Palworld Dazemu Location and How to Catch

Dazemu, Pal #123 in the Paldeck, is a bird Pal who is not as hostile as other Pals in the shore areas. These royal-looking birds are good for early-level bases but aren’t as good in combat. However, if you want to populate your Paldeck, follow this guide to find and catch Dazemu in Palworld.

Dazemu Location in Palworld

You can find Dazemu on two different islands in Palworld.

The first location is the southern beaches of Sakurajima island. On these shores, you can find a lot of Dazemu but most of them will run away to the water once you witness them.

If you want to encounter Dazemu at a higher spawn rate, go to the east of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel waypoint. On the desert shores of Twilight Dunes, you will find Dazume in packs.

Dazemu Habitat and locations in Palworld

How to Catch Dazemu in Palworld

Tips and tricks to catch Dazemu in Palworld

Unless you hit the Dazemu, it will keep running and make your life hard. However, you also would not want to attack Dazemu in groups as they can do devastating charge attack damage. So, once you encounter a solo Dazemu, follow the steps below to capture it in Palworld:

  • Keep yourself cold: Before you venture into these desert areas to catch Dazemu, you must wear a Heat-resistant armor or undershirt. This will prevent the extra damage nature deals while you are tackling a cheeky bird.
  • Bring Grass Pals: Neutral type Pal Dazemu is weak against the Grass Pals. You can bring Verdash or Shroomer to easily deal with them. Make sure your Pals do not kill it before you can capture using your Legendary Pal sphere.
  • Go During night time: The ideal time to visit the Dazemu location is the night time. During the night, it will stay asleep. This will make it easier for you to deal early damage and weaken it before capturing.

With the Dazemu location at your hand and knowing how to catch it in Palworld, are you adding it to your Paldeck? Tell us in the comments below.

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