Best Pals for Every Job in Your Palworld Base

Pals are the soul of Palworld. Whether fighting enemies, building structures, or traveling across the world, Pals like Shadowbeak or Ragnahawk will always help you out. However, not all Pals are good with everything. If you are looking for Pals who can help you at your base with work like crafting or mining, your search ends here. In this list, we have mentioned the best Pals for all 12 types of base jobs in Palworld. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into it.

Best Pal for Handiwork in Palworld

Handiwork is one of the most important tasks in a Palworld base. From crafting different weapons, spheres, clothes, or tools to building structures, all need the handiwork ability. As several Pals can perform these tasks, we have narrowed down the list to the top 3.

In the early stages, you can use a Penking at your base who can multi-task and comes with 2 levels of handiwork. If you want your handiwork done faster in later stages, get Lunaris or Anubis. We’ve already shared a guide to catch Anubis, who is the best Pal to have because of its level 4 handiwork and level 3 mining.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
PenkingPenkingEarly GameHandiwork Lv. 2Transporting Lv. 2
Watering Lv. 2
Mining Lv. 2
Cooling Lv. 2
LunarisLunarisMid GameHandiwork Lv. 3Transporting Lv. 1
Gathering Lv. 1
Anubis best worker for Palworld baseAnubisLate GameHandiwork Lv. 4Transporting Lv. 2
Mining Lv. 3

Best Pal for Watering in Palworld

Although watering work does not seem a huge task, without watering the seeds or utility buildings like a crusher, you will not get food, fiber, or paldium fragments frequently. As you can get a Teafant from the early stages of the game, it can be useful for your watering tasks.

In the mid-game, you can capture Surfent or Azurobe, depending on your level. But, towards the higher-end levels, Jormuntide is a must-have watering Pal. As the Pals we mentioned do not have additional skills, you would not have to worry about them being distracted by other work.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
TeafantTeafantEarly GameWatering Lv. 1None
AzurobeAzurobeMid GameWatering Lv. 3None
Best Watering Pal in Palworld base is JormuntideJormuntideLate GameWatering Lv. 4None

Best Pal for Kindling in Palworld

Unlike lower needs of watering, kindling is a high-demand work at a Palworld base. Whether you want to cook some delicious food or get ingot from ores, kindling makes the work easier for you. You can start by using Foxparks in the early stage, but we suggest using some breeding combinations to get Kitsun and Jormuntide Ignis for faster Kindling in the later stages.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
FoxsparksFoxparksEarly GameKindling Lv. 1None
KitsunKitsunMid GameKindling Lv. 2None
Jormuntide Ignis best kindling Pal for Palworld baseJormuntide IgnisLate GameKindling Lv. 4None

Best Pal for Mining in Palworld

Mining at your base is a better way to collect stones, fragments, and ores. You can also move your base to better ore farms or sulfur farms and set up a mining-specific base. To have a solid mining base, you will need Pals with higher mining capabilities.

In the early stages, you can Tombat that you can find at nighttime. Later in the game, Digtoise is ideal for ore or sulfur mining. However, at higher levels, there are two options to choose from, i.e. Astegon and Blazamut. Both can be great at mining, but we think Blazamut is a better choice as it also provides level 3 kindling for faster ingot production.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
TombatTombatEarly GameMining Lv. 2Transporting Lv. 2
Gathering Lv. 2
DigtoiseDigtoiseMid GameMining Lv. 3None
BlazamutBlazamutLate GameMining Lv. 4Kindling Lv. 3

Best Pal for Lumbering in Palworld

Wood is the secret most obvious sauce for building in survival games like Minecraft, LEGO Fortnite, or Palworld. That is why when you set up a base, you either build it around trees or build a logging station. Despite what you do, you will need lumbering Pals who can do that woodwork for you.

As there is no level 4 on lumbering works, level 3 lumbering Pals are the best ones for now. You can use a Tanzee in the early game as it is easy to catch them. For the later stages, catch an Eikthyrdeer and Bushi to boost lumbering at your base.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
TanzeeTanzeeEarly GameLumbering Lv. 1Planting Lv. 1
Handiwork Lv. 1
Transporting Lv. 1
Gathering Lv. 1
EikthyrdeerEikthyrdeerMid GameLumbering Lv. 2None
BushiBushiLate GameLumbering Lv. 3Kindling Lv. 2
Handiwork Lv. 1
Transporting Lv. 2
Gathering Lv. 1

Best Pal for Transporting in Palworld

After mining and lumbering, you will need Pals to carry the stones, ores, or wood to the storage, and the transporting Pals are exactly what you need for this task. As you can catch a Lamball right away when you enter Palworld, they can be the best early transporting Pals for you.

However, in the mid-games, most of the transporting Pals can get distracted by other work. In that case, using a Helzephyer will benefit you a lot because of their single workability. You can also use a Wumpo in the late game as they can transport faster.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
LamballLamballEarly GameTransporting Lv. 1Farming Lv. 1 – Wool
Handiwork Lv. 1
HelzephyerHelzephyerMid GameTransporting Lv. 3None
WumpoWumpoLate GameTransporting Lv. 4Handiwork Lv. 2
Lumbering Lv. 3
Cooling Lv. 2

Best Pal for Medicine in Palworld

Medicine keeps your Pals healthy and alive in Palworld, especially mid-boss-fight or when your base is under siege. As Pals can get negative status like depressed or weakened, it is important to make a medicine pack.

In case you are a busy adventurer, catch some medical Pals to get the best medicine produced while you are away. Early in the game, use Lifmunk for the medics as they are easily available. While there are no level 4 medicine producer Pals, we recommend you get Katress and Felbat for later stages.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
LifmunkLifmunkEarly GameMedicine Lv. 1Planting Lv. 1
Handiwork Lv. 1
Lumbering Lv. 1
Gathering Lv. 1
KatressKatressMid GameMedicine Lv. 2Transporting Lv. 2
Handiwork Lv. 2
FelbatFelbatLate GameMedicine Lv. 3None

Best Pal for Electricity in Palworld

Electricity is a crucial part of your advanced Palworld base. Structures like Electric Pylon and Power Generator are powered by these Pals. These structures later help run multiple weapons, Pal Sphere, or production workstations. You can start by using a Sparkit that you can find around the Desolate Chruch area.

Later in the game, use Rayhound for superior electricity work. If you can venture into other islands, you might be lucky to capture Orserk as they are the best electricity Pal for your Palworld base.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
SparkitSparkitEarly GameElectricity Lv. 1Handiwork Lv. 1
Transporting Lv. 1
RayhoundRayhoundMid GameElectricity Lv. 2None
OrserkOrserkLate GameElectricity Lv. 4Handiwork Lv. 2
Transporting Lv. 3

Best Pal for Planting in Palworld

Planting is one of the important tasks in your Palworld base as they make you food like Cherry or Tomatoes. There are plenty of level 1 plant skill Pals, and they come with other skills that distract them from planting work.

That is why Gumoss can be a good early Pal for planting purposes since it only has one work skill. In the later stages, you can get Broncherry to boost your plantation work. As plantation and gathering go hand in hand, Lyleen is an ideal Pal for planting in the late game.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
GumossGumossEarly GamePlanting Lv. 1None
BroncherryBroncherryMid GamePlanting Lv. 3None
LyleenLyleenLate GamePlanting Lv. 4Handiwork Lv. 3
Medicine Lv. 3
Gathering Lv. 2

Best Pal for Gathering in Palworld

No matter what the plantation Pals in your base produce without the gathering Pals it will not reach the storage. That is why some pals with the gathering work ability is a must in your base. As you can easily spot and capture Nitewing, you can use it as your early game gathering Pal. However, as most of the Pal can harvest food for storage, if you have higher-level gatherers like Verdash or Frostallion Noct, the speed of gathering will be faster.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
NitewingNitewingEarly GameGathering Lv. 2None
VerdashVerdashMid GameGathering Lv. 3Planting Lv. 2
Handiwork Lv. 3
Lumbering Lv. 2
Transporting Lv. 2
Frostallion NoctFrostallion NoctLate GameGathering Lv. 4None

Best Pal for Farming in Palworld

Farming Pals cannot be described as the most important. However, some essential products can be made faster if you have farm Pals in your base. We have mentioned the most valuable farm Pals in Palworld that will provide you with important and rare resources such as milk or honey, if they are in your base. In case you want some gold coins for Black Marketers, use Mau on your farm.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
Mozzarina makes milk at your base in PalworldMozzarinaEarly GameFarming Lv. 1 – MilkNone
Beegarde is the honey farming pal for your Palworld baseBeegardeMid GameFarming Lv. 1 – HoneyPlanting Lv. 1
Handiwork Lv. 1
Lumbering Lv. 1
Medicine Lv. 1
Transporting Lv. 2
Gathering Lv. 1
SibelyxSibelyxLate GameFarming Lv. 1 – High Quality ClothMedicine Lv. 2
Cooling Lv. 2

Best Pal for Cooling in Palworld

Not-so-important cooling work in Palworld is only used for storing food for a longer period or hatching Damp or Frozen eggs in Palworld. With that said, you can use Sweepa for early cooling works. In the later stages, use Cryolinx or Frostallion for better cooling results.

Pal ImagePal NameProgressionSignature Work SkillAdditional Skill
SweepaSweepaEarly GameCooling Lv. 2Gathering Lv. 2
CryolinxCryolinxMid GameCooling Lv. 3Handiwork Lv. 1
Lumbering Lv. 2
Frostallion best cooling Pal for Palworld baseFrostallionLate GameCooling Lv. 4None

And that is the list of best Pals you should assign to different jobs at your Palworld base. With this, you can catch the right pals for the right jobs in your base.

Can Work Suitabilties or Work Levels of Pal be Upgraded in Palworld?

Yes, you can use Pal Essence Condenser to upgrade your Pals work suitability. This means you can reach level 5 workability on level 4 Pals.

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