Palworld Alpha Knocklem Location and How to Catch

In Short
  • Alpha Knocklem is a ground element-type Pal that is one of the strongest Pals in-game after the Sakurajima update.
  • You can find the Alpha Knocklem roaming the valley of the southern beaches of Sakurajima island.
  • To capture Knocklem, bring a grass-type Pal team, some legendary spheres, and guns to damage and capture it.

Even though Palworld already has over 130 Pals, the new Sakurajima update brings even more new ones to the table. One such new Pal is Alpha Knocklem, a level 55 Alpha Pal that packs devastating damage. If you’ve just dropped into Palworld and want to know how to get it, keep reading how to find and catch Alpha Knocklem in Palworld right here.

Alpha Knocklem Location in Palworld

If you just started with the Sakurajima update (review) in Palworld, then finding the Alpha Knocklem will take some time. While we have detailed the location below, we have also attached map coordinates along with images for a better understanding.

Alpha Knocklem location coordinates

Start by heading over to the Sakurajima island and enter from the southern beaches. You will find a valley near the big mountains. Follow the valley and right at the end near the waterfall, you will find the Alpha Knocklem. To make things easier, the exact Alpha Knocklem coordinates are: -674,173.

How to Catch Alpha Knocklem in Palworld

Staying in Air to Scout Knocklem in Palworld

Once you are near the Alpha Knocklem, keep a safe distance before entering its territory. Trust me, it is very aggressive. Now, that you are ready, here are some tips you must follow to catch Alpha Knocklem in Palworld:

  • Ready-up catching preparations: Just like alpha Pal like Jetragon, Knocklem is also hard to catch with a normal Pal sphere. We recommend using the Ultimate or Legendary Pal sphere only and well, have a couple of them. You can also increase your catching chances by leveling yourself up through the Anubis statue. Moreover, get yourself the Ring of Mercy in case you don’t want to kill Knocklem completely before catching it.
  • Carry Grass-type Pals: With the catching tech at your disposal, you must know the weakness of Knocklem. It is a Ground element type Pal. According to the Pal Type chart, you need to carry Grass Pals. Using Verdash or Mammorest can be your best bet in such a situation.
  • Level up before fight: As Knocklem is one of the higher-level Pals, you must go there after reaching level 55. Otherwise, your damage will not affect this Alpha Pal effectively. It would be best if you carried highly damaging weapons as well in case you want to fast-forward killing it.

That is how you can find and catch Alpha Knocklem in Palworld. If you are swift with your moves and capture the Alpha Knocklem, it can be a great collection in your Palbox. Have you witnessed or captured it yet? Tell us in the comments below.

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