backstab.

3. Use The Rotating Doors More

Valorant is all about information, especially if the map contains a lot of distractions. Lotus has two types of doors that can make your rotations faster from A to B or B to C faster. This helps you decide and execute sites faster.

However, you can trigger these sounds to make them think you have plans to rotate. This can cause a lot of distraction for your enemies. Make sure that you do not use this trick quite frequently.

Using Rotating Doors in Lotus

You can also use the rotation window to teleport in and out using Omens tp. Remember to keep your utilities like Killjoy alarmbot, lockdown, or Cypher traps away from these doors. While rotating, these doors destroy these utilities. Take your time to peek around the rotating doors as they slow down during the mid-rotation.

4. Put Backstab Watching Sentinel Utilities

Speaking of where you can put your Valorant’s sentinel utilities in a map like Lotus is in the backstab watch. As Lotus is one site with huge dimensions, enemies can end up coming from any angle of the map.

Honestly, you would not like it if you are focusing on the site and someone stabs you from the back. That is why keeping the sentinel’s utilities, such as an alarmbot or trap wire, can help prevent that. Now, you can focus on moving forward.

Putting Backstab utilities

If you are attacking the A site, then put the alarmbot or trapwire in the A lobby, as it will give you enough reaction time if someone destroys them and backstabs. If you are pushing the C site, then put the utilities right outside of the Attacker spawn. B site attack can seem quite easy as it is closer to the Attacker spawn. That is why you can put the utility in the A lobby or outside the C lobby.

5. Do Not Lurk in Valorant’s Lotus

That leads us to the last and very important tip for the Lotus map. That is to avoid lurking on this map. As the map is already big and many players will attempt defensive utility tactics to prevent the lurk, it will be hard for any lurker to get any productive output from a lurk. If you have good aim, then you can occasionally put yourself at risk.

Viper lurking with Phoenix

However, it is always better to stick with your teammates on a big map and force defenders to feel outnumbered. This will always give you plenty of planting time in Lotus before any opponent can rotate for backup.

Valorant came up with a lot of creative ideas when they made the Lotus map, and that reflects on the tactical balance in this map. We hope our guide can provide you with enough tactical and strategic inputs on Valorant’s 9th map. Let us know which tactic you will try today in your game in the comments below.

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