15 Best Phantom Skins in Valorant (Ranked)

Ever since Valorant has existed, players have spent hours about hours debating between the Vandal and the Phantom. Although most professional players talk about the latter being better for all types of players, this debate is another story. However, no matter which weapon you prefer, I am confident you would be looking to spice it up with skins. After showing you the best Vandal skins, today I turn my focus to the ever-reliant Phantom and its best skins. All these skins are fun to play with and look super cool. So, if you want to amp up your Phantom experience in Valorant, then keep reading.

Note: This ranked Phantom skin tier list is in a descending order based on the price, quality, and overall feel of the skin in the game.

15. Ruination Phantom

Ruination Phantom
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive Edition
  • Variants: Purple, Red/Yellow, Green

Ruination was my favorite Phantom skin until I used it in the game. This skin is great as a cosmetic, but the echo and ambient effects will make your audio miserable. Nonetheless, this Phantom skin has amazing animations that I feel you might like.

14. Chronovoid Phantom

Valorant Chronovoid Phantom
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive Edition
  • Variants: Purple, Red, Black

The ideal and inspect animations in the Chronovoid Phantom are clean and addictive. Unfortunately, the rest of the skin feels ordinary for the VP it demands. Nonetheless, the skin finisher is good despite not having the best audio effect for this Phantom Valorant skin. There are better alternatives if you are not just about the inspection animation.

13. Singularity Phantom

Singularity Phantom
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive Edition
  • Variants: Blue, Red, Purple

Similar to the audio part with the Ruination Phantom, Singularity is known for its great bullet effects and finisher. On top of it, the animations while shooting also give you an ASMR-like feeling. If you are all about that aesthetic feel, singularity is a great choice as your next Phantom skin.

12. BlastX Phantom Valorant

BlastX Phantom
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive Edition
  • Variants: Black, Yellow, Pink

BlastX Phantom is all about that goofiness. The gun feels like a toy gun with all the bullets and animations. The equipment animation also looks fun, as it feels like you are unwrapping a present. Moreover, the finisher is about packing your enemy in a gift box and shipping them away. While not the most serious, the BlastX skin will suit you if you like to be a bit silly.

11. Spectrum Phantom

Valorant Spectrum Phantom
  • Original Price: 2675 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive Edition
  • Variants: Black, Red, Purple/ Pink

Everyone had mixed feelings when Zed collaborated with Riot Games and got us the Spectrum bundle. However, the more you use the Spectrum Phantom, the more you will fall in love with the skin’s color and music sync. The finisher is a DJ party within your Valorant lobby. Despite what it offers, however, I feel the price should have been lower for this skin.

10. Ion Phantom Valorant

Ion Phantom
  • Original Price: 1775 VP
  • Rarity: Premium Edition
  • Variants: N/A

A question always appears in the Valorant community: “Is Ion Phantom still worth buying?” If you are a fan of the original designs of the Valorant skins and want to taste a bit of sci-fi, the Ion Phantom is for you.

Although the audio might annoy you at times, the overall feel of this skin is still one of the best. However, the Ion Phantom had no variants, so that might make you not go for it.

9. Prime 2.0 Phantom

Valorant Prime 2.0 Phantom
  • Original Price: 1775 VP
  • Rarity: Premium Edition
  • Variants: Gold, Green, Orange

While the Prime Vandal stays in the top three of the Vandals list, the Phantom sadly lacks in every aspect. As a Phantom skin, it is decent, but the similarity to its Vandal counterpart bothers players, especially when this skin came out as a Prime 2.0 bundle. While you can still get it for its gold scheme, there are better options out there.

8. RGX 11Z Pro Phantom

Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Phantom
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive Edition
  • Variants: Red, Blue, Yellow

RGX is the perfect skin line for all gamers in general. The lighting and kill effects will somehow take you back to the RBG effects of your PC. Furthermore, this Phantom skin looks clean and feels premium to shoot. For all those reasons and more, it deserves to be on this spot.

7. Primordium Phantom

Primordium phantom skin
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive Edition
  • Variants: Venom, Cobalt, Gold

Primordium is one of the newest additions to the Phantom skins list in Valorant. While the skin resembles Elderflame and Prelude to Chaos, you cannot deny its effects and sound design. However, the finisher of this skin alone can put it inside the top 1o list.

6. Radiant Entertainment System Phantom

RES Valorant Phantom
  • Original Price: 2975 VP
  • Rarity: Ultra Edition
  • Variants: Dance Fever, K.nock O.ut!!

If you love retro games, Radiant Entertainment System Phantom will give you all that nostalgia within Valorant. The skin reeks of arcade machine vibes with every bullet, kill, animation, or audio. Even the finisher looks over the top with an arcade simulation that looks super cool. While the price may be a bit high, it’s still worth it to many to make this one of the best Phantom skins in Valorant.

5. Glitchpop 2.0 Phantom

Glitchpop phantom
  • Original Price: 2175 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive Edition
  • Variants: Blue, Red, Gold

If you read our Vandal skins list, you know how much I love the Glitchpop lineup. Although the Phantom could not see it in the same spot as its Vandal counterpart, it is still great. So, if you are all about that glitchy sci-fi feel, this Phantom skin is definitely for you. However, I won’t blame you if you find it a bit too much!

4. Protocol 781-A Phantom

Protocol 781-A
  • Original Price: 2475 VP
  • Rarity: Ultra Edition
  • Variants: White/Pink, Red/Blue, Green

The same as RES Phantom, Protocol 781-A could also be at least in the top two if it were not too expensive. If we forget about the price, the Protocol has great voice lines for every kill and inspect button. The kill animation and finisher also feel premium.

3. Valorant Champions 2022 Phantom

Valorant Champions 2022 Phantom
  • Original Price: 2675 VP
  • Rarity: Exclusive Edition
  • Variants: N/A

After a lackluster Valorant Champions 2021 Vandal, the lineup had to come with a better skin. Thankfully, they did deliver. The Champions 2022 Phantom is by far the cleanest Champions lineup skin. It feels premium overall and is perfect for the pitch-perfect aimers who use the best Valorant crosshairs and lead the lobbies.

2. Valorant Oni Phantom

Oni Phantom
  • Original Price: 1775 VP
  • Rarity: Premium Edition
  • Variants: Kumo, Hana, Tsubame

The Oni somehow manages to be a pristine, clean skin when it comes to the overall art and bullet impact animations. However, the finisher feels slightly lackluster. Overall, the Oni is the ideal Phantom skin if you do not want any kind of unwanted disturbance while spraying enemies down. Take my tip, use the golden one, and feel like a king.

1. Recon Phantom Valorant

Recon Phantom
  • Original Price: 1775 VP
  • Rarity: Premium Edition
  • Variants: Red camo, Blue camo, Green camo

There is almost little to no argument when it comes to the best Phantom skin in Valorant. The Recon is perfect in all aspects. It is almost as simple as Oni but comes with a handle animation, making it look more accurate.

Well, Riot claims the skins are not pay-to-win, but are they? Recon Phantom is the best, with simple animations, a clean design, and a great finisher. So, if you got the VP, get this skin right away.

That concludes our best Phantom skins list for Valorant. Do you agree with the list? Which skin is your favorite in the game? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Ekko says:

    Dude there’s no way you’ve put primordium and RGX above Ruination Singularity Spectrum 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I have the RGX phantom and it’s a decision I regret till date. Even the default is better as far as the in-game feel goes.

    • NaMo says:

      Dude I think you can’t deny we don’t talk about ultra and exclusive skins much cause they pricey

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