Palworld Prixter Location and How to Catch

Paldeck number 119, Prixter is one of the new Pals in Palworld available in the Sakurajima update. Despite being easy to catch, Prixter can be strong with both Dark and Ground elements in it. In this guide, learn the Prixter location in Palworld and how to catch it.

Prixter Location in Palworld

Finding Prixter can be hard as they are only available on Sakurajima island. Additionally, they have a higher spawn rate at night time. This means you will have to look for these scorpion-like monsters in darkness.

The best way to find the Prixter is by going to the northern rock area of Sakurajima island during the night. You can also look for them during the day in the desert area of these northern rocks on Sakurajima island. However, their daytime availability can be less than the night.

Prixter Habitat and locations in Palworld

How to Catch Prixter in Palworld

Tips and tricks to catch Prixter in Palworld

Upon entering the habitat, you might encounter a horde of Prixters. Make sure you pick one alone from its family. Otherwise, the affair might not go well for you. Once you are near a single Prixter, follow the steps below to catch it easily:

  • Grab high-level Pal sphere: Prixter is a high-level Pal so you must carry some Legendary or Ultimate Pal spheres before you fight it. Legendary Pal spheres will only work properly if you’ve weakened them.
  • Bring an assault rifle and Ring of Mercy: Instead of dealing heavy burst damage, use the Assault rifle against Prixter so that you do not accidentally kill it. Otherwise, carry with you the Ring of Mercy to safely catch it without the Pal dying.
  • Bring Grass and Dragon Pals: If you are good at controlling Pals, you can use them against the Prixter. Grass and Dragon, both types of Pals are good against the Prixter. Being a Dark and Ground type, Prixter is weak against Pals like Quivern, Jetragon, and Verdash.

That is how you can find the Prixter in Palworld and catch it. Have you captured one yet? Tell us in the comments below.

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