Palworld Kikit Location and How to Catch

Paldeck #117, Kikit drops Crude oil when you capture or kill it. Being a kind person, you would not want to kill a Pal to get resources, right? That is why, let’s look at how to find and catch Kikit in the world of Palworld.

Kikit Location in Palworld

The only place where you can find Kikit is the new Sakurajima island. On the northern rocks and southern beaches, you will locate tons of Kikit. It is easy to spot them, but they can roll away from you really fast

Kikit Habitat and locations in Palworld

The ideal time to visit these places to find Kikit is during the night. This is when it is asleep and will not try to roll away from you easily. However, be careful of all the other creatures wandering around here in the night.

How to Catch Kikit in Palworld

Tips and tricks to catch Kikit in Palworld

Once you encounter a Kikit, make sure you hit the pal so that it tries to fight you instead of running away. After getting its attention, follow the steps below to catch Kikit:

  • Keep fighting and weaken it: The first thing you need to do against a Kikit is engage them. It can quickly get tired of your antics and run away by rolling. That can make it hard to catch it. So, attacking it will make the Kikit fight back.
  • Use Grass Type Pals: Kikit is a Ground Type Pal, similar to Knocklem. It is weak against Grass Type Pals. So, having Pals like Mossanda or Lyleen can be a great strategy. However, if your Pals are too strong, take them away before they one-shot Kikit.
  • Keep the Ring of Mercy: In case you want to prevent that accident, grab a weapon yourself and a Ring of Mercy. Now, you will not run into the risk of killing Kikit. Weaken it enough and catch it with a Legendary Pal Sphere.

That is how you can catch Kikit in Palworld with ease. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab a Kikit to complete your Paldeck.

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