Palworld Mimog Location and How to Catch

Want to find all the treasure you can? Mimog is a new treasure chest mimic Pal (Paldeck #124) that helps you find and unlock hidden chests throughout Palworld. You can level up Mimog to even crack tougher chests. In this guide, learn how to find and catch Mimog in Palworld.

Mimog Location in Palworld

If you are thinking that being a new Pal, Mimog is rare to find then you are wrong. You can easily find Mimog in almost any place around the map. However, it can be hard to detect due to its look.

Yes, you can mistake this pal for a treasure chest and just run past it. If you want to increase your chances, Sakurajima island, Twilight Dunes, and Moonlight Shores are the best places to find it.

Mimog Habitat and locations in Palworld

How to Catch Mimog in Palworld

Tips and tricks to catch Mimog in Palworld

While finding Mimog is easy, catching it is ten times harder. Yes, Mimog is a great runner. It’s so fast that the fastest mounts in Palworld cannot catch up to it. Don’t worry, though, as I have some handy tips and tricks to help you catch Mimog:

  • Build a barrier near Mimog: Once you spot a Mimog, build a barrier around it. You can do so by building walls, pillars, and wooden gates. Just make sure there is no space for Mimog to escape. You can keep the roof open for yourself to damage it.
  • Use Weapons and Ring of Mercy: Now that Mimog is stuck and cannot run away, use your weapons to damage it. Do not use Pals as they can deal heavy damage and kill it. Some attacks can even help Mimog escape from the cage you built. To prevent killing Mimog, equip the Ring of Mercy.
  • Carry Ultimate Pal sphere: After weakening Mimog, use the Ultimate Pal sphere to capture it. It can take a couple of them due to Mimog being a high-level Pal.

That is how you can find Mimog and easily catch it in Palworld. Have you captured Mimog to your team and started opening treasures yet? Tell us in the comments below.

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