How to Make and Use Lockpicking Tool in Palworld

In Short
  • If you are struggling to find keys to unlock treasure chests in Palworld, craft the lockpicking tool instead.
  • There are three tiers of lockpicking tools (v1, v2, v3) available at different Ancient Civilization Point levels.
  • Once you have a lockpicking tool, use the "lockpick" option on the chest and clear the minigame to open it.

Finding treasures around the map in Palworld feels amazing until you realize that they are locked. While rare keys such as copper keys, silver keys, and gold keys solve that problem, finding them is another hassle. However, with the Sakurajima update (review), Palworld adds a “lockpicking tool” that you can use to unlock the rarest of treasures. So, if you are wondering how to make and use a lockpicking tool in Palworld, follow this guide.

All Lockpicking Tool Recipes and How to Unlock

Before you go and make yourself a couple of lockpicks, keep in mind that there are three levels to this tool. Each level grants the power to unlock rarer chests. You will need to unlock the lockpicking tool at different levels from the “Technology” tab using Ancient Civilization Points.

Here is the list of all lockpicking tools and their recipes:

  • Lockpicking Tool v1: 10 Ingots, 10 Paldium Fragments, 5 Nails (16 levels, 1 Ancient Civilization Point).
  • Lockpicking Tool v2: 20 Ingots, 20 Paldium Fragments, 10 Nails (28 levels, 2 Ancient Civilization Points).
  • Lockpicking Tool v3: 30 Ingots, 30 Paldium Fragments, 20 Nails (51 levels, 3 Ancient Civilization Points).
Unlock Lockpicking tool from technology tab

Before you can unlock the level 3 lockpicking tool, you will need the level 1 and level 2 unlocked. So, make sure you unlock them beforehand.

How to Make a Lockpick in Palworld

Once you have unlocked the lockpicking tool and know the recipe, follow the steps below to learn how to craft them.

  • Go to any high-level workbench or Assembly line and click the Select Recipe button (F on PC and X on Xbox).
  • Select the lockpicking tool from the menu, choose the desired number, and click on the Start production button.
  • Hold the work button and click the Acquire button (F on PC, X on Xbox) once production is done.
  • Open Assembly Line for Lockpicking tool
  • Select Lockpicking tool to Lockpick in Palworld
  • Start Lockpicking tool production
  • Acquire Lockpicking tool to Lockpick in Palworld

How to Use Lockpicking Tool to Unlock Treasures

Now, with a lockpicking tool in your inventory, find and unlock rare treasure chests. Remember that you can use only one tool per chest. But before you can unlock the chest, you must play a minigame. Here is how to do so:

  • First, go to the treasure chest and press the Lockpicking button (V on PC and Y on Xbox).
  • Once the minigame starts, use your mouse or stick movements to rotate the small key.
  • Now, press the Turn the lock button to find the right spot to lockpick the chest.
Lockpick in Palworld using lockpicking tool

That is how you can easily make and use the lockpicking tool to access treasure chests in Palworld. Have you started your heist yet? Tell us your biggest findings from these lockpicking adventures.

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