Palworld Croajiro Location and How to Catch

Ever seen a frog with a stick? If not, that should be your first Pal to catch in the Sakurajima update (review). So, if you are looking for Pal #114, Croajiro, on Paldeck, this guide is for you. Learn how to find and catch Croajiro in Palworld.

Croajiro Location in Palworld

Croajiro is one of the most common Pals you will come across on the new Sakurajima island. The best place to find Croajiro is the mushroom biome in Sakurajima island. In case you have not unlocked that part yet, do not worry. Here are all the areas where you can find Croajiro:

  • Entire Ice Wind island
  • Shores of Forgotten island
  • West island of Sea Breeze Archipelago
  • South of Windswept Hills
  • Shores on the north of Windswept Hills
  • Entire Eastern Wild island
Croajiro Habitat and locations in Palworld

How to Catch Croajiro in Palworld

Tips and tricks to catch Croajiro in Palworld

Don’t go for the adorable looks of this frog as it comes at you fast while swinging its stick. Follow these tips and tricks to catch Croajiro:

  • Try to avoid the pack: Beware! Croajiro travels in packs. If you attack or try to capture one, the others will become aggressive. Luckily, Croajiro is weak. Good armor will help you capture or defeat the whole group. But it is recommended that you fight one at a time as you never know which Pal is roaming nearby.
  • Do not overkill: Croajiro can be weak depending on which level you are in. That is why, it is better to fight them yourself instead of using a Pal as they can destroy it in seconds. Make sure you put on your Ring of Mercy to ensure the capture.
  • Use Legendary Pal sphere: As Croajiro is mostly near the 40-45 level, it is better to use the Legendary Pal sphere and not waste the Ultimate ones. It can take a maximum of 2-3 attempts to capture it.

And that is how you catch Croajiro after finding its location in Palworld. Grab at least 12 Croajiro to complete your Pal catch bonus.

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