How to Increase Weight Capacity in Palworld

In Short
  • To increase weight capacity in Palworld, the easiest method requires you to find and equip the Ring of Freight.
  • Furthermore, you can carry more weight by leveling up your stats and using the Burden Remedy consumable.

If you are playing a survival game like Palworld, carrying resources in your inventory is one of the basic tasks. However, it is harder than usual in Palworld, thanks to the weight cap. To carry more items, you need to use one of the methods below to increase the capacity in Palworld.

1. Find and Use the Ring of Freight

To increase your weight capacity for carrying items, you need to find the Ring of Freight and put it in your accessory tab. You cannot craft Ring of Freight.

That said, finding the Ring of Freight is easy. You need to look for high-rarity treasure boxes, supply crates, or junkyards. You might end up being lucky and find multiple Rings of Freight during your search. One ring increases max carrying capacity by level 1.

Ring of Freight to increase weight capacity in Palworld

2. Upgrade Stats with Level-Up

If you are unable to find the Ring of Freight, you can level up fast in Palworld and enhance your stats. Weight is one of the important stats to increase with your stat points.

With each level up, you will get a stat point. Go to your player tab after leveling up and increase the weight by spending that point.

Enhance Stats option in Palworld

3. Use Burden Remedy

In the Sakurajima update, Palworld added another way to increase base stats. This means you can also increase your carrying capacity using the Burden Remedy.

To make the Burden Remedy, you will need 4 Carrying Lotus, 3 Swee Hair, 2 Cotton Candy, and 2 Pal Fluids.

Use Burden Remedy to increase weight capacity

Once you have resources, go to your Medieval or Electric Medicine Workbench and make it. Now, whenever you consume the Burden Remedy, you will get an increased weight capacity.

These are all the methods you can use to increase weight capacity in Palworld. Which one are you using to get yourself stronger in the game? Tell us in the comments below.

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