How to Assign Jobs to Pals in Palworld

In Short
  • In Palworld, base Pals automatically work on tasks, but you can assign them certain jobs at your will.
  • To assign a job, pick and throw a Pal you desire onto a workstation to make them work on a specific job.
  • You can also summon your partner Pal to have them work on a specific task without them running away.

Pals are one of the primary elements that make Palworld fun and lively. Unlike Pokemon, Pals in Palworld can help you with many tasks you assign them to. As you go on your adventures with the best starter Pals, assigning jobs to them is an easy way to keep your base productive. It’s also very easy to assign jobs to Pals in Palworld, so let’s learn how it works.

How to Assign a Job to Pals

Before you assign a job to a pal, know that pals will start working automatically on the job they are familiar with. This means even if you do not assign the pals any task, they will begin work on it. However, the Pal AI can confuse itself and delay that job. Follow the steps to assign a job to Pals so they begin immediately.

  • Go to the pal you want to use on a specific job and press the Pick button (V on PC, Y on Xbox).
  • Now, head to the workstation that you want your Pal to work on and press the same button again.
  • The player will literally throw the Pal on the workstation, and they will begin work right away.
  • You will notice a blue notification on the left side of your screen saying the assignment is fixed to the pal.
Throwing pal to work on specific job

Use Partner Pal on a Job

Unfortunately, the Pal you assign to a specific task can run away once you throw them at the workstation. However, there are a few ways you can prevent that from happening. The ideal way to keep a Pal working on a specific job is to use your partner Pal.

Assign job to a partner pal in Palworld

To use your partner Pal on a specific task, go to the workstation and throw your partner Pal Sphere on it. You can also press the summon Pal button (E on PC, LB on Xbox) to ensure the pal lands on the workstation. Partner pals will stay on the job as long as you are nearby. However, if you leave the base, they will abandon the job to follow you.

Assign Job to Single Skill Pals

While the above methods work perfectly, there is another way to ensure your Pal stays on a single job fully. That is why it is important to get yourself single-skill Pals in Palworld. These Pals come with fewer skill counts in tasks they can perform. This will make sure your Pals are working on the job you assign them to.

Not having multiple job capabilities will ensure the Pals do not run away. You can check the work suitability of different pals in the Paldeck.

Chickipi work suitability skill

List of All Available Jobs in Palworld

If you are on your way to catch some Pals for the jobs you want to get done, knowing all jobs and their requirement is important. This way, you will know what type of pal will help you with what task. Below is a complete list of jobs available in Palworld with their Pal requirements:

Job SkillDescriptionRquirement
HandiworkCrafting, Building, RepairPals with hands
KindlingSmelting, CookingFire-type Pals
LumberingWoodworkGrass-type Pals
PlantingSeeds and CropsGrass-type Pals
MiningCollecting material from stone pitsLimited Pals
GatheringCollecting common materials from the groundPals with hands
FarmingRanch work for milk, wool, and other resourcesLimited Pals
CoolingPreserving resources and refrigeratingFrost or Ice-type Pals
WateringWater crops & powering CrusherWater-type Pals
Medicine productionMaking healing items at Medicine StationGrass-type Pals
TransportingMounts and transporting goodsLimited Pals
Electricity generationGenerate electricityElectric-type Pals

And that is how you can assign jobs to Pals in Palworld. Which is your favorite worker, Pal? Let us know in the comments below!

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