How to Find, Catch and Breed Relaxaurus in Palworld

In Short
  • Relaxaurus is a water and dragon element-type Pal that comes with lots of damage output and unique base work passives.
  • In Palworld, you can find and catch Relaxaurus near the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon area.
  • For those not interested in high-level fights, get Relaxaurus by using breeding combinations such as Ragnahawk and Helzypher.

Collecting new Pals is one of the key mechanics in Palworld. Paldeck entry #85, Relaxaurus is the one Pal that not only looks friendly but comes in quite handy. Despite being a mid-game Pal, you can breed Relaxaurus with other Pals to get some end-game Pals. This Pal also allows you to use a rocket launcher while using it as a mount. Although you can choose to buy Relaxaurus from any Black Marketeer, we have two other methods that guarantee you this Pal in Palworld. So, without further ado, let’s talk about Relaxaurus and how to get it in Palworld.

Method 1: Find and Catch Relaxaurus

Before following the steps below, remember that Relaxaurus is a medium rarity Pal with decent damage output. You might want to keep your high-level Pals away as it can kill them faster.

Find Relaxaurus: Location

Despite being a mid-game Pal, you can find Relaxaurus in some specific areas during the daytime only. If you have unlocked the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon travel point, then it will be easy for you to spot some Relaxaurus. In case you are new to the game or have not unlocked this travel point, head on to the coordinates = -222, -353. Refer to the image below for help.

Relaxaurus location in Palworld
The area of the red circle is the best place to locate Relaxaurus

Tips to Catch Relaxaurus

Once you reach the location, you will find many of these Pals roaming around. Although you might find the Relaxaurus in Palworld easily, follow these steps to catch them:

  • Make sure you have electric-type Pals in your arsenal, as they deal heavy damage to Relaxaurus in the game. With the Pal type advantage, you will have a better chance of capturing it. Ice-type Pals are also advantageous against Relaxaurus as they are both water and dragon type. Some of the best choices for these Pals are Rayhound, Sparkit, or Chillet.
  • While you are defeating the Relaxaurus, do not forget to get your summoned Pals back before they finish it. Once your enemy is on low health, throw a Pal Sphere at it. Using any Pal Sphere above the Mega variant will work against Relaxaurus. We recommend using a Giga or Hyper Sphere.
Find and Catch Relaxaurus in Palworld
We caught Relaxaurus in one shot using Legendary Pal Sphere

Method 2: Get Relaxaurus from Breeding

In case you are like me and do not want to use violence, you can use some easy breeding combos that can help you get a Relaxaurus early in Palworld. From these breeding combinations, you will get Huge Eggs (Dragon) that will eventually hatch into a Relaxaurus.

If you hatch a Huge Dragon Egg found in the mountains, it can also get you a Jormuntide Ignis. So make sure you use the egg from your Breeding Farm. To get a Relaxaurus, you can try the breeding combinations from the list below:

  • Ragnahawk + Helzypher
  • Elizabee + Beakon
  • Quivern + Helzypher
  • Quivern + Beakon
  • Mossanda + Cryolinx

And that is how you can get Relaxaurus in the game. When you defeat these cute dragons, you will get some ruby and High-Quality Pal Oil. Now, use them in fights or let them water your gardens in your base when you assign jobs to Pals in Palworld.

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